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And here it is – season 01! For our very first set of ten episodes, Rhys chose the theme of friendship. Yeah, not your typical theme for horror movies.

Check out our full 10 episodes where each chosen movie has friends in it. We start off with a bang and don’t slow down.

Want to see the movies we have, check out the list at IMDB:



Stephen 0:49
Alright, well race Now finally, for the second time for us. Yeah, this is Episode One of season one. And what we’re doing is we’ve chosen a group of movies and we’re not doing this by genre. So it’s not going to be all slasher flicks or all Gothic, which are two of the big ones, I think it’s either gonna be a romance or comedy grouping. These are other types of groupings that you’ve created based on all the movies you’ve seen, tell everybody this first season what our group of movies is about.

Rhys 1:21
Our first season is going to be about friendship,

Stephen 1:25
which is really, you know, makes me think horror right there. Yes, absolutely.

Rhys 1:28
But it’s all different aspects of friendships. So in some of our movies, you will have just two friends who are very close, and who go through something horrible, either to one of them, or both of them, and they built a movie around it. Or you’ll have a large group of friends who are going out for a good time, and they come across something horrible, and they built a movie about it. Some of the friendships are children who meet each other and become friends. Some are moms and daughters. Some of them are bandmates. Some of them are classmates, we’re really going to be looking at movies that have groups of people, small groups of people that are interacting with each other and what the movie tells us about that.

Stephen 2:21
Nice and that, that sounds very academic to analyze these little known low budget movies. And I was looking through the list, which I don’t think I’ve seen any of these. So that’ll be exciting. Yes, the first time, but they also spend time, I think we’ve got one from the early 60s, and we’ve got the 70s into the more modern and the style of creating the horror movie is totally different. So I think it’ll be a good juxtaposition to see all the different genres and time to put all these together.

Rhys 2:56
Yeah, it’s, it’s one of the things that I really enjoy is going through various times, because you can watch a movie from the 70s. And there’s just this feel about it. And it’s not just like the quality of the film itself. Right? It will be like the cars that are going down the street and what the supermarket looks like and things like that. Those are the kinds of things that I love about watching movies through time.

Stephen 3:25
Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, we grew up mid 80s watching. So the movies we watched were early 80s and 70s. And that’s kind of what we got used to. But since then, we still kind of gravitate and pick out the cheesy movie, the low budget and the schlock that somebody else may not watch. Yes, but because you’ve watched just a couple movies, you’ve kind of curated the list to some special ones that regardless of the quality of their film, and have something interesting for us to talk about. So

Rhys 3:58
yeah, all of these movies either from their impactful nature of the story they’re telling, to the way the movie was made, to the way the characters are portrayed, all of them will have plenty of fodder for us to discuss. Great,

Stephen 4:15
I can’t wait and the first one is, as you said, a very heavy one called martyrs.

Rhys 4:20
Yeah, it is. Out of 1200 movies. It’s like the top five heaviest movies on that list.

Stephen 4:27
Oh, we’ll just start off at the bank. Yep, there you go. So if you really like the the ones that make you go, man, I don’t know if I should watch that. Stay tuned for the next episode. Absolutely. Yes. All right. Well, race I look forward to it. So we’ll watch that first movie, and we’ll get back with everybody on it. deep analysis and spoiler warnings of a one. You know, we’re talking about the whole movie. So if you’ve not seen it will maybe give a warning before each episode.

Rhys 4:56
Yes, absolutely. Good plan.

Stephen 4:58
Hey, that’s Test planning. That’s it. All right, man. I look forward to it. We’ll touch base later after we’ve seen martyrs Awesome. All right, enjoy.