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We are on to season 03! For this new season, the movies are tied together with the theme of culture clash. And there are a variety of cultures that have conflict. We discuss what the theme means and the types of horror movies we’ll be talking about for this season.

As usual, we have a great selection for the season so sit back and dig in for a horror helping.




season three, Reese, boom lean less than a year. That’s crazy.

[00:04:31] Rhys: yeah, it is. Season three, we’re gonna be looking at movies that have culture clashes in them.

[00:04:37] Stephen: And that’s not like fights against the band,

[00:04:40] Rhys: right? Correct. It is not. It is more along the lines of the definition of culture being customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation people or other social group.

And so you can see culture every day, whenever you meet someone from a different country someone from a [00:05:00] different religion, or even someone from a different like musical taste, click, right? You can, you you’ve got like the whole punk culture or they call them subculture sometimes, cuz it’s a culture that’s reacting to or existing in another one, but still.

A lot of times when you have these multiple cultures that bump up against each other, you run into some sort of problem for somebody in it one way or the other. And that’s where we’re gonna be focusing our horror movies this year. Okay. This season.

[00:05:31] Stephen: And technically you could stretch a lot of horror movies that way Friday the 13th, that’s a culture clash.

You got the one guy that believes everybody should be dead and everybody else that thinks we should run and live.

[00:05:42] Rhys: That’s true. We’re gonna be a little more Meticulous about it than that. a little more specific. We have, we’ll have movies where you have traditional culture clashes indigenous people and people who are not [00:06:00] indigenous, or you will have refugees moving into a new society.

You’ll have the culture clashes there. You’ll have the culture clash from something that happened a long time ago, that is being interpreted in the modern era. So those are the kind of culture clashes we’re gonna be looking

[00:06:19] Stephen: at. Okay. And it’s a mixed bag looking at the list. It is a

[00:06:23] Rhys: mixed bag.

There’s a lot of there’s a lot of American made and American partnered films in this list. I think there’s 1, 2, 3, 4, Five, half of them have nothing to do with American movie production at all. The other half are American films or American and like American UK working together in one form or another to get the movie produced.


[00:06:52] Stephen: All right. So there season three coming up and the first movie we’re gonna talk about is hold the dark. So there we go. [00:07:00] Season three upcoming. And if you haven’t seen seasons one and two go do so because they’re all wonderful movies.

[00:07:07] Rhys: Oh yeah we don’t review crappy

[00:07:09] Stephen: ones.

No we do our time without personal

[00:07:11] Rhys: time. Yes. Yes, exactly.