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We proudly introduce our 4th season, all about JOBS! Hopefully you’ll like all these horror jobs more than you do yours.

We have a selection of jobs including police officers, teachers, circus performers, and even baby sitters. So sit back and enjoy 10 episodes of horror filled jobs.



Ho Lasagna season four, which neither of us really thought we’d get to in some ways. Oh yeah. Really surprised. Yeah. And we’ve done it in a year and a half, which, sounds like not much time, but it is a lot of time, doing seasons like this is different than pushing the weekly thing.

Rhys: Yeah, it’s about two

Stephen: seasons a year. Yeah, I think we’re doing pretty good. Yeah. It works well. It works with our schedules and lives fairly well. Be able to watch ’em and talk about ’em. So season four is about, what’s our theme? Jobs.

Rhys: Jobs. Everyone’s got one. Everyone hates one. And if you think you’ve had a bad day at work, these movies are gonna change your

Stephen: mind.

Yeah. Yeah. I was just gonna say something like that. If you hate your job, watch a horror movie that’s themed about jobs.

Rhys: Yes. We have 10 selections already lined up and probably already a a bonus film. Yeah. Which I talked to you about earlier. We have on task, we’ve got I think one two.

Two movies about police officers. One where someone, a serial killer considers that his job circus performers a babysitter hitman someone who has a job and doesn’t even really know what it is. And like two two about teachers and two about students okay. Yeah, we a little mishmash.

So yeah. This is gonna be one of the seasons that when you sit there and you’re like, man, my boss was just on my ass today. You can be like at least you didn’t skin me.

Stephen: Yeah. There is always that, look at the positive side. Yeah. So we’ve got jobs this time, so everything will, we’ll try and focus a bit of our talk on the job and how it applies.

But like a lot of the horror movies, the job part is a little superficial at times when it comes down to the rest of the story. It’s just the

Rhys: canvas they paint the movie on. Yeah.

Stephen: Like we’ve said, they, the horror movies are flexible and they could be set in many ways. Bone Tomahawk up to Martyrs, up to, Nope.

So very different movies. Very much all right. There’s our intro season four. Nice.