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  • Season 04 Episode 08 – Cooties

    Season 04 Episode 08 – Cooties

    Overview Forget the slashers. Forget the demons. Who cares about the crazy psychological horror. It’s time for the big bad monster horror movie. Something we’ve all been afraid of since middle school. Cooties. Right? They are going to get you – starting with the teachers. Hasn’t every middle school kid with cooties wished that they…

About the Podcast

Do you like horror movies?

Think you’ve seen all of them?

Maybe you’re tired of the same horror schlock?

Hey, this is the right place for you. A couple of buddies that have watched horror movies since their single digit years, with an emphasis on the B rated stuff. None of that fancy, expensive Hollywood stuff.

Better, we have a bona fide expert on horror movies. Rhys has watched over 1200 scary movies and keeps notes on them – director, cost to make, country, etc along with commentary. Of course, after you watch a good horror movie (or not so good horror movie), you want to chat with your friends about it.

That’s what Rhys and Stephen do – except we record it for everyone to hear. Join us as we explore a world of horror movies you might not have known existed. We pride ourselves on selecting excellent movies to tell you about. Of course, our definition of excellent may vary from yours. But we guarantee you’ll enjoy each one.

Spoiler Alert – you really might want to watch the movies before listening to an episode as we discuss each one in detail.

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