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The Loved Ones looks like a teen slasher comedy, you know, like some of the popular stuff in the 70’s to 90’s. This movie is anything BUT that. We break up our comedy section of the season with another psychological disturbing and dark horror movie.

This is another movie worth a 2nd watch. For a low budget film, there is a whole lot here. This is another award winning film and the actors deserve a ton of accolades. If you thought Natural Born Killers was crazy, this one will have you wondering about your own sanity.

Another movie that may be difficult to find in America. Filming was in Australia and it had limited U.S. release. If you liked Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you owe it to yourself to watch this movie.


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05:10.34 Stephen Truth all right? we ready.
00:29.99 Rhys Yeah I was thinking about it. Um I don’t know that that at any point in time we actually say who we are I mean not like an introduction but like hey great that kind of.
05:22.17 Stephen Oh yeah, we it with yeah, you’re right? The first episode we did an intro kind of who who we are why we want to do this but ah it hasn’t changed so so who are you.
00:52.58 Rhys That’s true I’m race.
05:40.60 Stephen I and no ah singing of the who there and I’m stephen and we’re here for our our ninth episode now. Ah of horror lasagna. We’re doing the loved ones this time. Ah so you know we.
00:58.15 Rhys Now.
01:03.63 Rhys Indeed.
05:58.99 Stephen We we went really dark and got lighter and lighter and funny and let’s you know we don’t want people to forget that horror does not mean comedy all the time so we went with the loved ones before a last comedy 1 so give us a scoop on this movie there. Ris.
01:12.10 Rhys Yep, the loved ones.
01:28.32 Rhys That’s right, ah, this movie is an australian film from 2009 ah australian now I hate saying this because I haven’t seen all australian slasher films but it’s been my experience that australian slasher films. Um. Like the bad guy in them is never some masked. Never some supernatural. Never some superpowered individual It’s just some crazy person with a lot of determination. Yes and a lot of times they’re based on true stories.
06:42.87 Stephen Somebody with a flip switch in their brain.
02:06.20 Rhys Um, like really based on true stories not like La casamuda where we’re saying oh this is based on a true story and yeah, it’s an Urban legend like Wolf Creek is based on an actual guy who used to hunt down people who are hiking in the outback. That’s just what he did. So um, that’s right.
07:05.62 Stephen Everybody needs a hobby.
02:25.66 Rhys The loved ones is not based on an actual incident but it’s based very much on the works of jeffrey dahmer and John wayne casey. So um, we’ve got that going for Uss just for a little additional authenticity.
07:25.90 Stephen There you go and you said something particularly about that what the director made the cast do beforehand.
02:47.80 Rhys Yes, um, he when they were when the cast like was all accepted and they’re all set. He made them watch misery natural born killers the collected works of Quentin tarantino and he made them um research. Ah, jeffrey dahmer and um, John wayne gacy so they could really really get into either what they were going to be doing to people or what was going to be happening to them. So ah, he was.
08:03.73 Stephen Yeah, and and Nos movies I’ve seen those movies I think I watched natural born killers with you back in the day maybe but misery is disturbing The book is really disturbing. You know you got the the famous foot breaking scene. Um, and then Naturalborn killers they’ Psycho and it’s got some.
03:33.57 Rhys Naep.
08:23.13 Stephen Very disturbing stuff. It was an I think ah it kind of broke the mold for its time for psychological thriller horror type stuff for popularity. There hadn’t been a lot before that that kind of made people sit up and notice this.
03:47.00 Rhys Yeah, pop.
08:41.61 Stephen Takes it totally in another level. No direction almost.
04:00.57 Rhys Yeah, it’s true and 1 of the things that I think this movie does so well is you’ll be watching it and there are elements of like dark horror comedy in it and you’ll see something and you’ll kind of chuckle about it and then later on in the movie if you’re paying attention. You’ll see.
08:55.25 Stephen Um, yeah.
04:19.19 Rhys Why someone did what they did and it’s not funny any more.
09:08.30 Stephen Yeah I told you that when I I said oh yeah, it looks like it’s 1 of those like Seventy s team slasher parody or something like that and I’m like yeah okay, it wasn’t.
04:33.95 Rhys No, not at all. It just has that feel at times. So um, it was written and directed by sean byrne who um, his his cv isn’t really long. He doesn’t like have a giant list of movies. He has another movie called the Devil’s candy which I’ve seen um and while that movie I thought started kind of slowly and got better as you watched it. The loved ones is not like that the loved ones jumps right into it with both feet. Um. It stars xavier samuel who plays brent in this movie and he was in twilight. Ah, 1 of the twilight movies eclipse and he was also 1 of these soldiers in fury which was um ah brad pitts.
10:14.72 Stephen Which was really good. Good movie but I mean considering you’re you’re talking about a vampire werewolf movie and a war movie where pretty much everyone dies. This is still 10 times worse this movie.
05:27.72 Rhys Um, world war 2 piece with the tank crew. Yeah, it was a good movie so he was in.
05:43.66 Rhys It’s is true. Um Robud Mc Robin Mcley Plays Lola Also sometimes she’s listed as princess depending on where you’re looking things up. Um the only other movie that I found that she was in that you might know was she was an Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter.
10:43.50 Stephen Um, oh no neither have I yet.
06:00.59 Rhys Which I have not seen but she was she was in that. Um she does an amazing job.
10:50.81 Stephen Yeah, maybe maybe too well because maybe nobody went to work with her after this.
06:12.35 Rhys It’s true. Um, her dad’s name. The guy who plays her dad in the movie is played by John brumpton and he’s got 1 hundred and 1 films to his name and most of them I don’t recognize but when you see the guy on Screen. Just looks, you’re like oh my god I know I’ve seen this guy in something but I could not come up with anything. Oh we froze again.
11:22.40 Stephen Um, big problems today.
11:36.81 Stephen That that that was you know what? I’m I’m Goingnna make sure it wasn’t me so we can edit edit this and um, you know splice it all together I can cut it there so I’m going to stop this so we don’t lose anything and as soon as we got everything.
00:04.91 Rhys Yep, okay.
00:15.44 Rhys Okay.
00:22.46 Rhys Okay.

00:00.00 mindarch But everything got reset. So okay so I can spplace that not a problem but you’re talking about the dad with yeah.
00:02.94 Rhys Cool. Yeah John brumpton plays the father he is 1 hundred and 1 films ah to his credit and when you look at him. He looks like a guy and you’re like I’ve seen him somewhere. But I’ve never seen any other movie. He’s been in. So um, he is yeah um, this movie was nominated for eleven words and it won 2.
00:24.87 mindarch He’s acting like someone you know.
00:32.61 Rhys Ah, 1 of them at the Toronto international film festival and 1 at a place called gerard may film festival. It’s in france and that that film festival actually specializes in like Bizarre horror movie kind of things. So.
00:45.39 mindarch Nice I’m glad they got an awards for that. That’s great.
00:49.70 Rhys Yeah, yeah, ah, the soundtrack also introduced me to casey chambers this is another 1 of those movies that I watch and I was like wow I like that lady’s voice and so I picked up the album, the specific song is like um. Is lola’s theme song am I not pretty enough but that was the song that I was like I love that song. So I don’t know what that says that yes in Psycho killers. We enjoy our music.
01:17.70 mindarch About you.
01:25.30 Rhys Um, it came to the United states and it toured film festivals like the toronto international and south by southwest um, but it only got our theatrical release in 6 us cities and even that was a limited run. So. It’s hard to say you know you can’t find how much money it grossed because. Who knows and it was shot in a mere four weeks which I thought was kind of fascinating.
01:50.60 mindarch Okay, it is limited in the settings they don’t use a lot of all over the place. There’s a couple main ones. So.
01:56.87 Rhys No, they don’t it’s pretty much just Backwoods australia um I mentioned wolf creek as another famous slasher movie. Um, John jarrett who plays the Killer in wolf creek was offered the role of daddy. And he turned it down because he didn’t want to end up being typecast from then on out wolf creek too.
02:16.76 mindarch And has he done anything since then oh okay, so don’t want to be typecast these landing many many great roles.
02:28.21 Rhys Yeah, yeah, um, there’s ah yeah, okay, the last 2 notes I have we’ll get to when we get to it in the story because I don’t want to give anything away again. Spoiler alert.
02:42.63 mindarch Because doubt. Yeah.
02:47.71 Rhys We’re covering the whole movie. Um, but I don’t want to spoil my own spoilers. So.
02:50.90 mindarch No, right? and you know what we’ll we’ll make sure we do on the ninth episode that we tell people their’re spoilers I think we have earlier though. But anyway, yeah yeah.
02:57.56 Rhys Right? Yes, we have a couple times um the movie begins ah with brent and his dad and they’re writing down the road listening to music and they’re having a great time. Um, Brent’s driving they’re just goofing around is. Dad lights up a cigarette. Um and he and brent are talking his dad looks out the window and says something and brent looks up and there’s this shirtless guy. He’s got blood on his face and a bloody heart on his chest and he’s just walking down the road. And brent swerves to miss him loses control. You know, new driver dirt road um loses control hits a tree and his dad ends up being killed and that’s how the movie starts.
03:42.72 mindarch Yeah, and that it but but I like I liked because they didn’t make it explicit with ambulance and blood. It was like you suspected it because you know how these movies work but it wasn’t till later it was confirmed I like that a lot but the beginning here gave me a zombie feel. You know I mean.
03:59.60 Rhys Yeah, it did because the way the guy was walking. Yeah um and that guy becomes super important later on. Ironically yeah, um, the movie then jumps to 6 months in the future and um.
04:02.18 mindarch You didn’t know what that guy was yeah.
04:08.18 mindarch Yeah, it’s It’s very very well done in this way.
04:19.55 Rhys We see. We’re in the high school brent there hanging out with his buddy Jamie and Jamie’s helping him get the hookup on some weed in a little bag. Um, and this girl comes walking down the hall like definite goth girl but like even. There was even like camera slowed down a little bit as she went by. You know she is the yes she is the hot girl walking down the hall her name’s mia.
04:39.10 mindarch Yeah, and the music and this is and this is where it really starts getting that teen slasher vibe at the beginning. It’s kind of I think in some ways they may have done that on purpose to to give you this.
04:49.30 Rhys Write.
04:58.12 mindarch Sense and then totally left turn. It make you whoa. So yeah, absolutely.
04:59.19 Rhys Yeah, rip the carpet out from under you. She’s getting in her locker and she walks off and Jamie really wants to ask her to their formal dance. Um, and he’s too scared and brent finally convinces. Him that he can go do it and so Jamie runs around the corner and then the next you know Jamie comes back and he’s like yes she said yes and he’s all excited and it does feel like ha ha way to go buddy kind of thing. Um and that sets up right? there.
05:29.12 mindarch Right? oh.
05:38.70 Rhys 2 of the stories that are told in this movie which I think is really kind of cool. Um, after that this really kind of mousey girl comes up to brent and um, she gets like really close to him awkwardly close to him.
05:38.84 mindarch Yeah.
05:55.64 Rhys And she asks him if he’ll go with her to the formal dance and he’s nice about it. He’s not a jerk but he’s like I’m going with Holly um and then he leaves and she’s just standing in the hall and you can tell from looking at her she is upset by this.
06:12.26 mindarch Yeah.
06:14.69 Rhys And not like upset like crying upset like mad upset. Yes, exactly right.
06:18.67 mindarch Like if this was fire startter things would be burning right now or if it was Carrie Psychetic blood would just flow everywhere.
06:31.43 Rhys Ah, brent walks out of the school and his girlfriend Holly is waiting for him. She seems really nice. They head out to her car and start to fool Around. He takes his shirt off and he’s wearing a chain necklace with a razor blade on it and then the camera pans to his arm and you can see he’s been Cutting. Um, and like she you know goes to her face and she’s a little disturbed by that but it doesn’t last long they proceed to have sex in the car. Yeah.
06:56.52 mindarch Right? Yeah and she loses her shirt. So I’m like well she’s gonna die. We’ll just hold that thought for a while.
07:04.37 Rhys Yeah, um, then the camera pans out to the window and Lola the girl who just asked him to the fan to the formal dance is standing outside watching them have sex in her car. Um.
07:19.53 mindarch And we’re no longer in Teen slasher territory.
07:24.18 Rhys Right? Um, it’s It’s yeah cause it’s it’s weird because just her standing there. Her presence alone is a little disturbing but like the look she’s giving the other thing that I find. A little difficult to grasp is that Holly drives the Volkswagen bug and they seem to have a little. They have a lot of range of motion in there for as small as the cockpit of that car should be.
07:53.45 mindarch Ah, they’re young, they’re agile.
07:57.13 Rhys Um, so ah, holly drives him home and um, okay I’m gonna have to pause for a second. Thanks.
08:10.65 mindarch I won’t move the way the edit will go smoothly.
08:14.64 Rhys You’re you’re welcome to move.
08:21.50 Rhys Ah I’m gonna have to send an email real quick.
08:26.54 mindarch Okay, yeah, yeah, well while we were down I had to answer a phone call. So that’s all good.
08:37.35 Rhys This is about school price and.
08:40.51 mindarch I Thought you were done with school.
09:35.85 Rhys 2 to do to do all right done.
09:40.94 mindarch So what I’m gonna do is like get a pose like this and then it’ll like jump from simply normal to this thing and it would be very disturbing. So anyway.
09:50.91 Rhys Okay, ah yeah, so we’re talking about low low watching them. Yes, Holly drops him off a short distance away from his house and asks if he’s told his mom that she’s gotten her license and he says he hasn’t.
09:57.44 mindarch Lola watching him in the car.
10:10.86 Rhys So she assumes she should pick him up at the same place and he’s like no, she’s got to get used to it some time and I can kind of see this where the mom would be nervous about other teen drivers as he was a teen driver and she just lost her husband. Um, she’s ah she says she’ll pick him up at 7
10:18.96 mindarch Right? Yep yep.
10:28.35 Rhys Ah, they Kiss goodbye and she tells him that she loves him and he gives her a second kiss and doesn’t say he loves her back which seems to disappoint her a little bit as he’s leaving he mentions that lola asked him to the dance and she says maybe he should go with her if she doesn’t mind and then.
10:46.22 mindarch Yeah, pretty good. Yeah yeah, and that’s our first real indicator that something happened the dad obviously died so and and you know he’s messed up.
10:46.35 Rhys Emotionally stunted boyfriend which I thought was you know that’s a good 1 nicely done. Yeah.
10:55.93 Rhys Yes. Right? Ah, he goes in and tells his mom that Holly has her license and she says I’ll call you a cab and he’s like ah you don’t trust cars. You don’t trust cars driven by inexperienced drivers. So you’re saying that dad being dead is my fault. And right there you know in case you it wasn’t clear enough yet. They’re hammering at home right here. Um.
11:26.33 mindarch Right? And it’s interesting too because you know psychologically they’ll talk about it and tell you yeah these people need to get some closure and need to move on with their lives and they obviously haven’t and so it is almost like in some ways it seems like the movie’s saying.
11:38.89 Rhys Writes.
11:44.77 mindarch This is why he gets targeted. You know it’s kind of like the the crazy person finds the 1 with the most psychological problems.
11:50.96 Rhys Yeah, and here we are um I don’t know probably eighteen minutes into the movie and we have the third leg the third story that’s going to be told over the course of this movie. Um, he gets mad and he leaves the house. Um. With his dog and ah goes walking off and he goes up to this place with a cliff and ah, he’s gonna climb up the cliff but he takes like the toughest route like you can stand back as he’s approaching the cliff I’m like you could just go around there. The left and just walk up it right? like the dog did but he purposely goes to the hardest part and starts climbing up. Um, while he’s doing this. They do this really cool thing which again is setting the pace for things to come it goes from this emotionally intense thing for him and they.
12:29.68 mindarch Ah, like the dog did.
12:48.80 Rhys Intercut this scene of Holly getting ready for the dance and she’s happy and having a good time and he’s all stormy so they do this thing where they cut back and forth with the contrast throughout the whole movie I shouldn’t say they burn the director does this thing is um.
12:59.50 mindarch Yeah.
13:07.80 Rhys So he’s climbing up this cliff and he gets to this 1 spot and like almost falls. Um, but he catches himself and he struggles with it and like pulls himself to the top of the cliff and it’s like he has this realization. He actually wants to live.
13:24.30 mindarch Yep, and it’s very symbolic also of overcoming that mountain.
13:27.16 Rhys Yes, overcoming adversity. Yeah um, he finishes the climb and he lays down on the ground and with his dog and he burns a little weed. That’s you know he’s got his little pipe and he’s hanging out there.
13:40.50 mindarch But yeah might be illegal. It might be legal in Australia you know so I don’t know.
13:46.74 Rhys In 2009 I doubt it was but it might be now I’d be surprised if it’s not um, it’s also enters. Ah, while he’s laying in there on the ground smoking. It’s interspersed with his mom standing alone looking out a window smoking a cigarette. Um. His mom decides to give him a call and as she’s calling him this mysterious figure shows up and gases him with like a reg soaked in chloroform or something so he doesn’t get to answer the phone. Um. He gets knocked out and drug away. Ah now we go to the story of Jamie and Mia at least for a little bit Jamie stops to pick up Mia and she’s like your traditional goth chick stereotypical goth chick. She’s in a hurry to go. But her mom comes out and yells to her dad that he’s here and Jamie’s trying to be like great to the parents and everything and mia just wants to bail and the mom comes out and dad wants a photo but dad’s wearing a uniform and we realize that dad’s a cop.
14:55.73 mindarch Yeah.
14:59.92 Rhys So we can see why Jamie wants to be polite and why Mia might have an issue with that.
15:02.60 mindarch And I swear this is like the most awkward date pickup ever to and Jamie’s really trying I mean he’s saying stuff. It is just everything’s going against him falling flat.
15:08.65 Rhys Yes.
15:17.57 Rhys Kudos to Jamie through this movie. He tries so hard.
15:18.62 mindarch Oh he does He really wants this to be a real good day and it really seems like me as just it was better than stand at home. So why? not you know.
15:26.87 Rhys Yeah, um, the picture gets taken and the kids take off. Ah then we see Brent’s mom she’s wandered out into the wilderness to look for him and she can’t find him when holly shows up to pick him up. Um, she and his mom. Like compare notes and realize neither 1 of them know where he’s at so um, again, you have this kind of happy thing going on I mean bizarre but happy and then this morose thing happening. We go back to the. Happy funny part jamie and me are driving along and she asked him if he has any ah weed on him and he makes some joke and and she’s like you’re expecting oral sex tonight or something and and he’s like ah super awkward about it.
16:13.60 mindarch Oh yeah. Ah, yeah I Love Jamie obviously because he’s a very less than confident nerd on a date. So like I can relate. You know it’s good to relate to characters in movies.
16:28.39 Rhys There you go? um then out of nowhere. There’s this odd scene that’s interjected where somebody stops to buy a bucket of chicken. You’re just like okay then we go. We go back to Brent’s house um, and his mom and Hawley are there and they’re concerned um but they get more concerned when his dog shows up and he’s been stabbed.
16:53.44 mindarch Hurt He’s whining and crawling and it’s like oh man, you always feel worse for the animals.
16:59.39 Rhys Yeah, absolutely Holly takes the dog and tries to get him to a vet but he dies on the way. So.
17:05.45 mindarch Which is like the death knell for movies. You know if if anything will kill a movie. It’s killing the dog at least in America you know that John wick that’s all they ever bugged Keanor reves about was the dog died in the first movie which arguably the dog.
17:18.53 Rhys Yeah.
17:22.41 mindarch Kind of needed to for the story I’m not saying they should kill dogs and animals. But for that story it It was what you know prompted them a lot that was the only thing but and then in this the talk dies. It’s like you just feel like oh my God I can’t believe it but she gets upset and she’s just sitting there. It’s a very emotional. Scene and it makes you wonder what’s going to happen to the owner of the dog.
17:44.58 Rhys Yes, yeah, um, Brent’s Mom calls jamie’s dad not Jamie’s dad calls me his dad because me is dad is a cop and he answers the phone and he and his wife share a look like it’s it’s brent’s.
17:54.33 mindarch Um, yep.
18:04.58 Rhys Mom again and it looks like there was something between them or something mother talking on the phone. There’s obviously some sort of connection and tension between them. Um, but you don’t really know what it is.
18:11.33 mindarch Um, yeah.
18:19.50 Rhys And so the first time I saw it I was like oh did they like have a thing or something or you know so but it leaves this this little bizarre mystery.
18:21.79 mindarch Um, yeah.
18:28.41 mindarch I Also thought that possibly they were trying to convey that she does this all the time and they don’t completely care or believe her anymore too because obviously if you look at her looks like her whole life is a wreck I mean she’s she’s wasted and.
18:42.99 Rhys Yeah, the house is dark. Yeah um, Jamie and me I get to the dance and Mia looks super excited to be there. Not really in fact, she makes.
18:47.62 mindarch Yeah, never happy. So.
18:57.51 mindarch Um, yeah, very ah.
19:02.86 Rhys Absolutely no move to get out of the car then we come to this white el camino and this white el camino is ah the 1 that stopped to get chicken. Um, we’ve seen it driving down the road on a couple times and it’s driving through the dark and there’s a dead wallaby on the side of the road and the el camino stops the door opens a hand reaches out grabs the dead wallaby and puts it in the car which again very humorous concept.
19:32.55 mindarch Yeah, yeah, it’s humorous, but with a little bit of Texas chainsaw going on there.
19:37.60 Rhys Yeah, um, they’re headed somewhere remote. Um the truck stops and out comes lola’s dad and lola comes out and they pull the tarp back and there is brent passed out in the bed of the truck. At First lola’s worried that he’s dead and she like yells at her dad and it turns out that Brent’s fine he’s just still unconscious. You’re like wow that’s just a little twisted. She did.
20:08.17 mindarch She wanted that date So bad.
20:14.14 Rhys Um, so there’s this the next scene is lola sitting in her room and she has a scrapbook of course. Um and she’s listening to casey chambers sing that lovely song. Um, and she’s like flipping through it and it has all of these boys. In it that like apparently she’s loved over the years I guess and her dad comes in with a prom dress and dress shoes for her and she’s thrilled and wants to try it on immediately and wants his opinion so she makes him stand there while she’s getting changed and he looks. Super uncomfortable as it’s happening. Oh no, no no the relationship between the 2 of them is Beyond just odd. It’s kind of disgusting at times.
20:51.21 mindarch I Mean do you blame him as you know? yeah.
20:59.68 mindarch Ah, is super bizarre and and I I mean it right here. It really looks like Lola’s the the aggressive and in charge and the father is just very subversive and. Whatever she wants. Whatever she says which doesn’t make him quite all right in the head either Obviously with.
21:22.33 Rhys Yeah, um, he tells her that she’s pretty as a picture and then the camera cuts to brent in a tuxedo tied up to a chair which is bolted to the floor in the in the kitchen. Or the dining room of this house sitting across from him is daddy and loa comes into the frame wearing her prom dress. He looks to his right? and there’s a woman sitting at the table and she has a scar on her Forehead. And that’s when he realizes that he’s tied up and the chair is bolted to the floor.
22:02.50 mindarch It’s not just a scar it almost looks like a bullet hole I mean I was like is she like wolverine. She’s been shot in the head and pushed it back out.
22:03.76 Rhys Um, yeah, that’s right? Yeah yeah, um, then there’s this whole almost ceremonial thing where Lola fills a syringe with bleach. And then her dad Holds Brent’s head as she injects it directly into his vocal cords in his throat and he cannot talk anymore. In fact, it’s I think it’s noted that it’s at 27 minutes in the film. The actor has no more lines to say from there on out.
22:36.23 mindarch Ah, can you imagine they’re like okay here’s everyone’s like lines for the movie low look. It’s this big thick thing and he gets handed 1 piece of paper that you can handle that.
22:44.11 Rhys Yeah, yeah, here you go xavier here’s your that’s gonna have a yeah honestly I don’t think I would have wanted to do his role just in general he gets the s not kicked out of him a lot in this film. He is.
22:58.41 mindarch He’s tough as hell though. But.
23:02.65 Rhys Um, so he can’t speak anymore and ah then she like gets down next to him and her dad takes a picture like you know like it’s a formal dance and she and her dad are acting like this is normal. Um he wants 1 with her mom who we find out is.
23:21.32 mindarch Right? Eyes Yeah, like she’s a dog.
23:21.59 Rhys I think they call her bright eyes. Yes, they want her in the picture and she goes to sit in the picture and he goes to take the picture and lola purposely pulls her hair because she’s sadistic and she hates her so he takes the picture. And then he’s like kind of chastises her about oh it’s just a flash. It’s nothing to worry about not realizing she was freaking out because Lolo was being an absolute bitch.
23:45.20 mindarch Yeah, and 1 of the things when they’re they inject the bleach and he’s like kind of gargling screaming. Ah they start yelling we can’t hear you and they’re laughing about it and I got a point for that later but obviously.
23:58.51 Rhys Yeah yep, yep yep.
24:04.63 mindarch Ah, they’re teasing him.
24:04.74 Rhys Yeah, they are um and a lot of what they do ah that you see happen are things that Jeffrey Dahmer used to do to his victims the bleach to the vocal chords kind of thing. So.
24:18.80 mindarch So if if people are watching all 10 of these movies and they don’t have trouble sleeping I would be concerned because seriously with some of the our messed up stuff this 1 was just as messed up as martyrs or any of the air stuff. We’ve watched.
24:32.83 Rhys And on 1 hand it might have even been worse because like in martyrs you know it’s in a movie but I’ve never ever heard of that actually happening to anybody but the things that they do to brent in this movie.
24:35.90 mindarch Yeah.
24:45.36 mindarch True. Yeah, ah.
24:50.10 Rhys Happened 30 years ago to like a bunch of people I mean so that makes it just a little more disturbing in my eyes. Yeah um, and then just to break the tension here’s Jamie and Mia they still haven’t gotten into the dance.
24:57.10 mindarch Right? I agree I Definitely would agree with that. Yeah.
25:08.92 Rhys They’re thrashing out to speed metal and smoking weed in his car.
25:10.88 mindarch It seems like a great date for goth chick and she seems pretty happy and hey Jamie’s got a date so he seems pretty fairly good. Yeah yeah, yeah, um, so 1 thing I think we we skipped over earlier in Mia’s room not mia
25:14.53 Rhys Um, yeah, thrilled with the super hot Check Yes, Ah, and.
25:30.68 mindarch Lola’s room. They showed all the dolls they did the pan scene among the dolls and these are like tons of dolls. You know obviously Dolls look creepy at times but these are in like various sex positions and they’re like they got little.
25:32.62 Rhys Is.
25:48.40 mindarch Marks on them for blood and all sorts of things so that’s in her room right before the scrapbook. So.
25:49.17 Rhys Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, um, as opposed to Brent’s room which has ah like Metallica posters on the wall and like music festival posters up and things like that. Um, it’s a nice contrast between the 2 because.
25:58.35 mindarch Um, right? yeah right.
26:09.00 Rhys Lola’s at first glance might look like this you know, pretty little prissy girl kind of thing. But then when you get into the details of it. It’s really not. You know.
26:16.61 mindarch Right? And I wonder what attracts her to this boy and the other boys that were in her scrapbook you know what was it so something I don’t know.
26:27.14 Rhys I I will say this um xavier samuel is an incredibly handsome guy. So yeah and that like his jaw line is impeccable. So I get that. Okay, yeah.
26:34.25 mindarch Yeah,, he’s good looking long strip Curly hair. Yeah. I Still think it’s the psychological thing. He’s Wounded. He’s Scarred. He’s vulnerable I think that’s what gets a.
26:48.12 Rhys It very well could be um so after we see Jamie and Mia having a great time. We’re back to lola’s house and they’re eating chicken well lola and her dad are eating chicken um brent is working on loosening the ropes on his wrists secretly. Um, lola and her dad do this wishbone thing and she gets upset when she loses but he covers it over by saying that he wished for her to have like the best time ever that kind of thing. Um, lola.
27:21.60 mindarch And right here with the dad I’m still thinking. He’s kind of scared of her. He’s submissive to her. You know he doesn’t know how to handle the situation. So whatever she wants to keep her happy. That’s not necessarily my thoughts all the way through the movie. But at this point.
27:38.97 Rhys And that’s a really good point too because I actually thought by the time the movie ended I just had the feeling that um this is the kind of behavior that he was practicing as well. It’s like something that’s been passed down.
27:39.90 mindarch That’s what I’m still thinking.
27:57.29 Rhys Because all throughout the movie like with the bleach and the stuff later with the drill like he’s precise about it I mean he’s got it down to a science. Yes, he’s teaching her. He’s passing on this tribal knowledge of Psycho killers. Um.
28:02.42 mindarch Um, yeah, and he’s instructing her. Yeah.
28:14.26 mindarch Ah, you got to laugh. Ah.
28:17.44 Rhys Lola tries to feed. Yeah yeah, ah Lola tries to feed Brent a chicken leg and he’s not going for it and he won’t eat it so she looks to her dad who grabs a hammer and just sets it on the table and then brent. Decides that he’s going to try the chicken which she keeps saying is that finger looking good and she wants him to suck on his finger and he manages to keep I’m sorry good.
28:35.94 mindarch Yeah, and this is ah sorry this is where I start going? Oh The Dad’s not so submissive because man he really gleefully picks up that hammer and gets this look in his eye and he’s just waiting for It. He’s. Excited and like okay me’s not just a submissive little weekly. He’s crazy that shit crazy.
28:58.80 Rhys Yeah, um, she wants him to suck on her finger and he manages to whisper that he needs to use the bathroom but she says not until um, he sucks on her finger so he does and she really seems to appreciate it. And her dad really seems to not which from Prince’s point of View. You know would be a worrying thing being tied up you know, strapped to a chair and a guy with a hammer and all ah you know not to mention the psychotic girl in front of you.
29:18.58 mindarch Yeah, just.
29:30.30 mindarch Well yeah, you know make her happy and the dad’s unhappy but is it better the other choices you know, know these choices for poor Brett from here on out are good.
29:39.34 Rhys Yeah, yeah, um, she asks if he still needs to use the bathroom and he says yes so she just pulls out his penis um and a glass and tells him to fill it up. Um, yeah, we we don’t waste. Um.
29:49.54 mindarch But she drinks the milk first. So you know there. The.
29:59.50 Rhys When he can’t she says that he’s lying. Are you telling porky pigs. Are you lying? Um, and so she threatens to nail his penis to the chair if he doesn’t start peeing in like ten seconds which for me probably would have been it. It’s already weird enough. But.
30:12.15 mindarch Um, yeah, yeah, performance anxiety. Yeah.
30:17.99 Rhys Yeah, on command like that and she starts to count down. Um at the last second he manages um and she says it’s crying. Um, so he kicks her and he slips his ropes. And he makes it outside.
30:36.70 mindarch Well well you might be really disturbing for the podcast. She says it’s crying so she wants to kiss the tears away and it’s right in front of dad. So that’s I mean you it’s it’s like okay, let’s just keep going from 1 disturbing scene to another which then.
30:42.28 Rhys Yes, yes.
30:54.96 mindarch You know, talking about all the juxtaposition. The scene with the the nerd and the goth chick smoking in the car instead dancing seems like wholesome Andy griffith type you know down on the farm goodness compared to what’s going on here.
31:07.48 Rhys Yeah, and it’s 1 of those things where he gets out of the house. Um, and he’s using his razor blade to cut the ropes. Um and he gets out of the house and I’m like awesome you know like all right and then I check the timecode and I’m like.
31:19.28 mindarch Um, yeah, oh man.
31:25.15 Rhys Not all right? Um, danny follows him out it turns on the headline ah headlights of his truck and you know he’s trying to look around and he goes to move his truck. Well brent was hiding underneath it so he rolls out just in time but the dad sees him and chases him down with the truck. He climbs into a tree. Um lola comes out with a flashlight and dad’s throwing rocks at him and then lula takes turns and they’re just throwing rocks at him having a good time and eventually he gets hit and falls out of the tree. Bounces off the hood of the truck and hits the ground.
32:03.36 mindarch Bret is the worst runaway from the bad Stuff. You know that’s is ah is again has those overtones of the old teen slasher flight because in that which always joke about oh I’m going to run and fall you know I could run Twenty million times. But now and go fall but he chooses the horrible Spot. He runs to a tree in their yard. It’s like dude, it’s dark out there just go through the the we just keep going. Don’t stop.
32:28.52 Rhys so so I agree with you. However, the 1 thing I will say is there in the outback of australia and there’s no true like if you were here in you know where we live.
32:37.66 mindarch Ill now.
32:43.97 Rhys You could head for a small copse of trees and anyone in a car is not going to be able to follow you because the car is not going to go in between the trees out there. There’s nothing I mean it’s all basically flat hard pan kind of deserty stuff. Um, but.
32:50.90 mindarch Right? right? true.
32:58.86 mindarch Right? right.
33:03.32 Rhys Yeah, you know hiding underneath the truck is a bad idea. That’s the first thing he’s going to get in. But yeah.
33:04.51 mindarch Um, he yeah he had a head start. You know he he could have taken off gone around the house and then at least they would have had to look for him a little bit gives them a chance to maybe find something to hide behind or elsewhere and if they go a different direction head off somewhere else. You know up your odds at least.
33:21.24 Rhys Yeah.
33:23.61 mindarch Hiding 2 feet away from the door under the truck does not up your odds.
33:25.88 Rhys Yeah, um, they tie him back to the chair and then the dad pounds steak knives through his feet into the floor. Yeah steak knives Um Lola demands. Yeah well yeah, why? well.
33:32.91 mindarch Yeah, not even nails that’s got to feel good. They I think they were serrated too of of you had yeah of course we don’t sound psychotic on this podcast at all.
33:43.86 Rhys Why would you use a smooth blade not at all lola demands said he cry and he won’t do it. Um, the whole time. The dad’s pounding that he just looks at her with like sheer again, you know if this was. Firearter the place would be in flames just from the glare that he’s giving her um Mia’s dad goes out looking for brent because ah, Brent’s Mom had called and asked him to and he finds his pipe and a smashed phone and.
34:04.25 mindarch Yeah.
34:20.71 Rhys Holwly is with his mom and they’re like they’re like bonding over this whole experience. I kind of got the feeling you know that his mom was just didn’t see holly as like a real thing holly and brent wasn’t a real thing. It was just 1 more risk he was going to take by getting in the car with her and going to this thing. Um, but they’re they’re like there’s really bonding over this over him being missing and how much holly is helping Brent’s mom get through this. Um, Mia’s dad shows back up and like here’s the phone here’s the glass pipe obviously something’s happened.
35:04.91 mindarch Which I’ll give the cop kudos here. He didn’t start going off about smoking the weed and stuff he actually was more concerned that you know here the boy looks like he’s missing.
35:15.42 Rhys So yes, because in your typical horror movie. The cop’s just going to blow this off right? but this dad this cop actually has a reason to think that something fishy is up which we’ll get to in a bit. Um.
35:20.88 mindarch Right.
35:28.72 mindarch Yeah.
35:35.20 Rhys Lola and her dad are going through his scrapbook her scrapbook of her past victims and um, they have this heart carved into their chest. Um.
35:45.99 mindarch That’s where you really find out. Oh these are past victims not just boys. This girl was into so again, you got that whole you know, 2 sided thing going on.
35:51.20 Rhys Writes.
35:55.19 Rhys Right? Brent’s not really paying that much attention til she gets to this page about the 1 who got away and when he looks at it. He realizes. It’s the guy that he saw with the bloody face and the heart on his chest the day he got in the accident and killed his dad.
36:09.89 mindarch So we’ve come full circle his dad died and it you can kind of say it was lola’s fault. We don’t find out what happened to that boy? Um, but I felt bad for you because it said reese is 1 of the boys in that scrapbook I was like oh man.
36:13.38 Rhys We have you could yes.
36:27.61 Rhys Yeah, well, what are you gonna do? um Jamie and Mia are still burning down in the car. She accuses him of being sick of her because he wants to go inside. Um so she does the whole blowing weed smoke into his mouth.
36:28.82 mindarch Too bad. Yeah.
36:46.86 Rhys And you’re still like you know what? Jamie’s having a much better formal dance night than Brent is.
36:49.80 mindarch Yeah, it may not be the creme de La crumb of dates but I get the feeling that this may be the best date. He’s ever been on. It’s got a girl So I mean that’s probably the best date he’s ever been on.
36:56.51 Rhys Yeah, and then we go from that back to lola’s house where she has completed drawing drawing with air quotes a heart. Um on Brent’s chest with a fork just basically jabbing. Over and over making a heart in his chest and then she and her dad take turns throwing salt onto his chest because that’s how sadistic they are.
37:21.80 mindarch Oh yeah, so if we’re keeping track so he’s been gassed tied up. Um, he’s been skewers through his feet ah bleached to his larenix. And now carving on his chest with Salt. So I mean if if we’re doing the hey let’s take a drink every time Brett has something bad happening to him. We’re getting really drunk on this 1 but there’s an upside. Okay, that’s an upside.
37:39.42 Rhys Yes.
37:47.44 Rhys Okay, but on the upside, it’s almost over so you know and the movie’s not almost over but the the mutilation ah of of brent is we’re reaching the end of his mutilation stage.
37:57.64 mindarch Yeah, the. Yeah, he he got hit with a rock and fell out of a tree too. So now.
38:07.29 Rhys that’s true, yep yeah that’s true um Holly is in his room looking at a card that he bought for and in the card he tells her that he loves her and he thanks her for putting him back together again. Some statement about all the king’s horse. You’ve done what all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t do um yeah and his mom sitting in the other room looking really worried so we’re going from that scene back to jamie.
38:25.47 mindarch Well if she thought she had a hard job before wait till this time.
38:42.00 Rhys And he’s still trying to get mia to go inside but she now seems like she’s super altered and like she wants nothing to do with him now. Um in it if you’ve ever been in an altered state like that you realize I just want to sit here until the world stops spinning around for a second. That’s kind of the stage that she’s at right now. Um, you usually nothing good ever comes from that.
39:06.39 mindarch But actually it’s the best part of the movie. The highlight of the movie there. They you know and I’m thinking at this point it’s like okay how is their story going to intersect with what’s going on because you know something’s got to happen here.
39:10.92 Rhys Oh yeah, yeah.
39:18.37 Rhys Right? Yes, ah it can’t just be about pacing right? Um, Lola is declared queen of the dance by her father they blow noise makers. They ah.
39:24.49 mindarch Right.
39:30.80 mindarch Oh because they’re dancing like very close and seductively for the prom again we can’t just have a little bit of creepiness going on. It’s.
39:34.45 Rhys Yeah, yeah, yeah.
39:41.24 Rhys Yeah, ah daddy threatens brent with a hammer when he won’t blow the whistle. Um, then he gets crowned king and lola acts like she’s all thrilled and excited about it. Jamie finally manages to get mia into the dance and they are dancing. But me is not really there mentally I mean you can tell from looking at her. She’s not into this um as the dance continues. She just begins. She’s got her hand on Jamie’s cock through his pants. Um, and everyone is watching.
40:04.57 mindarch Yeah.
40:17.86 Rhys Because she’s not being at all subtle about it. Oh yeah.
40:18.50 mindarch And ah and she wants them to see she wants to make them uncomfortable. She wants to basically say f you to everybody.
40:25.84 Rhys Yeah, um, she calls them out for staring at him and then the Principal comes over calls her out on it and kicks him out of the dance which is which is exactly what she wanted from the first place she didn’t want to be there.
40:33.90 mindarch And his word. Sorry go ahead right? right? and I love his words. It’s not like stop that don’t do that. It’s like if you’re going to do that go elsewhere. You know? ah.
40:45.96 Rhys Yeah, yeah, I don’t want to see this um brent and Lola are dancing as their dad throws glitter over them which is kind of funny because you know on the 1 hand. The knee-jerk reaction is oh got her you know should do something., But we got to remember that his feet are still pounded with steak knives into the floor so he’s not actually dancing so much as just standing there while she sways back and forth. Yes, she announces that the song um is the 1 that she’ll dance to at her wedding but it.
41:16.60 mindarch He’s probably in a little pain in general.
41:24.49 Rhys Brent’s not going to be the groom then she dances with her dad. Um, and there’s this really disgusting kind of you’re the perfect man for me daddy and this whole incestuous kind of gazing between the 2 of them as.
41:34.41 mindarch Yeah. Um, yeah, right? Yeah sorry I jumped that earlier. That’s that’s what the part I was talking about where they they do that? yeah.
41:42.54 Rhys If they weren’t disgusting enough as it is right? Yeah, while they’re doing this you know making mooney eyes at each other brent gets a razor necklace out of his pocket but drops it. Um, he then he manages to pick it up like he falls down or something to pick the razor back up. Ah, Mia’s dad shows up at Holly’s house and it’s not just you know. The neighborhood guy who happens to be a cop like he is here as a a policeman in official standing and he’s like the search and Rescue team will be out in the morning holly calls her mom but her mom’s not answering. Um and then she just ends up in Brent’s room just crying so um lola takes that roadkill remember the ha ha funny joke about the dead wallaby and picking it up. She takes the roadkill her dad has just beheaded it. Then she goes over to the living room and there’s a set of bilco doors in the living room under a carpet and she opens them up into a pit in the living room screams come out of this pit. They’re pouring water down in and telling whatever’s down there to sing for their supper now.
43:12.77 mindarch Yeah now I actually with all the screeches going on number 1 I thought oh they must have borrowed that from mad max um, because that’s just kind of what it made me think of but I kept waiting for hern or dad to yell we can’t hear you.
43:28.14 Rhys Ah, well they don’t ever show you what it they don’t show you actually what it is and so my first my first thought is are we getting into something supernatural now right? Yeah yeah, um.
43:31.57 mindarch Ah, no, but you hear just screeching. Yeah yeah, it’s it’s like the pit to hell Kothulu is coming out of the hole.
43:47.44 Rhys Jamie and Mia seemingly drive off somewhere and Mia is all over it all over him and then they start having sex and there’s a knock on the window and it turns out they really didn’t drive off anywhere. They’re still at the school. And the Principal shows up and tells them to get off a school property. So best Jamie’s best date ever. Absolutely lola’s dad comes out with a drill and gives her some last minute pointers on performing.
44:05.30 mindarch Right again. Best day ever for Jamie but.
44:22.60 Rhys What is essentially a lobotomy so just through the skull.
44:23.21 mindarch Yeah, well he doesn’t want to break through into the brain. He just wants to drill the hole through the skull so you got to put the pressure on and you know as well as I do you start drilling something you get to that end Sunday you know and they don’t want that? yeah.
44:33.91 Rhys Oh yeah, yeah, you got to be careful. She she tells Jamie that he will be her first. Um and her dad puts him in the headlock and she approaches with the drill. Um, when she goes to do it and this is.
44:39.27 mindarch Especially if it’s a skull I mean Geez everybody knows that.
44:53.52 Rhys Ah, hundred and ten percent accurate if you drilling and you hit a hard surface if you’re not careful. The drill bit’s going to slide right? off which is exactly what happens she goes hits his forehead goes through the skin hits his skull and it slide the drill bit slides off to the side.
45:05.78 mindarch Which which has to feel wonderful I Think that’s a double drink if you’re keeping track.
45:11.30 Rhys Yeah, yeah, yeah, um, so she goes back in for a second time and she gets it right? I mean she drills a hole. Well.
45:24.43 mindarch Yay! She got her. That’s just so I mean what’s the scene is just it’s very very dark humor to even be laughing about it. But it’s just it’s very disturbing. It’s 1 of the most disturbing movies.
45:37.47 Rhys So the funny thing about it is up until now I just kept thinking he’s getting out of here. He’s making it out here and then when she actually puts the hole in his head I’m like who maybe he’s not.
45:50.61 mindarch Ah, yeah, every at this point I’m going wow this is falling way more into the psychotic thriller rather than the horror. You know it’s it’s gone so far Beyond just it’s very horrific. Yes, but you know I will.
46:05.54 Rhys Yes.
46:08.97 mindarch I will take some crimson peak ghosts over this you know I need a ah palate cleanser or something.
46:10.49 Rhys Ah, this is this is more along down the line of a saw than it is a shining.
46:17.13 mindarch And it oh saw as tame compared to this in many ways partly partly because it’s a teenage girl you know that makes it so much worse. Yeah.
46:21.26 Rhys Um, Brent has flash. oh oh yeah, yeah the whole the whole kickass thing right? with um, Zoe maritz you know. Chopping people down you know adults like this little girl. It’s the same kind of disturbing pairing that and a lot of times that dissonance that that uncomfortable dissonance is what makes a movie really disturbing and like last with you for a long time.
46:38.16 mindarch Yeah.
46:49.49 mindarch Very much so and I made a note that unlike martyrs because we talked about that How they he did really well in martyrs to make you question who do I agree with who do I feel bad for and you got to question yourself and you know it’s art.
47:06.99 Rhys Yeah, that’s the point.
47:08.20 mindarch You know that’s you know what art tries to do um in this I don’t feel bad for her her dad at all, not in any sense I don’t eat I don’t know what their background is what the reason for any of this is I don’t feel any so let me ask you this before we go on with the rest of the movie because it’s ah the friendship relationship buddy theme.
47:12.44 Rhys Lo.
47:28.00 mindarch Who are the buddies in this that you were thinking of when you chose it.
47:30.31 Rhys So um, you have multiple layers of friends on the 1 hand you have Jamie and brent they are very good friends then you have brent and holly and they’re very good friends.
47:40.19 mindarch Right.
47:49.50 Rhys And then throughout the movie. All 3 friends are split apart and put in situations where they are not with their friends anymore and even in Jamie’s case as we’ll get to eventually. It’s not a good time for Jamie either for Jamie and mia.
48:05.50 mindarch Um, right, right? right.
48:09.39 Rhys Jamie is not me his friend and she is not doing this out of a desire to be his friend. You know so you have the friends. The actual friendship is only there for like the first five minutes of the movie and then after that you have these friends that are just split apart. And this is how they’re horrible their nights go across.
48:30.56 mindarch And that’s kind of what the themes have been. You’ve mentioned a couple times with the movies. It shows the friends how they’re different but then how they get separated but arguably the father daughter is a friendship and it’s but.
48:40.65 Rhys Yeah.
48:48.94 mindarch It so lasts through the whole movie.
48:52.22 Rhys It’s true. The friendship between between um Daddy and Lola is so disturbing but so deep and ingrained that you know it’s It’s not a friendship that’s going to ever.
49:00.13 mindarch Yeah.
49:08.30 mindarch Now yeah I’m glad it was australia I swear to god if this took place in Ohio I’d I’d be moving.
49:08.48 Rhys Break Asunder you know what? I mean it’s.
49:17.41 Rhys It’s It’s not unlike La Casamuda where the friends were her dad and his creepy buddy and all the nasty stuff that they used to get up to in that house including with the girl whose dad was involved. You know what? I mean their friends.
49:22.10 mindarch Right.
49:29.54 mindarch Right? right? right? Oh God No okay.
49:33.77 Rhys But they’re not Heroes kind of thing. Um, so she’s she’s put a hole in his Head. He has flashbacks about all the people who are important in his life and you hear so a kettle going off and he comes back with a pot and hands it to Lola. And she is supposed to pour boiling water through the hole into his head which.
49:57.35 mindarch Ah, as if we couldn’t get more disturbing I’m like are you kidding me.
50:01.72 Rhys And it it is a chemical way of initiating a prefrontal lobotomy he will and now you understand why Bright eyes has that scar on her head and why she’s so submissive and just sits there. Glassy-eyed the whole time because this is what’s happened to her.
50:18.25 mindarch Because that was how Loah Lola had to practice had to get good at this is with or did the dad do it I wonder.
50:22.28 Rhys Yes, well she tells she tells brent that he’s her first. So the dad must have done this to her. Um, yeah, but again, this is actually something that jeffrey dahmer did.
50:29.56 mindarch Oh that’s right? That’s right, Oh good I didn’t even pick up on that. Wow Yeah, she’s a man.
50:40.29 mindarch See I didn’t remember that so it was more disturbing seeing it in the movie I think.
50:41.22 Rhys His victims. So. Yeah, it’s the whole concept is yeah Prefrontal Bottomy is pretty horrible but like this is like well beyond the pale.
50:53.26 mindarch And here’s the funny thing earlier the the threat of the nail through the penis was like oh that’s horrible that seems like a walk in the park compared to everything else I mean come on. Seriously you know it’s mostly flesh spiking. It people do that.
51:04.49 Rhys Yeah.
51:11.72 mindarch Because they want to so that’s the least horrific thing which makes me disturbed. Oh yeah.
51:13.53 Rhys The the funny thing is in the serpent and the rainbow that was like the prime that was like the top violent act was was the spike through the through the testicles and here it’s like ah.
51:24.62 mindarch Yeah.
51:32.92 mindarch But yeah because we it’s It’s not that big a deal We we want to build up to the horrific stuff. Yeah.
51:33.12 Rhys Put that in the first third of the movie. Yeah, we got to get above that. Um, so lola goes to pour this into the hole in his head and um, he’s thrashing around but her dad’s got him in a headlock. Well she goes to por and she misses and hits her dad’s arm with his scalding water.
51:53.31 mindarch Ah, again, hints of comedy.
51:55.89 Rhys Yeah, just a pit. She complains that the hole’s too small on asked her dad to bore it out a little bigger which he does.
52:02.87 mindarch And oh so I’ve had my teeth worked on and you get that vibration going on sometimes in your whole head. Can you imagine the whole year is gone. He’s widening it your I mean I it makes me ache just like about the but ah.
52:15.90 Rhys No. Um, while he’s doing this brent gets through his ropes with the razor and cracks dad in the face with a razor and it’s a good cut I mean you don’t get like.
52:21.50 mindarch Yeah.
52:30.75 mindarch Oh yeah.
52:34.85 Rhys There’s not like this long camera lingering on it but you can see like flesh is hanging off to the side and the father is just absolutely aghast at it and he’s just standing there in shock. Um, so.
52:42.95 mindarch Oh man. Yep.
52:52.36 Rhys He Then pulls the knives out of his own feet this This is a testament to like this guy’s willpower um pulls the knives out of his feet and then he throws the drill at Daddy and you know it’s It’s a great ploy when you throw something at somebody nine times out of 10 They’re going to catch it. Um, so he throws the drill at him and then follows up with 1 of those steak knives and stabs him repeatedly.
53:17.90 mindarch Which yay that you know that’s the thing you always see these movies where people stab them once and walk away. You’re like no don’t there. They’re go go get back up and oh he doesn’t stop. He’s got a little bit of rage at this point. So now you know if you’ve been doing following the drinking game. He got the whole drilled and widen.
53:28.54 Rhys Oh yeah.
53:36.30 mindarch You know I Hope you’re sufficiently drunk for the rest of the movie.
53:36.97 Rhys Right? because you know everything else that happens. There’s no more selfut. No more mutilation at least on his end. Um Lola goes to attack him and as rightfully so angry high school boy he just lashes out and laser out he then pushes.
53:42.35 mindarch Now but.
53:56.99 Rhys Daddy down into the hole and the camera follows and you see inside the hole are all of her old victims with their lobotomy scars with their hearts on their chests and as soon as Daddy hits the floor they’re on him and eating him.
54:02.46 mindarch Yes.
54:11.25 mindarch And ah I thought the zombie movie from the first scene was like oh a zombie movie now. It kind of is and it just this this whole movie. The the fact that they’re in this pit and in the living room and.
54:26.31 Rhys Get you get the light.
54:30.87 mindarch They’re they’re surviving this way. They keep them this way that you know she’s ah this will give you nightmares just spoiler alert warnings.
54:39.56 Rhys Oh yeah, for sure I you trigger warning kind of thing. This whole movie is 1
54:43.78 mindarch Oh yeah, yeah yeah people want triggers here’s a trigger. Let me tell you.
54:49.71 Rhys Yeah, um, while he’s watching this happen. She comes up and pushes brent into the hole. So now he’s down there with them as well. Um, and then she closes him in down there. Yeah.
55:02.53 mindarch Um, now.
55:06.62 Rhys So he’s down there with them trying to fend them off the flashlight and the hammer. Um.
55:10.27 mindarch He he must have missed some secret items hidden somewhere before this happened in the adventure game version.
55:15.12 Rhys Yeah, yeah, exactly. Ah, now we go back to Jamie and Mia we just leave him there in the dark with yeah um, Jamie brings me at home. Ah, her dad comes out to greet them and Jamie’s a bit scared.
55:24.37 mindarch Let’s pause there.
55:34.36 mindarch Well because he he just he just had sex with the cop’s daughter while wasted and then drives home. So I’d probably be a lot nervous.
55:34.91 Rhys Mia goes inside and Jamie tries to make light of it.
55:43.98 Rhys Yeah, um, so he tries to make a joke of it. Um, and then we’re back to brent in the basement ah Brent looks like he’s the victor which is not surprising because you have all of these feral creatures. Um, that are wasted away and ill you know, um and then he looks and there’s just bones everywhere tons of bones all over the place but no way out at this point in time ah lolo decides to start checking off things on our bucket list. She goes in and smothers her mother to death. Yeah check. Um, and at this point it becomes important to note that technically lola has only killed 2 people.
56:19.68 mindarch Okay, next.
56:36.89 Rhys Ever which technically she’s not a serial killer you need 3 or more. So yes, yep.
56:41.10 mindarch Ah, you need 3 I’m glad somebody defined this that’s about as disturbing as the rest of this movie is gee. How bad I didn’t know that. Ah.
56:57.60 Rhys Now here’s here’s the the whole trump card to tie all the 3 stories together the last missing piece Jamie and Mia mia goes walking into the house and then walks into a room and says something about.
56:58.66 mindarch Okay.
57:14.24 Rhys You know why won’t it ever go away and there’s a picture on the desk and the guy at the start with the heart on his chest and the blood on his face that brent swerved to Miss was her brother and so we know her brother went missing. We know her brother was dead now and.
57:25.28 mindarch Yeah, yeah.
57:33.25 Rhys So now we see you know there was communication between Brent’s mom and Mia’s dad because Brent’s mom was like the last last tie to his son while you know he was still alive at some point in time. So.
57:45.75 mindarch Right? right? So let let me ah, ah, point out here. We’ve we’ve made the comment before a lot of times we don’t like remakes and a lot of foreign films that get remade in America we don’t like as well right here is probably the reason why because that bit. And tying it all here in that story weaving through everything that’s very powerful and it’s a very deep story in many ways even with the just on the surface horror stuff and I say on the surface because you could take a lot of that out and still have this story It’s just.
58:20.71 Rhys Yep tip.
58:23.80 mindarch This is what makes it the horror movie and that’s what people want to go see but the problem is a lot of filmmakers Miss the deep underlying story and that’s where this movie. It’s got the the horror and all this going on but it’s got this story underneath and that’s what makes it such a full fledged movie in my opinion.
58:39.90 Rhys Regular Horror lasagna.
58:43.54 mindarch Core Lasagna boom.
58:47.17 Rhys Ah, um, there’s this juxtaposition scene that happens next we you have brent in the pit and Hawley sitting on his bed and she has a flashback and remembers something and she calls me as dad saying. Oh you know what? Lola asked him to the dance and now we know me his dad has just as much reason to want this thing solved regardless whether it’s brent or not this would be the person who did terrible things to his son so he heads over to lola’s.
59:19.31 mindarch Yep.
59:23.10 Rhys Um, and he looks in the window and sees blood all over the floor pulls out his gun just breaking breaking and entering I mean and legit I mean there’s blood on the floor. That’s certainly, um, enough warrant for a police officer to act. Um, so he breaks in and um with his gun out and brent’s making as much noise as he can in the pit having you know bleach on his vocal cords.
59:44.97 mindarch Right now here’s where I I went oh wait a second come on this is just doing something for the movie because a cop would radio that in a cop would have asked for back but that much blood I wouldn’t want to go in there regardless of what’s going on but when you tie it into the whole reason. He’s didn’t radio it in because he wants revenge. He’s there for himself.
01:00:08.35 Rhys That’s right? yep and it would have been really actually. Ah I don’t want to say a completely different movie but it would have been a different ending if what happened to him doesn’t happen to him you know.
01:00:20.34 mindarch Ah, yeah, yeah.
01:00:23.14 Rhys If he would have actually gotten his piece. You could have rolled credits there and it would have been a great movie but he he goes in because he hears the noise in the pit and he’s as he’s looking in with disbelief ah Lola hits him with a hammer I don’t know something.
01:00:27.36 mindarch Yeah, but no still.
01:00:38.97 mindarch Yeah.
01:00:42.21 Rhys Metallic on the end of a stick. Um and he falls into the pit.
01:00:46.35 mindarch Yeah, Ah, but you’ve got a gunman clear the room even I know that much you I mean.
01:00:52.25 Rhys Yeah, he’s done I mean Ah, however, what he has done is he’s given brent a gun which brent immediately just turns around and um starts shooting now.
01:01:00.62 mindarch Yeah.
01:01:06.57 mindarch Now this is another scene where you know Brent’s not the action hero because that gun only holds so many bullets and he just starts firing but but but but boom and they’re all gone. It’s like yeah you might might want to wait on that.
01:01:20.93 Rhys It’s also important to note that in Australia in 2009 there are no guns. There’s a complete gun ban in australia.
01:01:26.70 mindarch Oh I didn’t even think of that.
01:01:32.14 Rhys Except for like hunting clubs and police officers in the military so you know he’s never fired a handgun in his life.
01:01:36.17 mindarch Oh that. So wow that actually makes me appreciate the story more because how else would you get him a gun Wow That’s awesome.
01:01:44.98 Rhys Yep, um Lola Grabs his necklace and says she’s gonna go kill his mom and holly like he did to her daddy and then she leaves and this yes.
01:01:55.13 mindarch Yeah, because you know that’s she she deserves revenge. Ah, but.
01:02:02.39 Rhys Exactly what he did um and she just starts walking and at first I was like okay that’s a little ridiculous because even if you are psychotic and angry. There’s a vehicle there? Um, but her dad’s el camino is smashed up against a tree.
01:02:17.15 mindarch Yeah, true, yeah, that’s kind of what I don’t push it off to Joe just so rage filled but they also made a point.
01:02:20.74 Rhys But I don’t know why she wouldn’t take the cop car unless it’s just that she’s psychotic and angry.
01:02:33.58 mindarch Holly getting her license earlier so it didn’t seem like all the kids got licenses and drove that it was a so she may have never driven so may it just been easier for her to walk exactly which shows he missed. He barely hit the ceiling.
01:02:36.90 Rhys Um, it’s true like Brent’s never shot.
01:02:46.60 Rhys Ah, Brett actually comes up with a brilliant plan. There’s lots of dead bodies and body parts down in this pit so he starts to build a pile so he can climb out.
01:02:56.71 mindarch Yeah, which considering his runaway skills that was pretty impressive, especially after all of this that he can even think straight that’s a true point too. Yep.
01:03:05.56 Rhys But he does go cliffclimbing on occasions.
01:03:12.80 mindarch I Think Cliff Climbing’s a little easier than dead body climbing but I don’t know might just be me.
01:03:16.60 Rhys Um, so he’s climbing out lola’s walking down the middle of the street. Um in her prom gown with a knife and her scrapbook of course and she sees a car coming and it’s holly coming down the road could be because. Mia’s dad’s been gone too long. She’s got to know what’s going on. Um, so she throws the scrapbook at the windshield she like hides herself on the side of the road and throws the scrapbook at the windshield. Um, which doesn’t damage the windshield but it’s enough to make holly stop. Um so holly stops and then.
01:03:48.00 mindarch Right.
01:03:54.00 Rhys What and happens next is lola opens the car door and there is a very realistic yet still pretty humorous fight scene between the 2 of them as they’re fighting across the front bucket seats of a volkswagen bug and.
01:04:06.67 mindarch Right now right? right? there I caught something and this is just me is not to diminish the movie whatsoever. But the 1 seat had some blood stains on it. So I think that they couldn’t get that out in between takes before she even got in the car. There was bloodstains. So but it.
01:04:18.99 Rhys M.
01:04:25.85 mindarch That’s just me catching a little something and I don’t want to diminish the movie in any way for that. But it’s 1 of those little easter egg I guess things.
01:04:33.22 Rhys And before you go thinking that Holly’s just fighting to save her life. She notes that lola has Brent’s necklace on and so she’s mad too. So the girls are fighting um brent climbs out of the hole. He takes the car.
01:04:39.70 mindarch Yeah, she sees the yeah.
01:04:51.31 Rhys Cop’s car and goes flying down the road. Um Holly not having a weapon is just running down the road and Lola don’t have to be faster than the bears. It’s faster than you um lolis chasing after her with the knife.
01:04:57.52 mindarch And she’s faster than Lola which is good but right.
01:05:09.28 Rhys And as Brent’s flying down the road he sees holly and swerves to miss her. However, whether it’s I can’t imagine. It’s his experience because I doubt that he’s driven since he killed his dad probably more to do with the quality of the vehicle. He’s driving.
01:05:12.39 mindarch Very reminiscent of the whole beginning scene.
01:05:28.41 Rhys He does not really lose control of the car.
01:05:31.14 mindarch We’ll chalk it up to a little experience but he’s had his head drilled into so I don’t know if that would have counted or kicked in.
01:05:35.40 Rhys Yeah, and you know police cars are built for you know, high speed chases and things like that. So their suspension is so much better than you’re going to have in a regular car. So yep, he swerves around her Mrs hawley.
01:05:40.70 mindarch Now. True true better tires to on that dirt.
01:05:53.47 Rhys Hits Lola and here’s another piece of dark comedy that doesn’t actually need any kind of oh here’s a dark twist to it. Lola is crawling using the knife to help herself crawl along the road to get that him in the car.
01:05:54.79 mindarch Baham.
01:06:09.91 mindarch Um, yeah.
01:06:12.81 Rhys It’s it’s so reminiscent of like Bonie python kind of thing right? Your arms off. It’s just a flesh wound I mean she’s she’s determined to get him and of course and of course you know what Brent’s going to do. He’s like oh you want to get to the car.
01:06:15.63 mindarch Um, right, The psychotic rage will keep you living forever.
01:06:32.70 Rhys Reverse and there’s this little blood splatter on the back part of the bumper where her head came off of it.
01:06:37.81 mindarch Which I thought was really well done special effect I mean not a whole lot of special effects in this 1 but that was a good 1
01:06:43.34 Rhys Right? Ah, the best part of that whole scene is there’s this brief second right before it cuts away where she realizes what’s about to happen and it’s like there you go? Ah yeah.
01:06:52.10 mindarch Yeah, good editing right there because it worked really well I didn’t feel like it was jarring my eyes and figuring out what was going on.
01:07:04.69 Rhys Um, brent drives he and holly home and his mom runs out and hugs them. Both roll credits and I just kept thinking you’re gonna want to get that hole in your head looked at pretty soon there Bud because.
01:07:19.90 mindarch But I was thinking you know holly was so glad to see him at first and then she notices and she gets a little so how how how adjusted is this kid ever going to get again I mean you know where where’s he at and they just end it. So like.
01:07:33.29 Rhys Oh yeah, it’s a long road to normal from there.
01:07:38.49 mindarch Oh god yeah, you know it’s like a lot of these movies Martyrs we keep bringing up but it leaves you with what happens. What’s you know, but that’s not the story. You know what happened afterwards so it ended really well.
01:07:46.71 Rhys Right? right? It’s it’s you know it’s really well done. The movie is super cringy. Um, but it’s meant to be I mean it’s meant to like say hey no this kind of stuff happens and you know.
01:08:04.81 mindarch So there’s your lesson. Don’t go to Prom we should learn that already from these movies.
01:08:05.57 Rhys Um.
01:08:10.58 Rhys That actually that that’s actually a bit of contention right? there? um because it gets mentioned is prom at least somewhere in the script. But in Australia they don’t have prom they have a formal dance and so.
01:08:22.59 mindarch The problem the guy right? right right.
01:08:28.34 Rhys There’s been a little a little contention over that you know if you’re going to pick something you’re digging deep if you’re fighting over whether or not the word Prom is in the local vernacular. Yeah, like yeah, something like that. That’s where it showed up. But um.
01:08:35.75 mindarch True true but didn’t I the dad and Lola a prom at the table. Yeah at ah.
01:08:47.60 Rhys It is. It’s a brutal film for sure and like I said all of the things that you thought were funny. It turns out they really aren’t you know.
01:08:49.14 mindarch It really is.
01:08:56.43 mindarch Right? Yeah, it’s like the the director knew what it seemed like and what these type of movies were and he threw little things in there that would be a normal funny trope in a teen slasher movie from the Seventy s and 80 s but then skirted around it. And made something very Horrific. So my question is the title. The loved ones who is that referring to is what what’s your take on that.
01:09:16.35 Rhys Yep, absolutely.
01:09:23.89 Rhys Oh well Steve it’s obvious the loved ones are all the ones living in the basement. Yes.
01:09:27.72 mindarch All her at past boyfriends see while I was watching the movie I thought it was referring to the family. Oh we’re the loved ones but were psychotic killers but you know as it came across with the kids so I was just curious if you had any other take on that.
01:09:43.85 Rhys Actually I didn’t think of that until the second time I watched it? um but she carves a heart into every 1 of them and there’s an l inside the heart. Um.
01:09:45.77 mindarch Ah.
01:09:53.41 mindarch Right.
01:09:55.29 Rhys And and so when you look at it. You’re like oh okay, they’re the loved ones. The loved ones are her pets that she keeps down in the cellar.
01:10:00.00 mindarch Yeah, and what what is love to a psychotic teenager. You know I mean that which gives it which ah it gives the title several you know deeper meaning than just. Ah.
01:10:06.13 Rhys Baby Don’t hurt me.
01:10:18.95 mindarch But it could be on the the surface again like a lot of this movie. So okay, cool man. So I mean I know you know we’ve talked a little bit about season 2 I know we’re ending season 10 with a tv show. That’s a comedy season 1 I’m sorry yep season 1 with a.
01:10:19.31 Rhys Yeah, yep.
01:10:31.89 Rhys Season 1
01:10:37.75 Rhys Yes.
01:10:38.17 mindarch Comedy tv show and I know ah you you were getting the list. We’re talking about season 2 So if people really like this hey you got more coming and I know you you wanted to get the worst movies out of the way. So everything’s gonna be pretty lighthearted and good from here on in I know that right? Yeah I figured that was it I know you.
01:10:53.25 Rhys That’s really not the case. Ah there were there were a couple times as we were going through this where I thought of 1 of the other movies on the other list I was going to be like oh it’s just like that scene in audition and then I’m like oh wait we didn’t watch that okay I’m not going to say that that.
01:10:57.57 mindarch Ah.
01:11:08.10 mindarch When we watch audition will cycle back? Yeah, yeah, yeah, so there you go. We got 1 more show for season 10 So all these episodes we’re hoping to get out before halloween because as of right now it’s still.
01:11:10.38 Rhys So yeah, it’s yeah then then we’ll cycle back Remember we’re talking about that dissonance. Yeah so um.
01:11:27.24 mindarch August for us and then we’re talking about season 2 that we want to get out sometime after that so we got more movie watching. So I’m hoping people are enjoying this once they get out. We’re we’re talking as if they really have watched it already but haven’t.
01:11:38.29 Rhys Yeah I Todd and the book of Pure Evil is up next and um, it’s it is slapstick com or Comic Horror comedy. Um, and it’s a Tv series. So um.
01:11:43.18 mindarch Now.
01:11:56.93 Rhys I was starting to think about it and I thought we we’ll probably just talk about it in broadstrokes because if we go through episode by episode this. It’ll be a 4 hour podcast so it it would take us longer to describe each episode than it would just be for people to watch it.
01:12:01.80 mindarch Um, yeah, sick. Yeah, right.
01:12:11.34 mindarch Right? right? we’ll we’ll do some overall everything Um, go ahead.
01:12:15.10 Rhys Yeah, oh and then and then ah we can do an update because I’ve been watching American remakes. Yeah yeah, we could do that.
01:12:22.64 mindarch Oh yeah, that’s right, we could do a whole bonus episode. How’s that that’d be cool. Yeah, okay, maybe we can do that in between season 1 and 2 Ah, yeah, there you go? um and also I mentioned fanom of the paradise to you a movie that was.
01:12:31.49 Rhys Sure little teaser.
01:12:38.14 Rhys You did.
01:12:41.20 mindarch Recommended to me by dean hagland it’s a Seventy s rock Opera in a way it takes ah horror from several stories faust being 1 of them. Um, but over the weekend when I did see dean hagland so name drop I got the talk with dean hagland so I’m very happy about that. But anyway.
01:12:43.96 Rhys Awesome.
01:13:00.00 mindarch I recommended to him to watch suck. Ah because we were talking about comedy horror. So I recommended that to him so in 2 or 3 years if I get to see him again I will follow up with that and see if he actually watched it to be cool all right season nine.
01:13:01.20 Rhys Ah.
01:13:11.29 Rhys Yeah.
01:13:18.59 mindarch Or episode nine man I I think I should have been drinking while we were but talking about this I could have been I don’t know so all right man see ya.
01:13:20.70 Rhys There you go. Maybe you have been. I.