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What is Horror Lasagna?

Horror Lasagna is the movie destination for horror movie addicts that want something different. Think you’ve seen all the best horror movies? We bet you haven’t.

Join a couple of lifelong buddies and horror movie junkies as they look into and review the best of the movies you’ve never heard about.

Drawing from a list of over 1,200 movies he has personally watched, Rhys will gather 10 movies each season that fall into a personally chosen category. We will watch and analyze the whole movie – you decide if it sounds like your kind of scare.




Stephen 0:48
Sure. All right. So, uh, just, you know, to give a little introduction to our new podcast, which we have no name for yet. You and I have watched movies together for, like, 40 some years, and I would have to say like, 80% of the movies I’ve ever watched horror wise have been with you, or because you’ve recommended it. Tell everybody again. Haha, it’s our little joke, because we forgot to record this the first time. Tell everybody a little bit about your special project.

Rhys 1:19
Right around 2000 or so I was watching movies. And I started to realize that the only movies I was watching were horror movies. for some strange reason. Walmart had a little bit to do with that just because they have the big $5 movie bin. And I would be out grocery shopping and leave through and say, Oh, hey, that looks cool. And I’d pick it up and I’d check out with it. And then I’d realize that when I got home that the movie wasn’t worth five bucks. So I started getting them from library instead.

Stephen 1:50
Because they’re free, but still may not be worth the price. That’s true.

Rhys 1:54
I was watching. I was watching five to seven movies a week. I was I was illustrating a kid’s book at the time. And so I’d have the movies play while I was painting.

Stephen 2:07
Oh, that’s sure didn’t have any effect. Yeah.

Rhys 2:11
So I was, I would end up really hard pressed for movie titles. So I’d search online looking for movies, and they’d give me movies and I’d check them out. And eventually I found I’d seen so many that I was starting to watch the same ones again. So I started keeping a list. And on that list, I would write two to three sentences that would describe the movie and that list is now like 1200 movies long. So I have a little movie review for about 12 $100 movies.

Stephen 2:39
And I love that project. I’ve always been fascinated by you doing that so focused on that particular genre of movie, especially through the years because you’re not just the newest stuff. It’s stuff from way back when all the way to the newest stuff and from other countries. You’ve been looking at that.

Rhys 2:58
Yeah, fascinated by the other countries, and they’re the things you can glean about their their society from watching how they make their horror movies,

Stephen 3:08
which I think will be fascinating, cuz I don’t know if I’ve seen too many horror movies from other countries. And you look for subtitles. Well, as you’re saying some of these are subtitles, which I think is also it creates its own feel and atmosphere. For us. It does. So I’ve been bugging you to write a book, which for various reasons you’ve resisted, but I was thinking about it and said, Hey, you know, why don’t we get together and watch some of these movies and do a podcast, just sit and chat about it? Like we’ve done forever? I mean, you and I, we’ve we’ve got well, poor books, we that’s kind of I think, back in fourth or fifth grade, one of the things we started talking to her about was Stephen King books. So horror has always been there for us. But you know, we’ll talk music and books and games and video games, and now all sorts of stuff forever. So I thought this would be you know, cool for us to get together, watch a movie and then chat about it. So spoiler warning, you know, we’re going to talk about the whole movie endings, but most of these are, movies have been out for a while, and people may not have even heard of. So hopefully they’ll turn on to him.

Rhys 4:15
Yeah, let’s hope and it’s, I I picked the movies and I picked movies that I enjoy watching and I’ll enjoy watching again. And I’m excited for you to see them and I’m excited to have someone to talk to them about So yeah, that’s great.

Stephen 4:30
Yeah, same here. And you know, our forte has always been the low budget movie and the cult movie or the cheesy movie, you know that we’ve just devoured those up our whole lives. I still look for those sometimes. And there’s movies that I definitely love that 90% of the people I talked to, you’re like, really? Why do you like that? Yeah,

Rhys 4:51
it’s it’s really funny because in the list there is actually a phrase that comes up this is another big budget horror movie. And a lot of times they’re just not as good because there’s too many soups and too many chefs in the kitchen. And it’s just it jumbles the message of the movie.

Stephen 5:10
Yeah, horror definitely needs a feel more than some other genres of movie. Yeah. You know, you can’t have like a romance movie without the feeling. You know, getting people sucked into the character’s horror is the same way you got to have that feeling behind it in that build up. And for some reasons here, whether it’s a jumpscare from a slasher flick, or the Gothic build up in the overall tension, the heaviness of it, you gotta have that feeling somewhere. Absolutely. All right. Well, I think now that we actually recorded this episode, I look I’m looking forward to this and we’re going to have this broken down into like 10 episode seasons, and have a focus on the seasons and we’ll have our first season coming up soon.

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