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Attack the Block closes out season 02 with a great alien invasion that is thwarted by a bunch of street thugs. One of those thugs does go on to help the Resistance and another goes on to be a unique Doctor, but that’s another story.

This movie has some comedy elements, but its not comedy. The special effects are pretty well done and add to the movie with the homages paid to past horror greats. As time has gone by, more people have discovered this great horror treat to the point that they’ve actually ordered a sequel made.

If you like great special effects with an alien invasion, check this one out.


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[00:00:15] Stephen: Okay. So today’s movie boys and girls is attack the block, which. From the title. You can’t really draw anything about what this movie’s going to be about. It’s interesting.

[00:00:29] Rhys: It is. It’s it’s a British film from 2011 and it has almost a, like a Goonies feel to it. It

[00:00:39] Stephen: really did watching it.

I changed a couple times a little bit. I’m like, oh, this is kinda like predator. Oh, this is kinda like Goonies. Oh, this is a little bit like Shawn, the dead . Yeah. Yeah.

[00:00:52] Rhys: Funny, you mentioned that because we have some crossover between the two this movie it’s got [00:01:00] a humorous feel to it, but the, I think one of the most fascinating things about it is how authentic it is.

The guy who wrote it and directed it will get into it a lot, but he really, that was his whole point to this was to really get in there and say, this is what life’s like in the projects in

[00:01:18] Stephen: London. So it just so happens to be during an alien invasion. So yes, there’s a little bit, that’s not as realistic, but I thought I really did.

[00:01:28] Rhys: Yeah. This movie had a 13 million budget. Wow. And it, it grossed 1.2 million in the us and 6.2 million worldwide Yeah, it didn’t make a whole ton of money on the release. However, it’s been sh picked up enough in P DVD sales and streaming and things. It’s popular enough. A second one is actually

[00:01:51] Stephen: in the works.

I saw that and the, and this is another one of our famous picks. That’s a UK lottery winner. Yeah. And it’s [00:02:00] funny too, because the other one was grabbers, which is Irish. So it’s interesting. The two different ways, two different cultures deal with the invasion.

[00:02:10] Rhys: that’s right. And again, this is a movie that has the visit to our planet by an alien race.

Or just neighbors visiting each other. There’s a lot that happens in this too.

[00:02:20] Stephen: Not . Yeah, but we get visited by some other sci-fi characters here. Yeah.

[00:02:27] Rhys: The movie was written and directed by a guy named Joe Cornish. He actually is a pretty well known British comedian television personality.

got his start. He was inspired to make films when he saw et another Spielberg inspired filmmaker. He’s a huge Spielberg fan and he got to work with him on tin 10. Oh, cool. His dream coming true. But as a teenager, now tell me if you recognize this as a teenager, he would make movie [00:03:00] spoofs with toys and puppets and record them.

And eventually that became a TV show on BBC four with his friend, Adam B, which became the Adam and Joe show. Oh, cool. It ran for four seasons and it’s a cult classic television show in England. It’s PeeWee’s Playhouse I kinda to think of,

[00:03:20] Stephen: but it kinda sounds like the same setup as south park

[00:03:22] Rhys: Yeah. He actually was formally educated in film at Bourmouth film school when he was 18. And he went on to do TV doing Adam and Joe show and making little, he made a show called little Britain as well. He went on to do a comedy lab in blunder, a bunch of shows you. And I don’t know, unfortunately,

[00:03:43] Stephen: cause we live in the wrong

[00:03:44] Rhys: country.

Yeah, you can actually, you can do a YouTube search and find at least one app full episode of the Adam and Joe show. I watched a little bit and it is just like high school kids screwing around.

[00:03:57] Stephen: Whoa. That’s what this whole podcast is. So [00:04:00]

[00:04:00] Rhys: yeah, pretty much. He went on to do the kid who would be king.

He directed that he did a documentary on hot fuzz, which is one of that trilogy of Simon pigs. It’s not actually Simon peg. It’s Edgar Wright. He’s the one who did hot fuzz and Sean, the dead just everybody knows Simon peg, so right. But that trilogy he did something on hot fuzz and then he did attack the block.

As a writer though, he also worked on the adventures of tin 10 and an man, believe it or

[00:04:32] Stephen: not. Nice good rounded little bit of here and there and everywhere.

[00:04:36] Rhys: Yeah. He’s acted too a little bit in nodding hill and Shawn, the dead and hot fuzz. And he actually has an UN uncredited role as one of the resistance troopers in star wars, episode

[00:04:48] Stephen: eight, the last July there’s another couple links to that too.

[00:04:52] Rhys: Yeah. He had wanted to work in television and was he had worked in television and wanted to bite his time till the right story came along to make a movie. [00:05:00] And this, he decided was it he was talking to Edgar Wright and said he was gonna make a movie with a cast of young actors. Who’d never been on screen before and night shots and creature effects and stunts with explosions and a dog.

And then Joe said, you’re doing everything you, shouldn’t hard on.

He interviewed 1500 kids from local schools who had interest in drama and it had been in plays or been in drama clubs, et cetera, and picked his cast mostly from that. Nice.

[00:05:28] Stephen: I absolutely love that. Cause it’s really a lot like Lucas did with the first star wars

[00:05:33] Rhys: movie. Yeah. He made it a really grueling process just to make sure that the kids were willing to go through what they’d need to.

So they would actually show up for calls and things like that. Once he had the cast set, he continued writing his last two revisions writing parts in the script specifically for the kids that he had cast in those roles. Beautiful. Wow. Yeah. Story has it. He’s walking home one night and he gets mugged by these five guys.

[00:06:00] And afterwards he decides he’s gonna do this deep dive research into the lives of people who live in the allotments in south London. He researched how kids would react to alien invasions. Their day to day lives, their slang. He incorporated all of these elements sometimes directly direct quotes from these interviews.

He put into this movie, he asked them what kind of weapons they would come up with to defend themselves that there was alien invasion. He had been watching signs, wasn’t Mel Gibson in that it Gibson

[00:06:32] Stephen: was Shalon. Yeah.

[00:06:35] Rhys: And he wondered how it would play out if it happened in south London.

[00:06:40] Stephen: And actually kinda could see that with this story, cuz it’s a very focused story.

We have an alien invasion, but it’s really dealing with these group of kids and only them. We don’t see the cops, we don’t see the army coming out. We don’t see the whole city and the mayor reacting it’s these kids and how they deal with it. That’s it. It’s a very focused story [00:07:00] for, and it’s takes place in a few hours.

It’s. Not over a long time. So I love stories like

[00:07:06] Rhys: this. You do actually get to see the cops, but they’re not heroes. , they’re just as terrifying as the aliens. He had, the creatures were built with a mixture of costumes rotoscoping, oddly enough. He actually references box she’s Lord of the rings from the seventies.

He saw that and he’s no, one’s using this effect these days. CG CGI and puppetry. And the cast said how terrifying it was to be on set with them. Because it wasn’t just a tennis ball on a stick on green screen. But they had these big lurking monstrous shapes, just kinda hanging around, waiting for their call.

[00:07:45] Stephen: And I made that comment in my notes. I’m like for, what’s usually a smaller budget movie for us something that people don’t big blockbuster, it’s not, but the effects were amazing. Even the first monster [00:08:00] puppet there was a bill like, okay, that one’s not the absolute best, but everything else was great.

Even that first monster looked really good through the scenes cuz they cut it and shot it just right. It was yeah. Very impressive.

[00:08:14] Rhys: The cast actually was so disquieted by the first monster that he wouldn’t even wanna touch it. that’s excellent. He wanted the movie to be a response to how most movies depict kids in the developments of London as bestial, feral, dangerous animals.

So he starts the movie with the characters and they represent that image. That’s exactly what they are. They’re these wild feral kids. And over time you get to realize, you get to know them and you realize they’re really not that bad. And they actually are proud of where they live and they seem to enjoy the environment.

So it’s, I don’t wanna say it’s character growth because there is character growth that happens in the show, but it’s audience growth in what you’re seeing. And [00:09:00] he’s not saying it’s a preconceived notion that these kids can be dangerous, cuz he points out that they are at the start, but you get to know them and why and this is just life to them.

So it’s a lot like sons of anarchy. Here’s a dangerous motor game that deals in guns and drugs and they kill people and stuff, but they’re they’re very protective of their town and they love, but their town it’s look, we keep this stuff out of town. We don’t let the drugs in. And the things that could make it worse.

[00:09:31] Stephen: And that’s a lot similar to these kids. And that with the main character by the end. He, that I’m doing this because this is where I live. This is my place. It may be small. It may be a crap hole, but it’s ours.

[00:09:45] Rhys: Yeah. He also had this idea that block itself was like a spaceship of its own.

There’s a map shot. Yes, it happens quickly at the start. And if you actually pause it [00:10:00] and take a look, all of the streets around the block are named after famous British sci-fi authors, like Douglas Adams. He’s got a street. Alan Moores got a street, HG Wells.

I’ve lost your audio.

[00:10:19] Stephen: Sorry. I coughed. So I blocked it that, that endears this to my heart even more.

[00:10:24] Rhys: Yeah. And there’s actually some debate cuz one of the roads is Herbert way and everyone’s oh it’s Frank Herbert, but he wasn’t British. He was an American writer. So they think it’s named after some more obscure writer named James Herbert who wrote sci-fi books and he lived in England.

Now this movie has a very large cast. So just nitpicked ones to go

[00:10:49] Stephen: over. I got three main ones that I . I

[00:10:51] Rhys: liked. Yeah. I have a con I have a list off the one side of movies that have stars that you didn’t know were in movies like this. [00:11:00] This could have been it.

Oh yeah. This John PGA plays the main character Moses. And this was his first major motion picture,

[00:11:09] Stephen: man, to go from this to star wars there was a couple other things He tried out for the film after seeing an ad for it in the paper. He’s been in 36 different productions and lots of them involved, the fact that he plays Finn in the last three star wars movies.

[00:11:27] Rhys: So there’s a whole bunch of productions that are involve and revolve around the fact that he’s playing Finn in the last three star wars movies. And he’s gonna be in the borderlands movie that is heard that in process and he’s on board for attack the block too. And I saw

[00:11:45] Stephen: that when I looked up a few things, I’m like, oh, a two.

Perfect. We, it was because we were doing the movie, it was us. I’m sure this

[00:11:52] Rhys: is why. And when the movie comes out with this sudden rush of

[00:11:55] Stephen: people who looking us up,

[00:11:58] Rhys: yeah. Jody [00:12:00] Whitaker plays Sam and she’s been in 59 productions. Many of them are British television. You haven’t heard of one count.

Attack the block was her first credit on the list that you’ll recognize, but other notable productions include black mirror. She was in an episode of black mirror. She was in broad church, which I really enjoy. And then of course she is the famous or infamous female dr. Who, and

[00:12:26] Stephen: she’s looks really young in this compared to Dr.

Who it’s only a difference of eight years or so, but she looks way younger.

[00:12:33] Rhys: Alex, Esmail played pest. And he’s been in 13 other productions, including the wonderfully titled strippers versus wear wolves.

[00:12:44] Stephen: Oh, I, but there’s, I like that

[00:12:46] Rhys: I haven’t seen it, but I haven’t seen actually anything else on his list except attack the block.

But strippers versus wear wolves is one that I thought I’d mention, and then France drama plays, Dennis. [00:13:00] He’s been in 28 other films. But most of those are associated with him being one half of DC’s character firestorm. Yes. In the WB series. I recognize him. Yeah. So he is been on arrow, the flash super girl, legends of tomorrow.

So Luke Treadway plays BS and BS. His character was based loosely on what Joe corner says. He was like when he was 20 .

[00:13:26] Stephen: I thought it was shaggy.

[00:13:27] Rhys: He’s been in some films since 45 and most of them, you don’t know, although he was in the 2010 version of attack, the Titans or clash of the Titans, I’m sorry.

Clash of Titans. Gerra, hunter plays high hats. He’s been in 40 other films, including Eden lake, which is another movie on my horror list. And then of course, Nick frost and Nick frost plays Ron, and he’s been in 72 other productions, including the comedy horror trilogy with world’s end Sean of the [00:14:00] dead and hot fuzz.

There’s a movie version of kinky boots who knew he was in a movie called Paul and in the movie, Paul, he had this long hair. And so he kept that long hair, which is why his character. Ron in attack, the block has long hair. It was left over from when he was in Paul. Okay. But yeah, he’s been in lots of stuff, snow white and the Huntsman ice age four and Feb, a couple Dr.

Who episodes tomb. He’s been around

[00:14:32] Stephen: the block. Wow. Pretty funny.

[00:14:34] Rhys: So the movie opens up you have this starry sky and there’s one shooting star and it pans down to the city skyline and their fireworks going off cuz it’s sky Fox night. That gives us our location. It’s London and a time it’s November 5th, which is die Fox night.

The entire film was shot in 67 days and was pretty much shot in the order that it plays out on screen. [00:15:00] Wow. So everything as it goes is how it goes. Guy Fox Knight is probably most familiar to Americans if you’ve read or seen V for vendetta guy Fox, that’s the mask, the guy in V wears. And he’s the one who tried to bomb parliaments way back when, and then was executed.

So merely executed publicly and Hey, let’s make a day of it.

[00:15:27] Stephen: It’s a fun little celebration.

[00:15:29] Rhys: Yeah. Sam again, that’s Jody Whitaker. She’s getting off the tube and she’s on the phone with her mom and she’s walking home and she walks past some graffiti. And if you’s posit, when she walks past the graffiti is the name of the five guys that we’re about that she is about to meet.

She walks a little further into the neighborhood. She gets more and more nervous, and then she sees this gang. And the point of view jumps from the camera being on her as she’s walking to the gang [00:16:00] itself. And they seem to be last second, strategizing Moses is giving orders and then the kids take off in their coordinated attack.

Now it’s also important if you’re watching this film where you’re thinking about watching this film, it’s a good time to point out that Joe Cornish does not shy away from the language slang and accent of south London. Oh yeah. Tons

[00:16:28] Stephen: of it.

[00:16:29] Rhys: Yeah. He thought of having it shot subtitled and translated.

Like they were speaking of foreign language. But he didn’t advance screening in Chicago and north American audiences assured him that they could understand what was being said. So he did not do that.

[00:16:44] Stephen: Oh, nice. I like that actually. I’d rather have it rather than translated to American English, proper English

Yeah. And,

[00:16:53] Rhys: but it also says something that he thought about it. You know what I mean? Absolutely.

[00:16:56] Stephen: I, this whole movie just this opening [00:17:00] here, it’s very strong. And the story in the movie is we were talking about save the cat this follows that pretty much as a template, it hits every beat and it does every thing you should do to build up a movie in the story itself.

Even this beginning part is that without spending a lot of time, you get a sense of these kids and what they’re and to them, their whole world is where they live the block. That’s their world, they’re the Kings and you can look at it and they’re strategizing as very, kid-like still it’s as much as they can do and it to them.

They’re the top of the food chain.

[00:17:38] Rhys: Yeah. And it’s funny, you mentioned save the cat for you. Those of you who don’t know, it’s a, it’s a guide to writing screenplays, writing books, and the title of it had saved the cat. And in an interview I was watching with Joe Cornish, he references it and he’s it was very ironic because at the [00:18:00] start he had a scene that got cut where the five of them actuallytack a cat

And he just thought it was ironic considering that he was like working with the book, save the cat as he was going on. That’s pretty funny. So two of them approach Sam on bikes, they all have hoodies up. They pull up these masks that cover their face. Two of ’em go past her on bikes. She’s startled by that.

Then they stop and she realizes she’s been surrounded. They take her money, her phone and a ring. She’s not eager to give them the ring, but Moses pulls out a switch blade and the switch blade, he pulls out, turns out to be a really rare, expensive model. It’s a me 2 41 predator from the Czech Republic.

It actually gets used in James Bond movies a lot. But just a little trivia throw in there. Oh, there you go. Sam’s struggling to get the ring off and Moses gets mad and pushes her down and then she gets it off, hands it to pests. And this Bulley [00:19:00] comes crashing through the atmosphere and goes through the roof of a nearby parked car.

Sam uses their distraction, this chance to run off. and the bull wide opened the car. So Moses is like, Hey, there could be some good stuff in that car. So he goes over and starts crawling into the car cuz the doors

[00:19:18] Stephen: won’t open. And that whole beginning with the thing crashing in and stuff. How often is that used?

It is like predator. It’s like grabbers that we watched earlier, so it’s a very common thing. So again, oh sure. Just because it’s a common thing. Sometimes you use those because it makes the audience understand and comfortable without any more explanation.

[00:19:41] Rhys: Yeah. In fact an asteroid, they said roughly the size of half of a giraffe came down just, I think they said east of Iceland the other day.

Ooh. They don’t know that any of it survived to hit the ocean, but they certainly had Sonic boom and a nice light

[00:19:57] Stephen: show. Oh wow. I’ll have to go look for video [00:20:00] yeah.

[00:20:00] Rhys: Or aliens that are invading the. So

[00:20:04] Stephen: Either we need to call our local gang kids or we need to start drinking. One of those go solves a problem.

There go

[00:20:11] Rhys: either way. So he climbs in there’s this alien inside and it’s like this kind of white waxy alien thing. It runs out, knocks him down. It jumps on him, attacks him. Then he pops out his little expensive switch blade and stabs it and it takes off, but not before it scratches up his face,

[00:20:32] Stephen: which that seems to happen to Finn a lot in movies

[00:20:35] Rhys: like to mess up that pretty face a little bit. It can seem more relatable as it refers, as it runs off, they refer to it as do the elf, which is of funny cuz it’s several points throughout the movie. They refer to the aliens as mythical creatures from British stories. So it’s a house self or it’s Goum or it’s Golans all these little things that they’re re referring to these things

[00:20:58] Stephen: as are taken off, [00:21:00] which I like that, cuz you know, that’s what I do.

[00:21:02] Rhys: Sure. They don’t have a name. It’s the thing that crashed through that car. They just

[00:21:08] Stephen: to say

[00:21:10] Rhys: yeah, they chase after it, on their bikes and track it to a playground and it’s hiding in the shed. Pest pulls out fireworks cuz apparently he’s got ’em on him at all points

[00:21:19] Stephen: in time. It’s the night, right?

[00:21:22] Rhys: That’s true guy Fox night. So they light the fireworks and toss them in and the fireworks really seem to disturb the creature. Moses runs in there. Once he gets in there, he calls for backup and they all rush in and proceed to kick the shit outta the monster.

They’re all proud of themselves. They’re debating about what it is. Is it a monkey, some beast pest declares that it’s an alien and it picked the wrong part of land London to land in the boys, revel in their success. And the camera pans up revealing a whole bunch of those shooting stars, streaking down the sky.

And then there’s the title, [00:22:00] the text block. And that’s when we get the map of the block, there’s a shot of the map of the block and you get to see it. You get to see all the streets. A lot of those houses were built post world war II. And they’re very imposing. They’re very large. They get a lot of people living in a very small space.

And you can see it when you’re looking at the map. Actually it looks like just a big solid chunk. We go back to Sam who runs into a kindly old lady who offers to walk her home. Cuz she’s obviously upset. This old lady is played by Maggie McCarthy. We have no idea who that is, but she’s been a staple with BBC television series with like over 70 credits to her resume.

Yeah. So if you’re in England and you’re watching that, she’ll like, oh, it’s that lady for me, senders there’s a little talk between the two of them, how the police probably won’t even follow up and how horrible kids are these days. The old woman actually refers to them as fucking monsters.[00:23:00]

Like wow. Okay. Grandma . But it turns out that the perfect thing was to fight aliens back to the kids. They decided to take the alien to Ron’s because all Ron does is watch nature shows and smoke weed and they figure he’ll know what it is.

[00:23:15] Stephen: He’s smarter. Yeah. Can he watches nature shows? Yeah.

[00:23:19] Rhys: As they’re traveling along, Dennis is going through Sam’s purse, tossing things aside that he deems aren’t worth anything.

Jerome and bigs are on phone with their families, basically lying about what they’re doing. Again,

[00:23:33] Stephen: how kid they really are. Yeah.

[00:23:35] Rhys: We’re playing football. And then Dennis complains that Sam was a nurse and they don’t get paid anything. And they like ask Moses why he always picks poor people to Rob on the way to Ron’s were introduced to the ladies of the block.

And apparently they don’t put up with any crap from anybody, including these five guys. And when they bring the monster out to show them the one girl says she doesn’t wanna touch it, cuz she doesn’t wanna [00:24:00] catch chlamydia. That chlamydia line was taking directly from Cornish’s interviews and dropped directly into the script.

Pest gives a little wiggle screaming it’s alive. And then everybody goes running and the kids start laughing and they continue on their way. And they were pointing out to Moses. How into him? Tia was one of the girls, Tia bigs gets up on this railing and a little piece of foreshadowing. Yeah. And says he wants to jump off of it.

He’s convinced he can jump off this railing from an overhanging walkway onto the stairwell below. And his friend’s convincing. He’d never make it. And they all continue on their way as he is walking away. He insists that he could, and we do find out later that he can make that jump.

[00:24:41] Stephen: Yeah. Again, this is one of those things that if they had just left in the movie later, when he has to make the jump they’re given that away that it would’ve been like, okay, great.

He made the jump, but they threw this in here story that gets built up. So I love that. Yep. They do those things. And with the girls [00:25:00] too, it shows these are just kids. They look big and tough, they, and all that, but they’re still just kids. They act like kids.

[00:25:06] Rhys: Absolutely. The more, the thing goes on, the more you realize that they are just kids we’ll get to it as it comes, but they run across two kids, mayhem and props. those, aren’t their real names. They’re probably around nine, 10 years old, but they wanna grow up to be gangsters like Moses and crew. And they’re trying to get them to call them mayhem and PRS. And they’re like, no, we’re not gonna call you that.

And they just ignore them and walk on their way. And then we’re introduced to BS. Who’s this scrawny white kid. He’s got headphones in, he’s listening to scar. And he’s to the he’s here on the block to buy weed. He obviously doesn’t fit in. He doesn’t, he definitely is a fish outta water here a little bit.

[00:25:49] Stephen: They do try and be intimidating around him, but they don’t seem to really mess with him. They know him he’s yeah, he’s been there and he’s a part of things and what, they’re not trying to mess with him and

[00:25:59] Rhys: [00:26:00] the music he’s listening to is great. I enjoy the soundtrack to this. I don’t know how many actual songs are in it, but the ones that are in it seemed like on point they’re really all the buttons.

[00:26:10] Stephen: We talk a lot about music and this one had some really great music, not just, it had a mixture cuz you had the sky stuff and with beats and they had the rap and stuff with the gangsters, the music fit the scene very well. Yeah. And then you also had some orchestral stuff written in that was great and it fit well, it didn’t distract it added.

I thought they did a really good job with that music

[00:26:35] Rhys: and the transitions were great too. Nothing was jarring or they went straight from one to the other. It all it flowed really well. Yeah. He gets a call from his dad and proceeds to lie to him about where he is. And during the conversation, it becomes obvious that his dad loves his car.

This becomes important later.

[00:26:54] Stephen: Yeah. Another little foreshadowing. There’s a lot of that and it, it can stand [00:27:00] out if you’re watching Fort paying attention to it, but it’s done very well. So it flows right in through the scene. It doesn’t sound like it doesn’t feel like they made a scene to point this out.

[00:27:09] Rhys: It’s not unnatural. Exactly. The gang comes up, they take over his elevator, even though they’re all going to the same place. They basically kick him outta the elevator and take the elevator up. We’re back to Sam now and she’s giving her report to the police about her mugging and Hey, the police actually did show up good on them.

She does a good job of describing the kids and the police suggest she right around with them as they drive around the block to see if she recognizes them, which I. Go ahead. I was just gonna say, I that’s like way out of the way. I don’t know. Maybe it’s an American thing. I can’t picture the police showing up at your house and saying hop in the car, we’ll drive around.

[00:27:45] Stephen: And I thought the same thing, I’m like, okay, maybe there’s a culture difference cuz you know, they’re not usually in like gun car chases. That’s probably more American, I believe . Yeah. So maybe they really do that. Cuz they drive big vans instead of the [00:28:00] cars. It seems. Yeah. Wagons. Yeah. They offer to drop her off with a friend if she likes and she refuses to be chased from her home by a bunch of bloody teenagers.

[00:28:08] Rhys: She’s feisty.

[00:28:12] Stephen: She needs a Sonic screwdriver.

[00:28:14] Rhys: Yeah. Yeah. That would’ve solved it all. Yeah. We’re back with the boys. They’re at Ron’s door. They’ve hung the alien up in the shower and Ron and Bruce are debating about what it is. And they suddenly pause and Ron says you wanna buy some weed then?

[00:28:30] Stephen: So they have an alien, they see an alien and it’s yeah. Okay. It doesn’t really affect their life a whole lot. Can we get to business now, the boys are sitting around smoking weed in the living room. He congratulates them on killing a possible extraterrestrial. All the weed that has smoked in this movie was actually herbal tobacco cigarettes.

[00:28:50] Rhys: At least that’s what they, that, that’s the story they’re

[00:28:53] Stephen: selling. That’s what what’s his name from? XFiles on the smoking man. All he smoked. Oh really? Yeah. [00:29:00]

[00:29:00] Rhys: Wow. I just always assumed they were just Mar bros or no, he’s not a smoke. That’s a really rough roll its but you notice if you really watch, he doesn’t actually puff it most of the time, it just sits there and put him in his, he’ll go to light it and then talk or he’ll be holding it’s the thing.

[00:29:18] Stephen: But he doesn’t actually puff it a whole lot.

The boys are not that you do that at all anymore. Oh my God cigarettes, you can’t show that anywhere. The boys are convinced they’re gonna be rich BS attempts to join the conversation saying he did a zoology module at uni and he tries, but he still really doesn’t fit in. However, as you’re pointing out, it’s a very natural way to foreshadow the expertise that he’s actually gonna have later on

in the film.

And is this where he was watching the show? They,

[00:29:46] Rhys: yeah, there’s a cut to him at the end of this scene. Okay. Where he’s watching TV. It’s an important shot of Bruce watching a nature documentary about how moths track each other by sent pheromone. When it’s time to mate, they just it’s just, [00:30:00] there almost is a break from one part of a scene to the next.

[00:30:03] Stephen: And again, it’s one of those, if you’re not paying attention it’s just, what’s on TV. That’s a happens a lot but it’s usually more important than people think and their whole back and forth banter, but joking, picking on each other. It very good dialogue for this.

[00:30:18] Rhys: Oh yeah. Incredible. Moses approaches Ron and ask him if he can keep it in the weed room, cuz it’s the safest room on the block, which makes sense.

Yeah. And Ron’s I don’t know if you can, high hats is in there. So need to ask him. And Moses is a little intimidated. But when they get in high hats seems happy to see him and agrees that he can keep it in there. Now it’s really important to note that the whole time Ron has not touched it.

Moses obviously has high hats has a Lieutenant there. Who’s with him and he touches it. But high hats does not. He’s got bigger business to bring up with Moses. He wants Moses to sell drugs for him telling him [00:31:00] they’re gonna make a lot of money, but he’s super possessive telling Moses that he belongs to him now.

Yeah. And that’s high hat’s whole theme is that I own everything. This is all mine. The block is his right in his opinion. Now, as we transition from the, in inside of the weed room, that’s where we have this shot of Bruce watching the Mo that’s got it. Okay. Moses comes back out and the boys automatically know that he’s been recruited and they’re all excited.

And Moses takes a, they put this the drugs in a small empty cigarette box, which he stuffs in his sock. During the celebration, Moses sees more of those bull rides coming down and the boys know it’s an invasion. And now you can really tell they’re like 14, 15 year old boys, cuz they are excited. Right?

This is just, I can see us doing this. We were young I can see me doing it now.

Yeah. They’re gonna rush off and grab their weapons. Let’s go fuck him [00:32:00] up. And they take off and Ron says quite sweet really? Aren’t they? I don’t know

[00:32:04] Stephen: about that, Ron, but okay, he’s high. Yeah, pretty much the whole movie.

Yeah. Which pretty much all his movies. Yeah. We do get a glimpse of the boys’ homes because they’re rushing in and out of their homes to get their weapons. They’re grabbing bats, chains, knives, a display Samura sword. And of course, one of them, I think it’s Dennis, his dad’s take the dog out.

[00:32:27] Rhys: And he’s no. And he is like, I not asking. I’m telling. And so he has to take the dog poor,

[00:32:33] Stephen: Steve. I know I wrote it down. He had another dog kidding me.

[00:32:37] Rhys: we do not get to see the inside of Moses house though. There’s a shot of him closing the door, but we don’t actually get to see the inside of his house.

They take off on bikes and they have a scooter and they’re being chased by mayhem and props who want in, on whatever actions going on. They go out to the park where they saw this thing land. And once they see the size of these ones, they’re a bit scared. [00:33:00] Yeah. You can see the imprint of it, where it was inside.

The thing where it came down, the creature often the distance calls. And Pogo the dog jumps off and runs after it

[00:33:14] Stephen: aliens won

[00:33:16] Rhys: chick in, in my notes. I literally have, sorry, Steve .

[00:33:20] Stephen: I said, oh man, another dead dog. Good movie Reese. yeah,

[00:33:25] Rhys: I trust I do like dogs, people it’s would you get a good look,

[00:33:29] Stephen: filmmakers that don’t like dogs?

[00:33:30] Rhys: It’s true. I don’t know what their problem is. Uh, We get a good look at the alien creatures here for the first time. Cornish said the idea, the concept for the creatures came from the inside from the alien spate on the space invaders console. So the eighties?

[00:33:45] Stephen: Yes. Oh my God. Yes that’s yeah. Oh, that’s so awesome to picture

[00:33:51] Rhys: up with that.

That’s what he based them on. Their bravado becomes realism when they see how big this thing is [00:34:00] and they think they see it’s eyes glowing. And then it opens its mouth and those aren’t eyes it’s rows upon rows of glowing blue teeth,

[00:34:07] Stephen: which I thought was pretty cool.

[00:34:09] Rhys: Yeah. So they just take off, they’re running, they even pass up mam and props and they do shout back a warning about aliens, but they don’t stick around to help ’em or anything.

They’re just gone. And another little hint as to the nature of the creatures comes from the fact that ma’am and props see the creature. And then the screen cuts. We find out later the creature doesn’t do anything to them. We find out they’re alive. So these guys are running away on their bikes and the cops show up.

And they have Sam with them. Moses drops his bike, like falls, the cops come out, they cuff him. They find the drugs that high hats gave him to sell. And a switch blade. This kid’s in a whole lot of legal trouble. So he’s cuffed and [00:35:00] they’re putting him in the van and he can see in the rear view mirror of the van, that the alien is coming well, Sam, before that

[00:35:06] Stephen: He’s standing there.

He’s get me in the van quick, get me, arrest me, give me in there quick. Lock me up. Sam’s in the van with him and she catches a glimpse of the alien in a rear view mirror for just a second. And then all of a sudden she sees a cop just die. And then the other cop dies again.

[00:35:27] Rhys: Both cops touched Moses an important note. Now you have these two aliens they’re on top of the van. They’re trying to get in. They’re like claw. You can, the metal is dented. So they’re serious about it. The boys are on a walkway way up above. They light up giant firework and toss it at the van. Perfect shot goes right underneath the van starts blowing up and it scatters the alien.

The aliens take off Dennis grabs the scooter heads, right to the van freezes Moses, [00:36:00] and then realizes the keys to the van are still in the van. So the two of them steal a cop car.

[00:36:07] Stephen: Yeah. Why not?

[00:36:08] Rhys: Natural. And they have Sam in there with them.

[00:36:11] Stephen: She’s hilarious through some of this because she gets really bold at times.

And other times she gets scared and me she’s just totally out of her element, but she feels like she could get bold with these kids at times. Yeah. Uh, And you

[00:36:25] Rhys: see it there’s actually one scene coming up where they’re in her apartment and she’s in the other room and she’s like screwing up the courage to kick these guys out of her apartment.

Cause she’s sick of them being. We get a side, we get a shot of BS. He’s walking back to his car, which it turns out is the one at the start that got hit with a bull ride. And now he’s all upset because he already lied to his dad once. And then he hears sirens. So he jumps behind the weeds and calls.

Ron and Ron says, come back up to the apartment. So he heads back to Ron’s apartment. And again has no idea. [00:37:00] There’s an alien innovation going on. He just knows the cops are there. He’s running from the cops. Basically the boys drive the cop car slash van into the parking garage of the block. And as they turn the corner, they run head on into high hats in his car with his Lieutenant and high hats thinks it’s the cops, and he’s ready to run. Then he realizes it’s the kids and he grabs his gun and he’s pissed off. It was really important to Cornish that high hats is the only guy in this movie with a gun. One, because guns are really hard to get in England. And two, he wants to point out that high hats is really the only bad guy in the movie.

Everyone else you can identify with, but high hats, he wanted this guy to be a villain. He is the villain and you

[00:37:46] Stephen: could even see it later. There’s the scene in the car where he is I don’t care what it takes. I I’m gonna get them. The other guys are like, oh, okay. And they buckle it. They’re like scared.

Yeah. So yeah, they he’s definitely over the top. Crazy.

[00:37:58] Rhys: Yeah, definitely the bad [00:38:00] the black hat guy here pest is there and he is trying to explain to high hats. And high hats thinks he’s just pulling this out of his butt. Something about aliens chasing them. And then his partner the Lieutenant who’s with him gets attacked and eaten by one.

The alien comes out and rips his throat out. And in my notes, I put, is he the first who died, who did not touch the alien? And then I was like, no, Because when it was in the weed room, he touched it by the head and was wiggling it around. So he did touch it, high hat, shoots it. And the boys take off towards the storage unit inside.

They have super handy things like bolt cutters, and they cut the handcuffs on Moses and then they all hop on scooters and take off. Pest says, I’m shitting myself, isn’t it? But at the same time, this is sick. Yeah. , it’s the whole boyhood thrill of adventure, absolutely. They take the bikes up elevated sidewalks.

I think there’s [00:39:00] three motorized scooters and two bicycles, but the aliens are right on top of them. And oh, two kids were on one bike, they eventually ditch it and start running up some stairs. Bigs runs and he gets to make that jump. He always wanted to do. He makes the jump aliens are chasing him.

He ends up hiding inside a dumpster.

[00:39:21] Stephen: Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So I was waiting for an after credit scene when I saw him jump at the dumpster and he was not getting out, I was waiting for the after credit scene where he is like trying to get ahold of people. Hey guys, I’m here. Can I come out? but they didn’t go with the humor.


[00:39:39] Rhys: A pest drops his scooter then HS at one of the aliens that’s on him before he runs off. And he joins the other three boys in the lobby of the block. But the alien goes right through the glass and bites his leg. Sam’s just trying to get into her apartment and these guys show up and they force their way into her apartment.

She hides in her bedroom [00:40:00] then being the obstinate thing that she is, she grabs a guitar and decides she’s gonna confront them. And she walks out and they tell her. They talk her down a bit and they convince her to help pests cuz she is a nurse.

[00:40:16] Stephen: And even though they’re thugs, you could say this shows, they aren’t really bad guys because they didn’t like pull the knives and force her.

They didn’t, it’s you are unimportant. There’s something bigger going on here. And it wasn’t personal with her earlier. It was just you’re there you’re a woman. We’re five guys. We mugged you. We took your stuff. I don’t even think Moses would’ve really stabbed her or anything. It was just threat. Yeah.

It really shows here that they’re like, yeah, we don’t care

[00:40:43] Rhys: anymore. And they point that out too, with the knife that like, it was just to scare you. We’re trying to speed it up. So she actually starts helping pest aside from Moses, the boys go from being threatening thugs to these little boys.

Throughout this scene, [00:41:00] it happens throughout the scene, Bruces and Ron are in the apartment getting high and being somewhat paranoid. But in this case, they’re actually right. And there’s this whole thing where Bruce is talking about how hard his life is. Yeah. He got busted and Ron’s you got busted.

And he is like, yeah, my parents found my weed. And then he talks about how he has to own rent. And he’s don’t you live with your parents? He’s yeah I pay him a little something. Yeah.

[00:41:26] Stephen: It was more like he said yeah the overall sense of it or it was like man,

[00:41:35] Rhys: yeah, it’s definitely B definitely comes from a much softer place than the block.

Back in the apartment Sam is treating pest. He’s hurt worse than she can deal with. She tells him she can patch him up, but he needs to go to hospital. They say they’d never seen her there before. She’s thinking of moving and they seem surprised and vaguely offended by that. Yes. And then the aliens have found them and [00:42:00] just bust the door down.

Moses takes a samurai sword and kills it. And they discovered that the aliens seems to be PA colored in Al in ultra black, which it being a designer I’m familiar with the concept of ultra black. It’s like the blackest possible black. It seems beyond just flat. It’s almost like it’s a hole. Yeah. And so that’s what makes the fur up on these things.

Sam is trying to get away, still trying to get away from these guys. Then here’s the aliens down the hall and decides the guys with the lesser of the two evils. And they’re like if you’re coming with us, you need a weapon. They all introduce each other. She grabs a kitchen knife. And the five of them take off.

They decided they’re going to head up Tia’s flat because she’s got security grading on the outside of her door. it won’t be as easy to knock the door down. Hi, hats gets a new gun and a couple members of her crew and they’re headed back to the block. Cuz he is blaming the kids for [00:43:00] everything. This is all about the kids, the alien ripped out his Lieutenant throat, but it had something to do.

It’s still somehow the kids’ fault. And he’s like going through police cords to do this armed, I’m sure with drugs, but that’s how ticked off this guy is about this

[00:43:15] Stephen: corner of the world where he’s the big fish. He has to keep control of it.

[00:43:20] Rhys: Yep. Bigs calls him from the dumpster and he wants a rescue and they’re like, we can’t help you, but call everybody and let them know this is happening.

So he tries calling the girls. And the girls are like, call us back when you’re not playing video games and they hang up the phone. Cause they can’t understand what he’s saying. And it’s important to note that bigs is using a phone that’s paid by the minute. So he’s only got so much time left

[00:43:45] Stephen: on the phone.

I think they all make comments like that. Or we’ve got these phones. We don’t have much time and all that. Yeah.

[00:43:52] Rhys: Problems in mayhem show up and they have weapons, including what looks like a gun. It looks enough like a gun that Dennis [00:44:00] takes him, takes the gun from him and leaves them with a super soaker.

And as the gangs, walking away from him, they’re like, yeah, you can get, ’em all wet when you shoot him with a super soaker and mayhem mentions it doesn’t have water in it. He never says what it is, not in that scene, but it’s not water. He says one of the girls. Dimples doesn’t wanna let them into the apartment, cuz they’re all armed.

Some of them are hurt. They don’t even know who Sam is. Tia overrules her and they all go in and they don’t believe the boy’s story, but Sam backs them up. They ask how they know Sam. And they’re like Moses. When did you start sleeping with your math teacher? And she tells him that Moses and the gang mugged her and Tia gets pissed off.

Sam wants to call the cops. The girls say the boys will just be arrested and blamed for everything. And Moses goes off on this paranoid brat. And it feels like the movie’s getting a bit serious for a minute where he is talking about how he thinks that the government made the [00:45:00] aliens and sent them into the block because the blacks in the block aren’t killing each other fast enough.

So the aliens there, and it feels like the movie’s taking this serious turn. And then when he finishes his little soliloquy pest his like preach and the girls all laugh at him. And so all the seriousness, while what he’s saying about how they are being victimized by the state itself is true, it’s just daily life to them.

[00:45:31] Stephen: And it also shows though that Moses is actually as a character, a step you could say above the rest of them, the rest are like, this is our world. We live in it. That’s the end of it. But he has, he can see beyond that. He can see more and that’s important for his character.

[00:45:48] Rhys: At this point, they pull back the curtains and surprise there’s aliens right outside the window.

Dennis pulls out his gun and finds out. It is just a toy. It’s not a real gun. [00:46:00] The aliens burst through the window and Daniel is the first of the group to die. They take Daniel down, Tia. Takes a floor lamp, smashes the bulb and then starts to use it to electrocute one of them. And then the girls just wrap it in a sheet and proceed to fuck it up.

They’re beating it with an ice skate Moses is gonna attack the other one and he pulls his sword back all Sam or I like and sticks it in the wall over his head and he can’t get it out. And the thing’s getting close to him and Sam saves him by stabbing it under the chin with her kitchen knife.

And now she is part of the group. She has saved one of them

[00:46:38] Stephen: initiation. Yeah. And I even made a note like, okay, boys and girls, have you been paying attention? They’re going after Moses. Yeah. And remember the pheromones from earlier.

[00:46:51] Rhys: Yep. Hi, hats runs into mayhem and pros and they tell him where to find Moses.

And he’s like pointing the gun at him and stuff. [00:47:00]

[00:47:00] Stephen: Yeah. I mean, They’re. Yeah. And the two youngins were really humorous in that it was very serious. Could have went wrong, but they were like, they were impressed. They were shocking on it’s oh my, yeah. Yeah it was a good scene. Good characters.

[00:47:14] Rhys: Yeah.

Back inside everyone pauses to look down at Dennis’s body. And the girls point out that Moses killed one of them earlier and your actions have consequences. And that seems to be the theme for Moses’s character. Your actions have long term consequences. And the things seem determined to go after him,

but that Moses actually takes this to heart and this is where the character growth comes in. Back out in the hall, high hats shows up and he just starts shooting at people. So the group runs off and aliens burst out of Tia’s apartment. High hats run through his bullets and they all run to the elevator, [00:48:00] but the alien joins them.

Bigs is out in the dumpster and he’s warned as many people as he can, but he can’t get to the block because the police have the whole place corded off. He decides he’s gonna run for it. But there’s an alien right outside that starts to attack the dumpster. The girls on the other hand, flee the tower and no one’s chasing them.

They’re like walk right on out. And the way he does this, if you haven’t put two and two together, if you’ve touched them, you have sent on them, which is what they’re using to target you the way he does it is so slick. Tia attacks one with a floor lamp. So she doesn’t touch it. They wrap it in a sheet and then beat it to death.

They don’t touch it. If you were to say it out loud, it would seem contrived, but actually seeing it happen makes all kinds of sense. You

[00:48:53] Stephen: get caught up in it. Yeah. Unless you’re paying attention to story stuff.

[00:48:57] Rhys: Bruce is walking down the hall [00:49:00] calls the elevator. It opens, reveal high hats.

He’s covered in blood. His two soldiers with him are dead and there’s a dead alien. And he tells Bruce, he should take the next elevator. And then he gets off the elevator and starts to walk. The elevator door opens and Moses and the gang get in. And Bruce is there on the, because he took the other elevator.

He wants to know what’s going on. They all decide they’re gonna go to run’s weed room. Cause I hear it’s the most secure place on the block.

Mayhem and props are outside. And the outside of the block is covered with these aliens effortlessly climbing up the outer wall. So they’re on their way up, back on the 19th floor, the crew’s getting off the elevator and they decide to shoot fireworks down the hall. Cuz they can hear the aliens down there.

They’ll use the noise and confusion as covered to make it to Ron’s room. And they proceed with caution with Moses in the front with Roman candles, just shooting them down the hall [00:50:00] and pest, tossing firecrackers everywhere. But in the confusion, Jerome gets separated and turned around in smoke. Poor Jerome.

He’s the second of the pre second of the gang who falls prey to the aliens. Pest goes back for him just in time to see them eat him. But Sam rescues, pest so far, she’s rescued two of them.

[00:50:19] Stephen: She’s doing good racking. ’em up?

[00:50:21] Rhys: Yeah. yeah. Yeah. They make it to Ron’s door. They want in, and Ron seems a little hesitant about letting him in, but he lets him in.

He was hesitant because high hats is in there with the gun. He puts the gun at Moses and blames him for everything. Then you can see all these aliens in the glass behind him, they do the whole behind you thing. And he is oh, I’m not gonna fall for that. And the aliens smash in and proceed to eat high hats in probably the most go visual of the entire film.

Yeah. Actually everybody else runs into the weed room. Once they’re in their [00:51:00] Moses starts to feel reflective. He says if they knew that Sam lived on the block, they wouldn’t have, they wouldn’t have mugged her. And she doesn’t know that makes things any better. And then pest is fishing.

He is do you have a boyfriend? And she he’s basically in doctors without borders, he’s like in Ghana or something like that. And pest is what? There aren’t, it’s. Helping poor kids here in Britain. Isn’t flashy enough. He has to go someplace warm. That’s when BS notices with a black light, the phosphorescent stuff that’s on the alien and all over Moses.

And then BS solves the whole thing. He post the size that what they found was a female who lands on the planet first and then uses pheromones. So all the males go to track her down. And now these guys are covered in the pheromones. Sam is clean. So in theory, she can move through them without being seen, and Moses can lure them into a trap.

So that’s what they plan to do.

[00:51:57] Stephen: And we’ve been talking about when you look [00:52:00] at what he set up for the whole movie choosing these guys that are smoking weed, it solved so many problems in the movie made it completely natural and it fit in multiple times in ways it is just.

It would be difficult to always come up with a solution that fits so well as this did

[00:52:23] Rhys: well. And even to the point where the aliens don’t seem to be smashing down the door to get into the weed room, because BS and Ron had been smoking weed in that the other room all day long. So you’ve got all of that cannabis smoke that saturated everything, which is gonna screw up their tracking.

And then the marijuana itself has a very pungent odor while it’s growing. And there’s lots of it in there, which is gonna mask whatever’s in there. I don’t know if like he, we could give him the credit the benefit of the doubt and say he planned it that way, but it was a really brilliant way of executing it.

[00:53:00] I’m

[00:53:00] Stephen: sure he planned it. It fits way too well to it might have been like, oh my God, I know it’ll solve all our problems. It may have been that, but yeah. Very brilliant choice. Yeah.

[00:53:09] Rhys: Mayhem and pros Have this squirt gun, with a flaming liquid. And they take out the one that has bigs cornered by mayhem, sprang it and probs, throwing a firecracker.

And the thing goes up in flames. And the kids are, yeah, props is if you don’t quit wine and no one’s gonna ever call you mayhem. So they, they do it. They’re thrilled with themselves. They’ve killed when they take off and they run into a whole cadre of armed police, which is a rare thing when the armed police are out, it’s serious.

So they take off and jump at the dumpster and they’re hiding at the dumpster with big

Sam. On the other hand is pull going through with Moses’ plan she’s on her way down to his apartment. Moses makes pest giver back her ring, which pest has. He’s not [00:54:00] happy about it, but he gives it back to her. She walks out and you get to see Ron’s bravery, he’s in a different room in the apartment and he pokes his head out and the place is full of things and he is they still out there.

And she’s yeah. And he is okay good luck. He closes the door. But the plan seems to be working. She walks through them and none of them hassled her at all. And now we get to see the inside of Moses’s apartment and it turns out Moses is just a kid who lives in apartment by himself at 15 years old.

He has an uncle who’s like never ever around. So he has to turn the gas on the oven, leave it open and then get outta the block. So she leaves, they strap the female alien onto Moses’ back. And he’s off in the shower of bottle rockets. They’re sitting there firing bottle rockets into the aliens to confuse them.

The noise obviously works. The smoke works. He takes off and it’s a foot race. It’s him running [00:55:00] with the aliens chasing after him back to his apartment, he gets in, he throws the female off to one side, the aliens all goes straight to the female and then they like turn towards him and he is at the window and he files a bottle file.

Wow. Fires, a bottle rocket. And it blows everything up.

[00:55:20] Stephen: Yep. Boom big boom.

[00:55:22] Rhys: Yep. He manages to hang onto a union Jack that was hanging outside of the apartments and he ends up being arrested. And as they’re loading him into the Patty wagon, like the girls and bigs they all know what he did to save the block.

And so everyone’s chanting his name and the police are arresting him anyways. It’s funny to me because they’re arresting. Pest Ron and Bru and all three of them are like resisting giving fighting against the cops. Moses does not. He just stoically walks out and gets in. And as he’s sitting in there, [00:56:00] everyone’s chanting his name and pest points out to him and he smiles.

So they’re being arrested, even though Sam said they weren’t the kids, they were my neighbors, they were helping me. So they got arrested anyways,

[00:56:13] Stephen: apparently, but it also showed, oh, sorry. Apparently what?

[00:56:17] Rhys: Apparently he’s not sent to jail forever cuz they made a second one and he’s

[00:56:21] Stephen: in it. Maybe the aliens break him out.

Oh yeah. I thought it showed a lot of his character growth because again, like we said earlier, he sees beyond just the block. He just doesn’t know how to get out of it, but it’s now he’s the king. They respect him more than they did. Hi hat. He really does control the block in a completely different way.

Yeah. And they admire him for that. So he has a choice this is his big hero’s journey choice here, what he’s gonna do. And that may be where the block two takes off. I like that the pheromone thing, cuz I really thought that the alien implanted something in him kinda like alien[00:57:00] until they, I heard the pone thing.

So I really liked that. It wasn’t something, no, I’m excited for two.

[00:57:08] Rhys: Yeah. It’s it was really well done and the, like I said, it’s very authentic. Because Cornish felt so passionately about it. Did all this research rolled it all in and told a really good story. Yeah. In such a way that, yeah, it’s, it is a horror comedy for sure.

Cuz it’s definitely funny, but a long it’s also just a really good story.

[00:57:36] Stephen: Yeah. It’s and even though you said they didn’t make back the whole 13 million or at least they hadn’t made it back right away. It’s gotta be doing well enough and popular enough. They’re making a two, which you know, when two comes out, they probably are gonna get more funding.

So it’s probably gonna make number one, sell more, whatever again. So they probably will make back everything then.

[00:57:59] Rhys: And this [00:58:00] is the nice thing. The nice this is what I liked about attack the block versus say. Tucker and Dale versus evil, they’re both horror comedies. They’re both very funny, but if I sit down and just dead pan tell you the plot to Tucker and Dale versus evil versus the plot to attack the block.

One of them is a really good story and the other one’s just silly. You know what I

[00:58:30] Stephen: mean? Yeah. Tucker Dale isn’t meant to be that good story. It’s a silly horror it’s got horror elements. It’s just a silly movie. You can’t even, I wouldn’t even say comedy necessarily. It is, but it’s like you said silliness more than comedy.


[00:58:46] Rhys: Sean, the Sean the dead is the same kinda way. It’s the, story’s just not there. It’s not a bad movie. It’s humorous. It does what it does, but attack the block is humorous. [00:59:00] And tells a good story at the same time, which I think makes it a

[00:59:03] Stephen: very successful film. But don’t get me wrong, Tucker.

And Dale’s definitely a top movie to watch .

[00:59:09] Rhys: Oh, absolutely. And I love the whole trilogy hot fuzz and Sean of the dead and all all three of those are great. It’s just I think attack the blocks nature. Elevates it a little bit above them. Absolutely. Yeah. It managed to be funny and well done.

[00:59:29] Stephen: Yeah, definitely recommended movie. If you like the horror, the aliens very

[00:59:35] Rhys: strong. Yeah. And honestly, aside from a little language, you could probably watch this with kids the gore that’s in it is really no worse than Nazis being melted by the lost arc of the covenant.

[00:59:49] Stephen: Which I’ve got some good stories about seeing that with friends in the theater.


[00:59:54] Rhys: Yeah. Yeah, it’s not, it’s one of those kind of movies that you don’t have to [01:00:00] shelve it away and be like, oh, this is too rough for my children. It’s not, it really isn’t.

[01:00:05] Stephen: So yeah, it’s really well done. Good movie. Good fun movie. So there’s season two. And we are go plan, do a bonus episode with event horizon and contrast it with Europa report.

[01:00:17] Rhys: Yeah, cause I heard all of you guys complaining about, oh, why didn’t you do event horizon? It’s so much better than Europa report. You know what, we’re just gonna compare the two and be done

[01:00:27] Stephen: with it. There you go. Yeah. Uh, And definition of what’s better is definitely subjective. Oh, absolutely.

[01:00:34] Rhys: Two very different films and

[01:00:36] Stephen: more people probably know event horizon, which makes it less.

Fun for us to not as much fun to talk about movies that everybody’s already talked about. Yeah.

[01:00:45] Rhys: Yeah. It, and that’s one of the reasons it wasn’t on this list because one of the things for this list is this has to be a movie Steve hasn’t seen. And I, some of you had seen

[01:00:54] Stephen: event horizon, actually, I had, but so good.

Yeah. Even if [01:01:00] I had it, it’d be good for a bonus then.

[01:01:02] Rhys: Yeah. Yeah. It’s a good, it’ll make a good bonus episode talking about the two of them. Cause they attack the problem very differently.

[01:01:10] Stephen: Yeah, absolutely. All right, man. There’s season two. We’ll pan up, wrap it up, get ’em out and be working on season three here.

Pretty quick. Awesome.