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Based on all the very intense horror films we’ve had this season, you’d think horror comedy doesn’t even exist. Oh, my friend, you would be so wrong. Enter Suck – a vampire comedy that is almost a musical.

The basic story is about a small time band that becomes famous when they start turning into vampires. There are homages to classic album covers. Lots of guest appearances (Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Alex Lifeson, Malcolm Macdowell). And cheesy jokes and scenes. All in all a good romp.

The music is a huge part of the movie. Parts of the story are told via the song lyrics.

If Byzantium and Let the Right One In were a bit too heavy for you, grab some popcorn and check this one out.


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04:57.23StephenSo all right? So we are on episode 8 suck and this movie did not.
05:01.42RhysSuck. No, it’s really funny because he has a um, it’s made by Rod Stefani He wrote it directed it any stars in it which is usually a combination for a horrible film. But he also did a documentary and it’s called something like how to make a movie that sucks which I thought was pretty funny.
05:27.43StephenOkay, that’s a little self-deprecating humor I like that already. Ah yeah I mean just okay I’m going to see a horror movie called suck. Oh I Wonder what it’s about and they don’t try and hide that whatsoever.
05:31.22RhysYeah, yeah.
05:38.47RhysYeah, good question. No ah and I think the closest thing I can think of as an analog to this film would be the original fright night where it’s It’s campy vampire stuff.
05:50.32StephenI can see that yet.
05:57.11RhysAnd they’re not running away from it. They’re just giving it a big old hug.
05:58.87StephenYeah, though, though, it’s we are a can be vampire movie and that’s what we’re going to be to the extreme.
06:05.57RhysYes, um, it came out in 2009 oddly enough on nine eleven um, it debuted at the Toronto international film festival. Um, and it also played it south by southwest.
06:23.40RhysYou won’t find um you won’t find box office numbers because it didn’t release in the us in the box office. It did it did festivals and it did um like direct to dvd and stuff like that.
06:39.60StephenWhich makes it perfect for us to discuss on this podcast.
06:42.68RhysSure, Um, it is a movie it is it fits under the category of Horror comedy which is a favorite favorite of mine and ah horror comedies like breakdown. You know into smaller groups like you have the ones that are subtly funny. You have the ones that are dark humor then you have the slapstick ones this 1 seems to air closer to the slapstick version. This isn’t zombie Land This is ah closer to Sean of the dead.
07:12.97StephenYeah, a little bit of tucker and Dale type stuff too If you like tucker and Dale It’s I mean for a movie that wasn’t in the theater for me I would say this is a pretty high quality movie not because it’s big budget not because it’s special effects in that.
07:19.65RhysYeah, for sure.
07:32.60StephenBecause it kept me interested. It was funny and it had the campiness just totally embraced and you know I’m a sucker for campiness.
07:40.50RhysThe music in the cast in this is phenomenal now the actual cast of actors is really nothing to write home about but the guest stars that they had in. It is just incredible. Um, it was done on a 3 and a half million dollar budget which is you know it’s not.
07:58.95RhysMegamoney but it’s still a considerable amount.
07:59.97StephenProbably quite a bit for some of this the get special guest appearances.
08:04.56RhysYeah, yeah, um, Rob stefaic. He acted in a bunch of tv shows canadian tv shows and there was a movie about um, there’s a lady from saturday night live. Who had a character of a catholic schoolgirl and she had a movie out called superstar he was in superstar and he directed a lot of tv shows. But other than that like suck was just his project I guess.
08:30.21StephenAh, right right.
08:44.30RhysUm, so he stars in it. He plays the front man for a band named joey um, their bassist is a sexy young lady and played by Jessica pair she was in hot tub time machine. Um, and again a bunch of canadian stuff but hot dub time machines. The only thing you’re gonna.
08:56.76StephenOh okay.
09:03.74RhysRecognize ah paul anthony on the other hand he plays the lead guitarist. He’s been in a bunch of stuff he was in stargate s g 1 ah, he was in Blade trinity he was in the collector. Another good.
09:11.74StephenOh okay.
09:22.27RhysReverse home invasion Horror movie. He was also in stargate Atlantis. Um, yeah, he was in American Mary which is a ah ah great body Horror Horror movie.
09:26.66StephenOkay, maybe that’s I kind of recognized him and that now that you’re saying ping. Yeah.
09:41.41RhysIf you haven’t seen that 1 Maybe we’ll throw that on the list somewhere down the line. Um I zombie he was also in the flash. Um, the base the drummer in in this band is named mike lo bell and he’s not really.
09:43.51StephenGet okay.
10:01.18RhysI don’t want to say he’s not at anything you’ll recognize if you’re into de grossy high stuff because he was in about 8 million versions of de grossi high.
10:10.86StephenOkay, which is not usually my watch list.
10:13.93RhysNo, but if you look at him. He kind of looks like he’s a guy who would come from de grossy high right? He’s the perfectly quoffered facial hair and his hair’s like glled. Um now let’s get into like some of the famous people. Um.
10:20.75StephenBut got it right. Yeah. Oh yeah.
10:33.90RhysAlice Cooper is in this film Alice Cooper is in this film. He doesn’t play a small part. He plays a pivotal role and he liked the movie so much that he brought his own wardrobe so they wouldn’t have to pay to clothe him. There’s yeah.
10:46.60StephenWow, That’s now you you know you’re saying something about them when they have a specialty made wardrobe already that fits a movie like this I mean just I love that.
10:56.35RhysYes, yes, he did have 1 coat that they provided because they had to cut the back of it so that wasn’t alice’s coat. But other than that everything else. Ah his daughter’s actually in it. She has a little bit part. Um.
11:05.29StephenAh, oh yeah.
11:16.30RhysShe plays, um the like the the barmaid in the first bar they play in. Um and I always like it when when they do stuff like that Kevin smith did that in tusk through his daughter in there. Um, so that kind of things.
11:21.45StephenOkay, okay.
11:29.57StephenYeah, have chattener did it in the 1 episode of star trek.
11:34.53RhysKind of cool to me Henry oh which 1
11:40.56StephenAh, the moment with the kids on the planet miri that ah you know they they killed all the adults. So yeah, the I think it’s the 1 where at 1 point ah little girl comes running up to and he picks her up.
11:45.90RhysAh, oh the the kids who like are yeah yeah, his kid was in that that is really cool.
11:59.65RhysThat is awesome. Um I’m trying to think I thought I had a note of what her actual name is I’m going to come across it somewhere along the line but ah, ah, another big name henry rawlins is in this Henry rollins I’m a big fan of black flag.
12:00.57StephenThat’s his daughter. Anyway.
12:19.58RhysAh, he he plays he plays a radio dejay and you really get the impression of what he thinks about Radio Dejays Um, by the way he plays him he really embraces the role. Um.
12:28.42StephenYes. Yeah,, there’s not much of this movie. That’s not over the top in some way.
12:38.60RhysOh yeah, everyone’s favorite guitarist alex lifeson is in this um, playing a washed up. Ah ex guitar guy from a band from a long time ago who now works for Border security. Ah yeah.
12:51.82StephenYeah Canadian borders are gerdy which is great.
12:56.94RhysUm, Iggy pop is in this. He plays a pretty big role. Um I am always floored, especially when you listen to him saying to hear him talk because his voice I I mean it makes sense like everything he’s done to his vocal chords. It makes sense that he talks like this but it just it really.
13:05.32StephenUm, yeah.
13:15.60RhysStrikes me every time I see him talking.
13:17.10StephenIt it all it cracked me up too because Iggy pop is dispensing the best wisdom in the whole movie and it just you know.
13:22.39RhysYes, yes, right? Um Malcolm mcdowell is in this um you know and um Moby has a role in this movie. He he plays ah the front man for a band called.
13:41.72RhysAh, secretaries of state. Um, and of course if it’s going to be a Canadian comedy. What’s that Oh as good say and if it’s a Canadian Comedy Dave Foley has to be in it.
13:44.50StephenUm, but he’s very good. No go ahead finish.
13:59.50RhysGuy from kids in the hall. He’s he’s in so many.
14:00.59StephenYeah, and I was gonna say about Moby. It’s funny because ah his character in the movie is so unlike his actual musical persona. It’s the exact opposite and he must have really had fun doing.
14:09.30RhysAbsolutely yeah, yeah, um, there’s a few other people of note Dmitri coates plays a guy named queenie and you’re not going to know him from a whole lot in the way of movies but he does a lot of.
14:27.80RhysMovie music. So he does a lot of vocals for for music in movies. Um Barbara mambo plays um Malcolm mcdowell’s character’s girlfriend. Um, she’s a small time jazz singer and she’s been in various.
14:47.20RhysTelevision programs in Canada um, and Nicole de Boer plays joey’s girlfriend for a while um she was from stargate atlantis she was on deep space nine.
14:54.32StephenYeah app.
15:05.80RhysAnd she was in of course the quintessential torture ah film cube. She plays a role in Cube. So.
15:11.74StephenOh and of note with her which I looked her up because I’m like I recognize her and I’m like oh Ds Nine of course. Um, but I found out and I seem to be collecting a list of celebrities that fall into this category but she was born four days after me.
15:30.11RhysOh well.
15:31.35StephenShe was born on the twentieth in 1970 and her ex was born 2 days after me, they’re early 2 days apart. Ah so and chooseing star trek so I was like whoo cool.
15:40.69RhysYeah, that is pretty cool. Um, the whole movie was shot in and around toronto in various dive bars in Toronto. Um, in fact, there is a ah bar in toronto called the big Bop I hope it’s still there. It had multiple stages in the bar. You know sometimes you’ll have bars that are big enough to have multiple stages. They used that bar to shoot 3 different bar scenes going from 1 stage to the next to the next for the movie which I thought it’s actually a really clever solution for site sourcing.
16:11.74StephenUm, yeah.
16:16.60RhysAnd the extras in the movie were brought in from Toronto’s goth scene which apparently was strong and vibrant in 2009 when this was filled. Yeah ah calico I knew I’d find the note.
16:25.28StephenAt least big enough to be in a movie.
16:34.63RhysAlice Cooper’s daughter’s night name is Calico Yeah yep, all right? Um, so the movie opens with no music. It’s just silence as the credits begin and then out of nowhere.
16:35.84StephenThat’s Calico Okay Calico cooper.
16:54.14RhysHenry Ralins comes in playing Rockin Roger a deejay talking about rock and roll and sex and drugs and all this stuff. Um, yeah, it was kind of a profile shadowy thing.
17:00.58StephenBut you don’t know it was him quite right that it was just as shadow and and before that even ah and before that even ah, what cracked me up initially was the.
17:10.44RhysAlthough I recognized his voice.
17:19.51StephenAh, claymation bat that’s flying across the water. Um, and that that was cracking me up because I’m like okay I’m getting a vibe from this movie right here because it does not look any better than rudolph from the sixty s and it was. It was great I loved it that way.
17:36.81RhysIt’s really funny because they it it leads into a theme that they do with this map and their car traveling which reminds me of Indiana jones.
17:41.83StephenYes, it did yes, yeah, but the bat reminded me of the crow if you go watch the crow movie. It has ah scenes with the Raven flying just like that except the bat looked like he was drunk.
17:53.58RhysSure that well that bat flies into a crappy dive bar and turns into like the youngest smeltest best dressed guy there as he’s walking through the crowd like. Camera zooming in on Him. He’s walking past these big fat beerbelly guys with great big beards and stuff and um.
18:17.97StephenAh, unlike the other vampire movies we’ve watched this season. This is what we’re we’re kind of used to from Anne rice in that. Oh my gosh. That’s a vampire you know he’s yeah.
18:28.99RhysYes, silk shirt leather pants Giant fang necklace hanging off his neck which uhuh yep Um, as the camera’s following him. You see that Alice Cooper is manning the bar.
18:35.93StephenBig Red Eyes white Pale Pasty face.
18:46.97RhysUm, you see that ah dave foley who plays jeff the manager for the band is ah looking bored and he’s checking on his phone and the first person in the band. Ah, the Band’s called the winners is jennifer the bass player. She notices him as he comes in and he gives her. A little smile and both of their eyes glow red and you know he’s got her. Um, so like I said ah Jeff turns out to be their manager. He’s a little bit of a scheistster and he’s dumping the band after the set’s done.
19:24.81RhysHe’s ah he’s sitting there basically telling joey the front man lead singer that you know I’m really a horrible manager. You’re better off without me. Um and the and the barmaid keeps bringing them drinks and um. Drinks are free to Joey but um Jeff has to pay for him and it’s like twenty bucks a bottle or something like that. It’s ridiculous. Yeah, yeah, yeah, um, so Joey walks over.
19:45.16StephenRight? I think she just takes the 20
19:57.17RhysTo the bar and starts talking to the bartender who speaks in these kind of mysterious all-knowing kind of platitudes and Joey’s just like ah and then just walked yes, yeah, he knows his name.
20:09.62StephenAnd he knows his name.
20:15.63RhysUm, and that’s a funny thing alice cooper’s character does not have a name in this in this movie. So we’ll just call him alice cooper I guess you know nice visual for all of you listening? Yeah um so Joey heads out while he’s heading out the lead guitarists. Ah tyler.
20:23.41StephenI Don’t know if there’s much difference.
20:35.40RhysIs helping pack things up, you know because leave guitarists are helpful. Um, and I and who left the building. So yeah, um, he’s helping pack up with their roadie a French Canadian named Hugo and the drummer.
20:37.82StephenYeah, okay, well they are more than lead singers. Usually.
20:53.99RhysWhose name is Sam is of course handling the drum stuff because no 1 else should be touching the drummers stuff. We all know how this is um meanwhile jennifer is hanging out with this ridiculously over the top obvious vampire guy.
20:57.88StephenTo write.
21:12.26RhysUm, they’re all heading out the band travels in a hearse which I find very humorous. They don’t have a van. They’ve got a hearse. Um and they’re out there talking and Jennifer’s going to leave with the vampire to go to a party and.
21:17.16StephenOf course.
21:27.74RhysAnd um, Joey’s really big on we leave in the morning you’ve got to be here if you’re not here we leaving without you and she’s like that hot female basis. Yes, a hot woman who knows how to play bass. Yes, that doesn’t sell tickets.
21:32.77StephenRight? because you know they’ll be much more successful without the hot bass player right? right.
21:46.47RhysUm, so the band plans on sleeping in the hearse because they don’t have any money and they’re leaving yes, even though it smells bad. Um Jennifer goes to this party and it’s attended by a bunch of white skinned goth people.
21:50.57StephenEven though it smells.
22:04.45RhysIn this mansion owned by the vampire. Um and he entrances her to the point that the whole room starts spinning and I thought that was a really great camera use to like portray the whole spins thing if you’ve ever had too much to drink and like you feel like the room spinning.
22:18.12StephenUm, yeah.
22:23.81RhysThey do a good job of showing what that feels like in this movie.
22:26.58StephenAnd it also really the whole scene was I mean you knew oh they’re turning her into a vampire without having lots of biting and sucking.
22:35.95RhysYep, and that’s it I mean the the whole thing goes into basically a music video um with with um, ah dmitry coates like providing the vocals and stuff.
22:41.70StephenYes, oh yes.
22:53.50RhysAnd you don’t even see the bite but you definitely. It’s definitely inferred and she ends up writhing on the floor amidst the circle of the vampire and all of his friends. Um.
23:00.48StephenRight? And and just an aside for the music for 1 moment this the music in this show was utterly fantastic the whole way through it turned the thing into a musical almost because that they they weren’t ah they you couldn’t cut the music out.
23:12.87RhysUm, almost yeah.
23:20.12StephenBecause it actually was telling part of the story just in music form I know a lot of musicals. They’ll sing a song that have to do with the scene that they are in but this actually had lyrics that were part of the scene that they were singing instead of talking and I mean that’s just another way that made it kind of over the top. Because it’s that old Kavin and hobbes thing you know, walking around so music comes out of the trees and you break in the song. Ah everything it just when they started music I would start laughing by the end of it and then really have to listen. Don’t don’t dismiss the music because it really helps tell.
23:45.58RhysYeah, yeah.
23:58.30StephenWhat’s going on in part of the story.
23:58.31RhysYeah, ah rob stefaic actually was in a band called the winners and he’s actually the 1 who was singing like those songs that the winners are performing on stage which I thought was really cool I don’t know if the rest of the band is I don’t think the rest of the band was like the cast but still.
24:14.41StephenUm, right? ah other than the battery. This obviously has been my favorite soundtrack that we’ve done.
24:17.14RhysAh, thought that was really cool. Yeah, yeah, it’s a good 1 um, the Band’s tired of waiting for the next day and Joey tells hugo that he’ll be taking Jennifer’s place so the Rodie is very excited that he’s going to get his chance to shine show his base playing.
24:41.18RhysProwess. Um, it’s it is pointed out at that point that Joey and jennifer used to date and apparently jennifer dumped him although he has a different telling to that story and um, 3 times throughout this movie. They recreate famous.
24:50.57StephenOf course like most guys.
24:58.29StephenAh, yes.
24:59.40RhysCover art for for things and this is the first because all four members who are there of the band cross the road and it’s a perfect yes representation of the Abbey road cover which is really really interesting.
25:09.81StephenRight? Which I didn’t expect that but I was watching it and I’m like wait a second you know and they and they don’t just pass it by they literally pause for a moment on that scene and I was like okay I love this movie and everything about it now.
25:16.36RhysYeah yep, yep. Ah, So then they start hitting South Um, and their trip South again reminded me of Indiana Jones because there’s a map of Canada with like notes written all over it and splatters and there’s this little plastic car kind of traveling across it.
25:39.88StephenAnd then they do part of the trip in claymation which I loved all the claimmation because I mean it was they probably did it all on purpose but it was like we’re we’re trying not to make this look superb. We’re trying to make it look like.
25:54.76RhysUm, right? Yes, yes.
25:57.81StephenAh, fifth graders claimmation movie and in that and that was perfect if they had done anything else. It would not have looked as good and the indie thing. Yes I picked up on that and it’s funny. You mentioned that because I told you I saw Jungle cruise they did the map thing in Jungle cruise too.
26:10.79RhysYeah, it’s a handy thing for when people are traveling. Apparently they stop at a photo shoot where Joey’s present girlfriend susan she’s the model at the shoot. Um, she’s pretty cold and distant about the band altogether mostly because Joey’s just there to get some money off of her.
26:15.22StephenUm, yeah.
26:30.46RhysUm, but she hears that Jennifer is not going to be at the show in Montreal and now she’s like oh well then may put me on the list I’ll come to your show and take 1 hundred dollars out of my wallet and so he takes 1 hundred bucks and leaves and you know everything’s great. Um.
26:47.10StephenYeah, yeah.
26:49.93RhysAnd her mood definitely lightens when she finds out that Jennifer is not going to be there. Unfortunately for her that’s not what happens. Um, at the sound check they’re they’re running through a song and hugo is playing all the wrong notes. Um he does manage to stop when the rest of the band stops.
27:09.90StephenWhich is not a good representation of bass players I’m just going to say.
27:09.37RhysAnd I really really like it because like. Ah, um, there’s a point where like the sound text like are we good and Joe is like no, but we’re done and I was like that’s a good way to put it. Yeah, you’re not good, but ah, but then all of a sudden. Jennifer walks in and she looks completely different. She’s all pale and her lips are all done up and she walks in saving all this confidence and she’s got this whole vampire aesthetic about her. But as soon as they start questioning her she like completely drops all that and she’s like a horrible liar and and.
27:53.10RhysUm, her lack of capably lying shows you that she’s still good at heart. She’s she’s like new to this whole vampire thing. Um, even though eat.
28:00.89StephenUm, yeah, and that was that sets of was refreshing because it was like the the vampires were just normal people that that didn’t have their life together unlike most other vampire hoopiess.
28:15.15RhysOh yeah I mean vamporism in this movie is definitely used as like a thing for like drug use in the music scene it is. It is analogous analogous to that because it’s never anyone’s fault. They’ve got a problem just lighten up. Everyone’s doing it.
28:32.80StephenAh, yeah, yeah, and there’s a scene later which I’m sure we’ll talk about ah but just when they’re all vampires and the the managers like oh okay, everything’s good. You know he’s just happy because they’re popular, but that’s coming that’s coming. Yeah, just always cracking me up.
28:34.19RhysUm, so.
28:41.85RhysYeah we’re all good I’m making money. Yeah, it turns out that she got a ride down there to meet them. Um and she ate another band called the itchies. So um, now. It cuts to a scene of of malcolm mcdowell he’s got an eye patch. Um and he’s he’s staking a vampire um and he’s looking for ah the Queen looking for the queen and he’s like staking the vampire and he’ll never tell him.
29:18.93RhysUm, so it’s just this little interjection. It’s your first introduction to ah eddie van helsing which is malcolm and dowell’s character’s name. Yeah, yeah, um.
29:24.65StephenRight? Which come on. That’s perfect and and that whole scene had ah had the feel of like Tarantino’s grind house movies. It just reminded via that.
29:34.74RhysYeah, oh yeah, because like he pounds the steak and blood goes flying and then they hold this partial conversation then he hits the stak again and they talk some more. Ah.
29:45.18StephenUm, right either that or or the the scene in Buffy the vampire slayer movie where the vampire’s dying. He’s going. ah ah, ah, ah yeah ever yeah he gets his arm cut off and he goes kill him a lot.
29:53.85RhysYeah, longest death ever.
30:03.76StephenI mean I know people didn’t like buffy I Always thought it was hilarious.
30:05.36RhysYeah, um, so we just had that little interjection to introduce you to eddie van helsing and now ah we see Susan is outside the bar arguing with the balancecer that she should be on the list see the winners and. Ah, the funny thing is the bouncer is played by carol pope who is ah in the States we don’t know her but in Canada she’s a pretty famous feminist punk musician. Um so I’d never heard of her.
30:33.70StephenUm, well.
30:39.26RhysBut like they gave her a special call out during the credit. So I went and like looked into it. So yeah, just these little bit parts. They like would fill with you know people who are like in the industry and I think they were excited to be part of this movie. Um.
30:41.00StephenLooked her up. Nice.
30:56.15RhysEddie shows up at the bar eddie van helsing and he’s got this flashlight now we find out later that edie’s scared of the dark. Um, but the flashlight gets knocked away from it and he like drops to the ground to try and find the flashlight and he’s crawling around on the ground. It’s getting kicked across the floors people are dancing. Um. Because jennifer’s vampirism really suits the band well like the crowd is into it and they’re not used to that they’re used to playing music and people not paying any attention and Susan shows up and she’s got a beer and she’s dancing and happy and then she notices that Jennifer’s there
31:32.51RhysAnd she shows us her superpower which turns out that she can accurately throw a beer bottle because she does it several times she hits Joey in the head with a beer bottle which knocks him out and of course as any good band knows the band can’t stop. They just keep going.
31:46.51StephenYeah, right? Even if your lead singer does not know the words to stairway to heaven. You just keep going.
31:53.32RhysYou just keep going or if your lead singer has been knocked out by a beer bottle and is lying in the middle of the stage Joey finds himself at a crossroads um like not I’m not being figurative. He’s literally standing at a crossroads.
31:58.28StephenSame thing.
32:12.35RhysRobert Johnson is playing that famous song that he wrote about selling his soul to the devil crossroads and while he’s there Alice Cooper is there and he’s talking to him and he’s like you’ve got a decision to make. Um.
32:17.74StephenUm, yeah.
32:27.86RhysAnd that’s the coat that alice cooper did not provide that was the 1 that they gave to him.
32:28.26StephenAh, right right? and it was like oh my God Alice Cooper is the Crossroads demon selling your soul to him I was like he probably loves that.
32:35.30RhysYes, oh I’m sure I’m sure he did um when Joey wakes up from this little hallucination hugo standing over him. Um, and. The big talk is that we did real well they asked us to play an encore and they’re like excited by that.
32:57.62StephenSo there you go you lost your lead singer and guitarist. But they kept going and people love them even more because you have a female vampire.
33:08.18RhysYes, and and you start to get little glimpses that Joey might be a little jealous or threatened by Jennifer here. Um, but before you can even really get into it. Um, eddie shows up with a flashlight. And he’s like looking for Jennifer. He’s trying to be subtle about it. You know hey great show tonight guys which is really funny because Malcolm mcdowell was an old dude you know and he’s there in a trench coat with an ipadch and flashlight. Um.
33:33.73StephenUm, yeah, but I seriously I think he’s looked the same for like the last 30 years
33:43.00RhysYeah, yeah, yeah, pretty much. Um, he’s looking for Jennifer. They’re like she’s out getting something to eat and they send hugo to go find her which becomes a funny joke because hugo does end up. Like taking care of jennifer a lot in this movie. Yes, absolutely um, we get a flashback of eddie’s backstory and basically as a young man he fell in love with this young jazz singer and she got.
33:58.89StephenNow this roadie goes above and Beyond he is like everybody should have a rodi this dedicated.
34:17.92RhysChurned into a vampire by um, the vampire that has bit jennifer the Queen vampire whose name is queenie in the movie. Um, now. The funny thing is that footage is actually malcolm mcdowell. From nineteen seventy 3 ah yeah, he after clockwork orange he wrote a movie wrote a script gave it to a director friend of his and they made it It’s called oh lucky man it is a very ah.
34:36.67StephenOh that’s awesome.
34:52.29RhysDepressing Dystopian kind of movie. Um, but since he wrote it. He still had the rights to it and he let them use it as the flashback scenes for when he was younger so they wouldn’t have to do any cgi or anything like that. They just used his old movie. Yeah, and in his movie.
35:06.89StephenThat’s superb I Love that that.
35:11.59RhysHis girlfriend’s actually Helen mian a very young Helen mirrorin but in this movie it’s ah jennifer no not Jennifer it’s um, the jazz singer whose name escapes me at the moment but um.
35:22.52StephenThat I don’t remember.
35:28.10StephenThat is for people.
35:28.34RhysI Just thought that was super cool because I I like I got into the whole oh lucky man I’m like reading the plot synopsis I’m like Wow this is dark stuff. Oh it’s Malcolm Mcdowell that makes sense. Um, the band is now on their way to buffalo. Um, and Jennifer looks like.
35:48.18RhysCrap and um Joey’s just assuming that she’s strung out. They have to stop so she can throw up and they have to go through customs and he’s all worried because she looks a message they pull up and alex license in the booth and he’s like pull it over.
36:03.80StephenNow from everything I’ve ever seen with life as in and the rest of rush and all the little video stuff they do he. He’s a stoner for 1 thing and he is just a goofball and so this was so perfect I mean he probably would have done well on on benny hill.
36:05.27RhysSo they got to pull over.
36:23.44StephenHe just seems to be that type of personality and everything about this was just so good with him. He probably loved doing this. We probably don’t even understand how much he loved doing this So I Love this part.
36:32.23RhysOh yeah. And it’s so funny because um, if you watch the trailer park boys He he is the member of rush who is actually in the show like they go to see Rush. They steal 1 of his guitars.
36:55.13RhysAnd like he’s in he’s in trailer Park boys and he’s like does ah another special 1 later when they’re in Nashville. So ah, yeah, he enjoys playing with this dabbling with the film creators in Canada he gets ah he tells him to pull over and you get your second album cover.
37:01.50StephenOh It’s cool. Yeah, that’s I Love it.
37:15.80RhysBecause there’s a shot of the american flag on the wall and mike the drummer standing in front of it with a hat hanging out. It’s it’s the born in the Usa album cover like bam right there so they walk up to talk to the person and.
37:22.00StephenBut use. Yeah.
37:32.40RhysAlex lifeson comes over and calls the lady out and says I’ll handle this 1 and he’s putting on Rubber gloves as they’re approaching. Um, and he’s yes, he’s being very aggressive.
37:35.88StephenUm, he’s got a very like like almost German accent going on little mustache. Yeah.
37:48.62RhysUm, his questioning is like he’s like into Jennifer’s business he’s like do you have anything on you and all this stuff. But as soon as he hears they’re in a band. He’s like oh I used to be in a band rock on you guys are good to go and they get to leave.
38:00.70StephenAh, after Jennifer throws up in her purse right.
38:07.25RhysYes, yeah, yeah, because again, she’s not doing well. Um, after they leave eddie shows up at the gate and lifeson questions him and he’s like citizenship and eddie’s like american and he’s like what were you doing and he’s like I was hunting. He’s like do you have any any weapons he’s like I’ve got all kinds of weapons in here and alex life like welcome home sir and waves him through which is just like this was like Rob stefanics. This is what we think of a united states right? there.
38:46.54RhysYou celebrate violence and you’re cool with it. So um, they stop at a convenience store. Um, which makes sense because she’s been throwing up all over the place Hugo has to pee So Jennifer and Hugo go in.
39:03.89RhysAnd the cash register guy is in there and thinks he has a shot with Jennifer even though he’s like this bespectable bespectacled kind of Nerd. Um hugo goes to the bathroom and he comes the the guy behind the counter comes over with a cup and the straw and he’s being all. Ah, double entendre and everything he says and and Jennifer’s like yeah yeah and she like grabs the straw and plunges it into the guy’s neck and starts drinking it like a juice box.
39:32.34StephenWhich is like almost the the joke thing for vampires to do I mean it was I again I was laughing throughout this whole thing just because of these are the perfect moments that I love in these type of movies.
39:46.40RhysYeah, um, hugo comes out and is like freaks out and passes out and falls on the floor they’re they’re cutting in in between these scenes with scenes of the other 3 band members in the hearse. They’re like complaining about how long they’re taking and what’s taking so long and just relax and um hugo wakes up and he’s like you drank a guy and I don’t. Even know if she enchants him or not but she’s like you’re gonna help me clean this up. You’re gonna help me dismember the body and hide it. Um and eventually he’s like I’ll need my hacks on and she’s like I brought it and hands in the hacksaw. And they don’t show us him dismembering the guy but she comes out and gets in the car and Joey’s like she’s handing out what everybody ordered and Joey’s like where’s hugo and she’s like oh he had a nosebleed and when he gets in the car. He’s covered in blood.
40:51.42StephenAh, it’s very traumatized.
40:53.60RhysYeah they’re like that was someone heck of nosebleed he’s like we have to go we have to go and he’s shaking in the back seat so they leave um just after they leave eddie pulls up to the convenience store as well. So you know like he’s right on their trail. Um, they were talking about they performing at this place in Buffalo and the secretaries of state are playing and they hate the secret opening for the secretaries of state because their fans are just there to see this band called the secretaries of state and they bring raw meat. To throw at the band while they perform which sounds kind of disgusting. Um, so at that oh sure. Yeah, or you know, weird local bands like big hunka cheese and stuff and like their fans showing up.
41:37.30StephenAh, but a little you know, reminiscent of Rocky horror picture show. You know so.
41:50.54RhysSo at the bar that night the secretaries of state are are performing Moby’s fronting the band. The music’s not bad, but their performance is just over the top. Um.
42:01.71StephenThere now.
42:06.27RhysAnd the winners are sitting on the couch and here’s your last album cover they’re wearing a Union Jack as they’re sitting there. It’s the kids are all right cover. Ah, by the who.
42:13.16StephenActually I think we missed another album cover I think the first time Jennifer’s playing it’s t rex there they they when she glows. She’s by the speaker and the same pose as um Matt.
42:27.14RhysSo you’re right I did not catch that but that doesn’t happen till later. Yeah, but that’s a great catch. Um, they’re huddled under the Union Jack complaining about being pegged with meat.
42:31.72StephenOh it doesn’t have to later. Okay, ah my my notes I think are a little out of order here, but okay.
42:46.87RhysAnd and they’re just like why is it. Meat. Um, so they go back to the hotel and the boys are getting high with Moby and he’s acting like some prima Donna dick and um, they’re out of rolling papers and they’re like oh jennifer’s got some and Moby’s like he’ll get him and hugo tries to stop him and. And Moby’s like you know I’m a big star chicks dig that get out of my way you useless little roadie and he goes like have a nice time.
43:14.79StephenYeah, which again cracks me up because it is so not Moby I mean what is he doing in this movie with goth and heavy metal and you know.
43:21.48RhysOh yeah, yeah, it’s hilarious. He’s such a jerk in this movie he goes in um and he thinks he’s there to have a good time and like whips his penis out and Jennifer’s like playing the whole thing up and then like drops down to her knees and then they cut to tyler eating a hotdog as you hear screams from another room and they’re like oh what was that and hu goes like it was just a tv and he starts pounding on the wall next door and he’s like.
43:58.80RhysThat down. Um Joey says they’re going to stop at victor’s ah victor owns recording studio victor’s played by iggy pop and they start to bicker and argue in mike that I mean sam sam’s played by mike lobel. So I keep calling him mike but Sam the drummer realizes that they all are in love with Jennifer and he says maybe it’s just because she’s the only girl here but um, so they realize this and this is where we we see more of that tension between. Joey and jennifer because tyler’s like Jennifer’s got a song and Joey’s like well we were if we have time you know we’ll listen to it. You know he’s kind of blowing the whole thing off hugo comes in with the rolling papers. He’s covered in blood and yeah tries to pass the whole thing off.
44:42.90StephenUm, yeah. Again.
44:54.44RhysUm, but ah, the guys are a little concerned about it. Um, so Hugo leaves if you see him in the bathroom and he’s sawing up a moby into bits so they can dispose the body and a fly flies in and Hugo has just gone. Full igore here like because he catches the fly calls it. His only friend and then eats it and I’m just like that’s a big leap.
45:18.00StephenYeah, but you know reference to dracula there.
45:24.84RhysYes, absolutely um, the rest of the band comes in and sees jennifer eating Moby’s arm I mean with the tattoo on it and everything. Um, and so there’s a confrontation they’re like oh my god what’s going on. While the confrontation’s going on. You see the ed arrives at the motel. Um jennifer runs through the list of powers that the vampires in this movie have um, they’re super fast. Super strong. They can telepathically communicate with other vampires and they can turn into fog.
46:03.53RhysThat seems to be the whole list although like he also ensnares people with the stare thing. Yeah um, Ed breaks into the hotel room.
46:09.00StephenSome glamour going on.
46:19.98RhysAh, his crossbow and his flashlights but they’re not there. They’ve gone to a diner and Joey’s setting some ground rules because if you’re going to be a bandwidth of vampire you got to have ground rules and number 1
46:33.70StephenAnd I love that because they’re not disturbed by it. It’s more like how is this going to affect us you know and they may just roll with it and like okay well here’s what we gotta do because we’re so popular now.
46:44.66RhysAgain, the analogy for drug use is just huge. Okay because rule number 1 is no more vampire turning I e don’t go sharing your drug with other guys in the band to no more killing. Don’t go killing stuff. She’s going to have to.
47:02.10RhysFeed on a cow as they’re driving along and 3 that they have to have total honesty and at this point jennifer’s like like you haven’t told everyone that Jeff our manager quit and that’s when that comes out and Joey’s like you know it’s fine. We’re gonna make it on our own. But.
47:21.95RhysEveryone’s a little taken aback by that. Um,, there’s another music video that plays after this um and it is a video of a song called I Almost killed you last night. Um, and it’s it’s the um. It’s a traveling piece right? It’s playing as they’re getting to Buffalo. Um.
47:42.92StephenAnd these are getting like more disturbing and violent and dark and stuff as they’re traveling these animation.
47:49.18RhysYeah, yeah, yeah, the video has Joey lying in bed and Jennifer’s like floating over him they actually shot that vertically so they were both standing up and she was just like.
48:04.86StephenAh, which is a callback to the Aerosmith angel video same thing happened in that.
48:05.43RhysWalking back and forth in and out of the frame to make it look like she was floating.
48:14.71RhysNice, good good eye. Um, then there’s this scene where Jennifer and joey are trying to work through their differences as they’re driving in the car and they end up apologizing to each other. And he agrees to record her song when they get to victor’s studio. So it’s like this big moment where they’ve kind of moved on. They’ve moved past the fact that they broke up. He’s kind of jealous of his spot in the band and now she’s a vampire but they seem to have worked through that. There’s a lot of shots of actual communication that happens with this band that takes place in the hearse which I think is kind of symbolic of you know if you’re on the road and you’re traveling a lot of business gets done while you’re on the road traveling.
49:03.82StephenRight? right? Yeah in the road that that travel small band. Let’s go make or break you too because you’re stuck with these people for hours.
49:12.35RhysAbsolutely um, they arrived the next day at victor’s place and they’re greeted by victor who has a shotgun pointed at them and he just really seems bipolar and kind of paranoid but he lets him in um. So like Sam comes in and he points the gun at Sam and he’s like who’s this and Joey’s like he’s Sam. He’s our new Drummer. He’s like are you a narrk. Are you a cop and he’s like no and then he’s like I’m kidding come on in so they get in and they’re setting up and.
49:49.50StephenAh I heard it referenced is.
49:49.15RhysDid you see it on his desk. There’s a commodore 64 hard drive sitting on his desk next to the soundboard. Ah.
49:57.58StephenYeah I heard it I didn’t see it I must have blinked or something but he’s at com to 64 yeah okay
50:01.86RhysYeah, it’s only there for a second but ah Sam saying how old everything is. It’s like is that a commodore sixty four. Ah and so when they pan over. There is a hard 1 of the 5 and a quarter is floppy drive sitting there.
50:09.34StephenYeah, nice. Yeah again, everything they do in this movie just makes me laugh every little bit and as goes also say some of the animations I think were references to like other movies little callbacks to some things.
50:28.84StephenThey just looked familiar I know the crow at the beginning is what stuck out to me but I’ve made a note that says other movie references but I didn’t write down what movies they reminded me of.
50:36.40RhysI Think you’re right, There’s a lot of hidden stuff in this that if you were big into like music pop culture goth scene kind of stuff you could probably really have a field right? field day with this film.
50:43.74StephenYeah. Yeah,, there’s probably it’s you know, like trying to find waldo model people could probably find different things I’m sure.
50:52.98RhysYeah, yeah, um, they start to record and this was I thought a great way for to illustrate to the world. How like studio recording actually works because they record different parts. You know, just like you would in an actual studio The only thing that I saw that was kind of a downside was that the bass in the drum track were recorded later because usually it’s 1 of the first things you record to make sure everybody stays on beat. But other than that like the recording process I thought was just really well done and.
51:18.51StephenYeah, the first. Ah.
51:26.92StephenYeah, yeah, as long as you’re not doing it in a church true very true you got to use aggy pop studio.
51:31.18RhysWell, if you’re a vampire you can’t right? So um, that’s right, there’s a scene where victor’s sitting with Joey and victor victor’s like she’s a vampire I can tell. Um, because like apparently this is a thing in the canadian music realm where vampires become musicians. Um.
51:54.56StephenAnd I love it. Joe’s like what no I don’t know what you’re talking about.
52:00.37RhysYeah, ah he tells Joey he’s a fool for trust singer um, and Joey’s like but the the crowd really responds and he’s like because they’re not there for your music. They’re there for the freak show. They’re there to see a vampire on stage for god’s sakes.
52:17.50RhysAnd he informs him. That’s the last recording they’ll make in his studio.
52:18.71StephenSo that too references the music stuff you know, do they stay true to their initial sound or did they sell out and that’s a big thing with music too and obviously they’re selling out for the money.
52:26.63RhysYeah, yeah, and you have this old grizzled 1 ne-time musician who now has a studio who’s like trying to teach you lessons he learned from the road and they’re like no I’m not listening to you.
52:41.72StephenAh, right? Well I mean it is iggy pop did he really learn at which also I mentioned the crow iggy pop was in the second chrome movie. Yeah.
52:45.17RhysFree to make my own mistakes. Yeah, he’s still alive. Was he I never saw the second 1.
52:59.70StephenAh, that’s actually not too bad.
53:01.48RhysThe whole time they’re having this conversation by the way tyler is sitting on a couch next to jennifer trying to get her to break the first rule he wants her to give him a little bit of that vampire juice so people will enjoy it. Um, so they play a gig in pittsburgh.
53:20.39RhysAnd joey notices that hey tyler’s a vampire now. Um, so it’s obvious he finally did convince her. Um, they’re at a new show. On their way to the show. Jennifer’s walking through and this stone fan just comes up to david bowie’s playing in the background here comes the night which is awesome. Um, and this fan is like he loves her and insists that she take these magic pills from him.
53:53.56RhysUm, and so she does just to get him off her back and leaves and then he turns to a lamp and his leg. So beautiful. So you know obviously the guy really didn’t know what the hell he was talking about um now Joey notices that Sam looks different.
54:10.44RhysSo it looks like the entire band are now vampires except for Joey um, oh yeah, he’s right, he hears that ah Jeff is at the gig their manager is here at the gig and he’s with susan joey’s ex and they’re an item. So.
54:14.50StephenAny fights. He’s just not having any of it but he still wants to be popular.
54:29.85RhysUm, Joey goes out to talk to him at the bar and jeff wants to be back with the winners because they’re having success now and Joey says he can’t come back unless he dumps Susan um, which Jeff’s just like it’s over.
54:42.80StephenRight? So long goodbye.
54:45.72RhysYes, and Susan walks off in a huff and shows off her superpower by drilling Jeff in the head with a beer bottle.
54:51.93StephenAnd I love also that what he’s dropping them for is like some some Japanese pop music. Yeah that and and every time the phone rings he answers and can eat you. Ah yeah.
55:01.12RhysKorean pop music. Yes yeah konichi wa yeah um, he tells him he got him a gig on rockin rogers radio show for the next day and you know they’re excited by that. So Joey comes back into the room to tell the band and he’s got this headache and he asks if there’s any tylenol and he goes like no and then he sees the pills that Jennifer had and he takes them and they’re definitely not tylenol. Yes, so he is tripping.
55:26.76StephenRight? No, we know why that guy was loving the lampshade.
55:37.23RhysThrough the show and as he’s tripping. He’s looks and the drugs allow him to see the vampires for what they are and that’s where you had to glow around Jennifer while she was playing the T Rex cover. Um, great catch.
55:45.95StephenWith the right? Yeah there we go.
55:55.31StephenTo good album.
55:55.73RhysUm, he’s coming. Yeah, he’s coming back down. Um, after the gig and he confronts the whole band. It’s like I can’t believe you’re all on vampirism now. Um, and there’s a knock on the door. And apparently another secret power that these vampires have is that they know when there’s trouble coming because Jennifer’s like there’s trouble on the other side of that door and all 3 of them turn into fog eddie opens the door sees that the vampires have all turned into fog and threatens them and then leaves well he doesn’t see. He just sees. They’re not there. He’s not the best. It makes me wonder how he caught that first guy.
56:32.40StephenHe’s a pretty bad vampire hunter. Yeah yeah vincent he must have got a map or something from vincent price.
56:40.70RhysYes, um, they go to the radio interview the next day and they’re horrible at it. Um, rock and Roger is also a complete douche I mean the whole through the whole interview and but you know like a.
56:59.46RhysAh, good interviewer sitting there talking and if your person you’re interviewing isn’t you know helping then you like pool information. He’s just like you’re really not that bright. Are you.
57:04.60StephenOh yeah, yeah, the drummer he says well yeah, you do need people to make decision for you. You’re a drummer so just wanted to point that 1 out. Ah.
57:15.27RhysAh, yeah, um, he’s sitting there and um, he says that the music sucks and Tyler The guitarist is like say it again and he’s like it sucks so they they turn into vampires and they eat him. They’re just like.
57:30.76StephenLive and hear him screaming.
57:33.71RhysWe are vampires that eat him live on the air. Yes, ah oddly enough, no real fallout from that they end up in New York City. Yes.
57:44.31StephenBut because they’re popular. Ah.
57:49.41RhysJeff loves the fact that they killed roger. He doesn’t care that they’re vampires and he’s like if anybody asks where Rockin Roger is just say you can’t comment on the time we’ll just keep this thing going. Um and the band is blowing up.
58:04.32RhysLike they’re very popular. He has hugo check the ah check the hits on their website and it’s like over a million and it used to be 12
58:09.20StephenAh I real quick I also would like to comment I Loved Henry rollins with hair that was pretty good.
58:16.81RhysYeah, yeah, and that’s um, have you seen he never died he is in that and he has hair in that So that’s his actual hair. Yeah, um, just quaffered.
58:21.53StephenEnough. Okay, wow, yeah, that maybe he looks tougher Shave. So.
58:32.91RhysMaybe that’s why he keeps it shaved I don’t know. Um yes, he ams the band up and they are like ready to go Joey’s ready to quit and suddenly he finds himself back at the crossroads and alice cooper’s like hey man. Everyone’s doing it just relax, join the band and apparently he’s a good salesman because Joey comes back and tells jennifer wants to get vamped. Um, yeah and she doesn’t want him to.
59:02.33StephenRight? He’s decided. He’s very forceful about it.
59:10.76RhysBut she ends up apologizing to him and turns him into a vampire by biting her lip and kissing him which I wonder if she had to do that for the other guys hugo on the other hand at some point is like come on I’m the 1 who’s been helping you this whole time. Why are you turning me? um.
59:16.14StephenYeah, ah.
59:29.41RhysThe gig is incredibly vampire like vampiric. They’re all up there at 1 point in time the lead guitarist while he’s playing his guitar solo is floating above the stage another vampire ability. She failed to mention um eddie comes in. He’s like we’re in this.
59:40.35StephenYeah, yeah.
59:45.96RhysLight harness and he’s got his crossbow and he’s all ready to like start taking them out. He sees the whole Band’s gone vampire and hugo like points to the balance points at him and yells to the bouncers. This guy’s selling drugs and the bouncers. Yep.
59:56.63StephenYeah again Jugo takes care of it. Not the manager.
01:00:03.79RhysAh, the bouncers take him out. So um, afterwards, there’s a groupie backstage. She’s lying on the pool table and 3 of them are like feeding off of her like 1 on each leg and 1 on an arm and ah. Like Jeff comes in and he’s like oh you’re still hanging in here talking to her. Um Joey is upset by this and ah so he goes out into the alley and victor’s out there and victor confronts him on being a vampire. Yes.
01:00:23.16StephenYeah, so.
01:00:33.71StephenYeah, he just pops up and appears you know it’s just boop.
01:00:40.90RhysYes, um, ah Joey like is trying to explain himself and accidentally slits victor’s throat. Yeah victor falls in his bleeding out and um.
01:00:49.70StephenAs will happen.
01:00:57.18RhysJoey drops down and feeds on victor um and comes in and says I killed victor and they’re just like you can dedicate the next album to him. Um, and then right about there is where it really hit me that like this this movie is a whole lot of them saying it isn’t their fault.
01:01:15.45StephenAh, right.
01:01:16.10RhysNone of this is their fault people are dying but it’s not their fault. Um, so now they’re traveling around in a little model of a private plane instead of a little model of a hearse. Um, they’re showing newspaper. Clippings about how popular they are 1 of them. It mentions that they ate the Jonas brothers. Um, so Joey’s talking to jennifer on the plane and he says would you be human again if you could and she’s like but you can’t and then he brings eddie in and.
01:01:34.80StephenYeah, that was good.
01:01:51.25RhysShe’s worried and he’s like no I’m not here for you I’m just here to kill queenie because if I kill queenie you all become human again and so she barters with Joey ah he has to give up a lot of concessions before she’ll agree to go to Queenie’s house to help Ed kill queenie and there’s really nice. Covers. Yes, they’re going to distract him they’re going to distract queenie and then ed will be able to kill him. They just have to distract him long enough for Sunrise. There’s a nice cover of sympathy for the devil there.
01:02:13.27StephenAnd and they have a masterful plan to do it.
01:02:24.90StephenUm, yeah, right? Nice cover. What? yes yeah.
01:02:30.61RhysSympathy for the devil um, as they show up at the house which I thought was really cool. They show up and it’s literally like you know your band shows up at 1 of your fans places I mean it’s not like Queenie’s gushing over him but you know they’re like ah we brought you some hobo blood and. He can tell that the guy was italian and ah, you know what are you doing here and they’re like well the sun was about to come up. He’s like oh you need a place to crash. Well you know Mikase su casa and so everything seems to be going really? well. But hu goes standing there awkwardly and says he has to go to the bathroom. Um and Queenie seems to pick up the something’s off and right out then hugo pees his pants. Um, and so. Queenie grabs ah joey and he’s like what’s going on and jennifer goes to stake him and queenie informs her that he’s missed her heart. He then heads over and kills Sam so Drummer gonzo.
01:03:41.79StephenThey’re easy to replace.
01:03:43.27RhysAnd the lead guitarist Tyler’s like I’m on your side now and sits back down. Yeah, that seems that seem that tracks that seems about right? who better you than me I’m out. Um.
01:03:45.60StephenYeah, means it’s bound.
01:04:02.42RhysThen eddie shows up and ah, he’s like I’m going to kill you because you took away The only thing that was important to me and Queenie kills the lights and ed keeps shooting his crossbow he hits hugo twice and he hits tyler once. Um, before it turns out that his old lover shows up and she’s a vampire and she’s been a k -pop star this whole time I bet you jeff Jeff een representing her yes yeah, yeah, yeah they never show the.
01:04:24.86StephenUm, yeah.
01:04:31.87StephenThat’s a good. Yeah, that’s good and I love that that that you just hear in the dark the Owl Ah, it’s so cheesy.
01:04:40.87RhysYeah, they don’t show the crossbows but tyler’s like why do you keep shooting when you can’t see um eddie turns to look at his girlfriend of old and queenie strikes but Joey as could only happen in a rock vampire musical opera. Conglomeration thing stakes queenie through the heart with a gibson flying v um I don’t think that’s possible but maybe with vampire strength. That’s a good point.
01:05:09.59StephenAh, with vampire strength. It might be.
01:05:16.10RhysUm, then they all end up writhing on the floor in pain because you know withdrawal and if you’re a vampire and you’re no longer vampire. You got all the pain you have to go through um a jump 6 Oh and ed’s girlfriend.
01:05:33.72RhysGoes from this young vivacious jazz singer. She like ages instantly and they don’t actually say she dies but I assume that like she ages to death. But maybe she doesn’t maybe it’s a happy ending for poor eddie van helsing six months later joey and jennifer are a couple
01:05:43.84StephenYeah, and for yeah.
01:05:53.75RhysThey’re wearing matching argyle sweaters talking about how mundane their lives have become you know your mom’s getting really good at charades. Ah they get a flat tire and pull over to fix it and as soon as they get out of the car to fix it. They’re at the crossroads again.
01:05:53.77StephenYeah, yeah, that jumped out of me that made me laugh hysterically.
01:06:10.79StephenYeah, yeah, right just Joey.
01:06:13.12RhysBut jennifer doesn’t seem to notice. Yeah, just joey and so he walks over and he opens the trunk the trunk and there’s no spare in there and then all of a sudden out of nowhere Hears alice cooper and he’s here to help them and jennifer can see him. So it’s not like a complete hallucination. Um, and she’s like can you do you have a car and he’s like no I have other modes of transportation and this is where the cut in the back of the jacket becomes important because he spreads these black wings. Um.
01:06:49.82RhysAnd she’s like is this a nightmare and he says welcome to my nightmare charades matching sweaters Pottery class. Um and he basically convinces them to start the whole thing all over again and that’s.
01:06:52.00StephenHe has.
01:07:02.80StephenRight? And don’t don’t they say something like ah well we need a drummer he says I have a guy or something like that.
01:07:05.62RhysThat’s where it ends credit starts to roll there. There is this. Yeah, yeah, um, the credit starts to roll. There is this awesome outtake with Malcolm mcdowell um like singing his line like stop right? there be. He’s like everybody gets to sing in this movie but me and he’s like still singing and like laughing about it and you hear them say. Action and like in a half a second he like delivers his line exactly like he’s supposed to such a pro but it was just really funny that they stuck that in there and that’s when they go through and they give everybody different shots of you know hey this is a pope you know that you know this was this person and this was this person.
01:07:50.27RhysIf you are into the ah movies that will do not take themselves Seriously this is definitely a big change from everything else that we’ve had on our list so far.
01:07:58.34StephenYeah, yeah, so if you’ve got past the first episode with martyrs and that’s just not your cup of tea give this 1 a try. They’re exact opposites. We probably should have switched them around and hit people with well we could still do it I guess but this is the movie.
01:08:16.22StephenThat you talk about making with your friends when you’re in high school is like what if we did this and oh this would be great just seemed like that.
01:08:21.20RhysAnd and you know with the friends theme you had this band. They were friends and you know bad things happened I think this is the kind of movie that you would want to sit down with friends to watch just because like you picked up on the T Rex thing.
01:08:29.58StephenFood yeah.
01:08:39.35RhysImagine watching this with like 4 other 5 other people how many different little easter aches. You could pull out of it while it’s going along. It would be pretty cool.
01:08:43.81StephenYeah, yeah, so there you know, but we were just talking. We should be able to release everything here before Halloween so if people are listening to this before halloween you’re looking for a movie to watch with everybody that could be enjoyable. This is it. It’s not overly scary. It’s a little comedic at time most of the time. Ah, it. It’s the horror thing for Halloween you know so it’d be a good everybody sit down popcorn and a something to drink and watch this movie definite.
01:09:09.18RhysYeah, yeah, it’s ah it’s it’s it’s entertaining and it’s cheesy, but knowingly so it embraces the cheese.
01:09:18.95StephenYeah, exactly? Yeah yep yep yeah if you’re not into paranormal activity and saw and Friday the thirteenth and freddy and all those give this 1 a try. Definitely it was I can’t say it’s my absolute favorite this season because I liked.
01:09:37.39RhysOh sure.
01:09:37.81StephenOther ones for different reasons but this fits my general personality and viewing choices. You know if I’m like okay I’ve got these movies to choose from Well suck is a vampire comedy with rock music. Yeah, that’s going to call to me every single time.
01:09:54.66RhysTick Tick Tick Yeah um, have you seen stage fright.
01:09:55.35StephenYeah, exactly.
01:10:01.39StephenNow I don’t think so.
01:10:05.11RhysWe’ll have to put that on the list too that is a slasher musical comedy and that 1 ne’s american um and don’t know how many famous people they have it but Meatloaf plays a key role in it. So yeah.
01:10:15.89StephenOh well, heck your meat loaf in well I got 1 for you if you’ve seen have you seen phantom of the paradise.
01:10:24.63RhysI Don’t think so.
01:10:26.10StephenAh, it’s 1 you would enjoy recommended to me by Dean Haglund Langley from X-files I saw him out of convention and he recommended that movie. Um, and the cool thing is I might hopefully get to see him at another convention this weekend. So I’m gonna tell them hey I watched it I liked it so it might ah it’s It’s campy if nothing else.
01:10:46.25RhysIs it humorous.
01:10:53.77RhysI just called up the list I’m gonna you said phantom phantom should be enough. Ah the Phantom carriage but no that that’s a.
01:10:57.10StephenOf the paradise.
01:11:06.70StephenWill have maybe ah what wolf.
01:11:13.70RhysThat’s a um Ingmar Bergman film.
01:11:14.26StephenWell and maybe ah, we can watch it and maybe I can convince Dean Hagland to come on and talk to us with us about it that would be sweet. Yeah because I know you know that’s probably all he has you know he’s not that. Yeah exactly now I’m sure.
01:11:19.77RhysYeah, that’d be cool if he wants to talk about it. Nothing better to do? Yeah yeah, Good excellent. Um, next on the list.
01:11:32.75StephenSo yep, good movie, Good choice. Loved it.
01:11:41.90RhysIs ah we were just talking about this a movie that seems to have some kind of dark comedy overtones and then it turns out it really doesn’t the loved ones is next out of australia.
01:11:51.30StephenYeah, and it’ll be interesting because you’ve seen it more than once I’m go see it for the first time. So hopefully we’ll have some interesting thoughts on it all right man. Good episode, good good movie.
01:11:58.18RhysThere you go all right? awesome.