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October is special bonus episode time – a treat for you!

We’ll start off with clips from the wonderful talk that Rhys has given several times called The Horror Diet. No, it’s not our favorite recipes of food from horror movies. I mean, we’ve watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre, so would you really want that?

This is a deep delve into the wonder of horror movies from the master himself. Once you’ve watched, and documented, over 1,200 horror movies, you have become the master and other people want to hear your knowledge. Luckily for us, we don’t have to climb to some peak in the Andes mountains, Rhys is right here and can pass on his fascinating knowledge.

This is a shorter than normal episode because it’s just a couple clips from his talk. I hope this bit may whet your appetite for a larger helping – if interested in having this talk at your event, leave a comment and we’ll get back with you.

Sorry that the sound is a bit less than our normal sound, we did what we could.