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Today we are talking about Hatchet. This is not the middle grade kid’s book, this is all horror. This is actually a pretty popular series with several sequels and the head ‘bad guy’ is very popular. And it’s got Robert Englund!

They spent quite a bit of time on this, more so than you would think with this type of movie. This movie is full of cheesy-ness, but in a loving, homage way.

We loved talking about this movie, it’s definitely one to check out.


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[00:00:46] Stephen: Okay, so we’re on, this is episode nine, right? For season two, I think so second. Yeah. We’ve got today hatchet, which is not the middle grade kids book, if it is [00:01:00] something seriously wrong.

[00:01:01] Rhys: Yes. Yeah. Yeah, this is not going to be a movie about high intellectual conversations because hatchet, it’s not a high intellectual

[00:01:11] Stephen: film.

No. In fact, my very first note even says, Hey, look, it starts off like Tucker and Dale. Yeah.

[00:01:19] Rhys: Yeah. This is just a good old fashioned. Love story to the horror movies, the eighties, pretty much. Absolutely.

[00:01:28] Stephen: I, yeah. I said this movie could be the template for cheesy horror movies. It’s every scene is I know what scenes coming next.

I know what they’re going to do next it it’s almost that making fun of itself

[00:01:42] Rhys: thing. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s really what drew, it drew me to it. This is one of those movies that I’d heard about and then sought to go find to watch. It’s at people like it there’s one like six of them or something.

Yeah. There’s actually there’s three sequels to the [00:02:00] original hatchet. There’s hatchet and then hatch it too. And then this might shock you. There’s a hatchet three. And the last one was called Victor Crowley, which is named after the head guy. And there’s also a comic book series started in 2018.

It’s published by American mythology publishing. That’s fine. And fun fact, if you sat down just for one crazy afternoon and watch hatchet two and hatchet three back to back, it is just one long story. Nice. Okay. Over what? Four and a half hours.

[00:02:36] Stephen: Wow. Yeah. Cause it was a shortish one. I mean like an hour 40, maybe I think something like

[00:02:42] Rhys: that.

Yep. This is an American made film. It came out in 2008. It was followed by hatchet two, which came out in 2010 and hatchet three, which came out in 2013. I believe don’t hold my feet to the fire on this, but I believe they shot hatchet and hatch it too at the [00:03:00] same time.

[00:03:01] Stephen: Okay. Oh, that’s popular.

Yeah. Yeah.

[00:03:04] Rhys: Yeah. And like I said it’s an homage to horror movies of the past, not just in name. Also in the cast, look at me being all poetic.

[00:03:15] Stephen: You’re getting like a professional paying you more double it. Yeah. I will. The thing

[00:03:24] Rhys: that really the thing that really drew this to me was that the horror superstars of the past that show up in this just in cameos and things.

It’s amazing.

[00:03:35] Stephen: Yeah. We start right off with Robert England,

[00:03:39] Rhys: not just Robert Angland because Robert England plays guy named Samson and his son is out there in the boat. His name’s Ainslie and Ainsley’s first movie. He was in the Blair witch project. Oh,

[00:03:56] Stephen: nice.

[00:03:56] Rhys: He was the sound guy in the Blair witch project.

[00:03:59] Stephen: So [00:04:00] obviously these guys making this movie they had a very specific plan of what they wanted. You said it’s that love felt Amash and that’s probably why it’s so popular. People feel that. Yeah,

[00:04:14] Rhys: absolutely. When you sit down to watch this, you’re not looking to question. Life’s great questions. You’re sitting around to watch Kane.

Hodder throw people around on a movie set.

[00:04:24] Stephen: Oh yeah. And there’s some gruesome stuff coming up.

[00:04:29] Rhys: Yes. Yeah. The movie was written and directed by a guy named Adam Green. He’s an American, I believe he’s from Massachusetts. He’s from the Northeast. Oh yeah, here on my notes. American director for Massachusetts.

So there you go. Confirm that

[00:04:44] Stephen: crazy how professional you are. Yes.

[00:04:48] Rhys: He’s got 29 directing credits to his name and 28 writing credits. His first movie was called coffee and donuts, which actually went on to become a [00:05:00] television show. Never saw a TV show.

[00:05:04] Stephen: I haven’t really seen it, but it looked humorous. It had a couple of actors.

I recognize like the Jewish guy who ran the donut shop. I totally recognize from past shows. Can’t think of them off the top of my head. And Amy, it looked funny. It was like old Jewish guy running a donut shop and young, urban black guy working for him comedy and stews. You would set up the

[00:05:26] Rhys: cross-cultural.

[00:05:27] Stephen: Yeah, always,

[00:05:28] Rhys: always humorous. Yep. He’s did a lot of television shows and short movies. He did three of the four hatchet movies. He did not do hatchet three and he has writing credits on all four movies. Actually, he wrote part of hatchet three as well. He just wasn’t available to direct it.

[00:05:47] Stephen: And probably even if he wasn’t involved in the years, it says property.

So they probably had to give him a license.

[00:05:53] Rhys: He also had writing credits on the Friday, the 13th video game.

[00:05:58] Stephen: Oh, okay. [00:06:00] I just played that one. We’ve got it.

[00:06:02] Rhys: Yeah. It’s weird because we have come across actors in the past and other movies who have done voiceover for games. It’s the first time we’ve come across somebody who actually wrote one,

[00:06:12] Stephen: which is cool.

Seriously. The game is you got 1% as Jason. Everybody else tries to get away from him and he’s hunting them down. There’s not a lot of story to that. Wow.

[00:06:25] Rhys: What else? What little there

[00:06:26] Stephen: was Adam Green worked on it take.

[00:06:29] Rhys: He says that he wanted to go into directing, went into movies when he was eight and he first saw ITI.

Which takes me back. I don’t know. You guys go back a couple episodes. There was a Spanish director maybe who saw Raiders, the lost Ark. Oh. He was from Ecuador. We had a movie from south America this season. I don’t remember which one it was, but regardless he left to [00:07:00] go to LA to get educated and then went back down there to make movies.

And he did a horror movie, which we reviewed this year. Adam, Green’s the same thing except he was Massachusetts and he was eight years old and he went and he saw ITI and he still considers that to be an amazing film. That was the impetus that got him into making movies. Oddly enough

[00:07:23] Stephen: was the movie mama?


[00:07:27] Rhys: Yeah. Yeah. It’s an American made, it looks like an American film, but it really wasn’t. The character, Victor Crawley, he made up about the same age when he was at summer camp, he would tell kids stories, Victor Crowley to scare her. So this character is something he’s been marinating for decades and finally put into a movie.

[00:07:50] Stephen: And I love that, that you look that stuff up and find that stuff out because it makes the movie all the better for me. I liked those things. And again, [00:08:00] this is the type of movie most of my family probably wouldn’t go see, but knowing something like that, that might intrigue somebody. So that little stuff, he also

[00:08:10] Rhys: credits a twisted sister for teaching him that he could do anything he wanted and how not to take anyone’s shit.


[00:08:19] Stephen: what that video was all about.

[00:08:21] Rhys: That’s right. So ITI and twisted sister and a scary summer camp story, all stirred together in one pot and you get hatchets.

[00:08:30] Stephen: Nice. Okay. Yeah. All the better.

[00:08:33] Rhys: It gets a little more entertaining. One of his producers, her name was Sarah. Finished working on a Friday, the 13th box set.

So she knew how to get ahold of Kane hotter, who played Jason in various Friday the 13th, and asked him to play Victor Crowley. And once he read the script, he was super pumped and got involved.

[00:08:54] Stephen: We’ve got Jason running around one of the versions of Jason’s.

[00:08:57] Rhys: Yes. And as we go through I’ll note, [00:09:00] there’s like certain things that he did personally to help make the movie.

[00:09:03] Stephen: Oh, very nice. Yeah, because obviously if you watch this movie you’ve seen right the 13th, because there’s a lot of similarities.

[00:09:14] Rhys: Yes. One of the awesome things about this movie in my mind is that it’s one of the few movies I can think of that I’ve seen now. I’m sure there’s lots of them out there, but it was a few movies I can think of where Kane hotter plays a role where he’s not wearing any makeup.

Okay. So there’s a flashback scene where we find out how Victor Crowley ended up in the condition. He was his father in that scene is played by Kane hotter, who plays the adult rampaging, Victor Crowley. So nice. Yeah. Tony Todd from Candyman fame Adam Green, huge fan and called Tony Todd’s agent over and over again, and just basically begged him to be involved.

And once he found out how much Adam [00:10:00] loved this concept, he agreed to be in it. So sweet. He had to, so you had Kane haunter, who was they contacted through connections. He got involved, got excited. You have Tony Todd from Candyman. We basically begged to be in the film. And then you have Robert England.

Adam Green was at some industry party somewhere and he was wearing this really rare Marilyn Manson shirt on the back of the shirt. It referenced something that Robert England had been involved in and England happened to be at the party and saw the shirt and came over and was like, that’s a cool shirt.

And so I had him, green light went out, was able to secure a second. One of these really rare shirts and gave it to Robert Angland who agreed to be in this film.

[00:10:53] Stephen: Nice. And I loved his character for the short as it was. It was. [00:11:00]

[00:11:00] Rhys: And those three stars actually have appeared in one other previous movie, which I have yet to see it’s called wish master it’s from 1997.

It’s about an evil gin. Cartoon and special effects.

Oh, I imagine

I want to get my hands on that. So we’ll do a breakdown of the cast here. Kane Hodder plays Victor Crowley. I’ve met the man super nice guy. I met him at a Comicon very large. He looks big on screen, but like when you’re five, nine and standing in front of him, he’s definitely a very big guy, but super like super into the fans and stuff like that.

He’s been in 145 different films and 107 films as a stunt man and

[00:11:52] Stephen: 107 films of the Friday. The 13th series.

[00:11:55] Rhys: No, he hasn’t. When you list them out, it’s only [00:12:00] four, but he’s played Jason more than any other actor.

[00:12:03] Stephen: Okay.

[00:12:06] Rhys: Yeah. His first movie was in 1974 as an actor. It was called California split.

And in 1977, he was a stuntman on the TV show emergency that ended with an exclamation mark. I don’t know if you remember that show he’s watching. It was love it. Cause they would defibrillate somebody every episode. And that was always the coolest thing to me. It’s a little kid, but

[00:12:28] Stephen: clear. That kind of shows where you were leading in life.


[00:12:33] Rhys: Apparently some other titles that he’s been involved with, he was an alligator and hard bodies. The Twilight zone the 1980 series, not the movie. Okay. Hill street, blues house to. His first time is Jason was in Friday. The 13th part is seven. He was also in part eight. He was an alligator too.

And house for, he was [00:13:00] a

[00:13:00] Stephen: house for, oh man. I did not know that

[00:13:04] Rhys: he builds up loyalty for the IPS that he’s involved with. He was an under siege. Jason goes to health Walker, Texas ranger, pumpkin head too. Here’s another one children of the corn five.

[00:13:20] Stephen: I knew there was like nine of those

[00:13:23] Rhys: deep space nine.

He was in an episode of the wonderful world of Disney.

[00:13:29] Stephen: Jason scary monster going around, killing the Musketeers. Right?

[00:13:34] Rhys: I would

[00:13:35] Stephen: watch that one. That’s a really, that’s the banana splits movie that was out a couple of years ago. He was in Daredevil, the one with Ben Affleck, alias, the devil’s rejects behind the mask, the rise of Leslie Vernon chainsaw, maidens from hell.

[00:13:54] Rhys: I just added that one. I’ve never seen it, but the name’s awesome.

[00:13:57] Stephen: It’s great. We’re probably not going to find that one [00:14:00] in the premium racks. Probably

[00:14:01] Rhys: not a Friday, the 13th video game. Freddy versus Jason versus Ash and the Texas chainsaw massacre, the video games. He’s got a lot of work. Yeah. He’s done a lot.

Robert Anglin plays Sampson. Who’s only in the movie for a little bit at the start. And then his corpse towards the end, he was in 168 films. And his first film was bill Buster and Billy in 1974. He was also in an episode of the Hardy boys, Nancy drew mysteries. It is a police story, police woman. He was on soap.

You remember that show on ABC? Back in the day with Billy crystal? Yeah. Charlie’s angels chips, heart to heart Simon and Simon V. And all of that was before a nightmare on Elm street.

[00:14:50] Stephen: Yeah. I’ve seen England in a few old shows and it always it’s very jarring. I see them. I’m like, whoa, wait a second.

[00:14:57] Rhys: A nightmare on Elm street to, you know [00:15:00] what let’s just say. He’s been a nightmare on Elm street and leave it at that,

[00:15:04] Stephen: Jason.

[00:15:05] Rhys: Yeah, he was in night court and MacGyver and Nightrider chatted to the adventures of Ford Fairlane.

Walker, Texas ranger, Babylon five, married with children, the Simpsons charms justice league. He does a lot of voiceover work, a lot of voiceover work. He was in a justice league. He was also in behind the mask, the rise of Leslie Vernon. He was in the Batman. He was in red, the cartoon, the Batman and the spectacular Spider-Man cartoon superhero squad, cartoon bones, Chuck call of duty black ops.

He was, did voiceover there. He was in supernatural. He did voiceover for mortal Kombat, the new Hawaii Five-O criminal minds, lake Placid, the final chapter workaholics lake Placid versus Anaconda [00:16:00]

[00:16:00] Stephen: after the final chapter.

[00:16:03] Rhys: Yes. And he was in stranger things. Robert England again, probably more visibly recognized than Cain hotter.

So you can see him in a wide variety of stuff. Tony Todd, he plays Reverend zombie for just a little snippet in this one. And I believe he’s in the second one. He’s got 242 credits to his name and he started later. He started in 1984 with the movie called sleep. But he was also in platoon, Simon and Simon 21 jump street, lean on me, Mike court MacGyver, neither living dead Matlock star Trek, the next generation.

Then he was in the Candyman and the CRO law and order of the,

[00:16:44] Stephen: yeah.

[00:16:46] Rhys: See, he’s everywhere. The X-Files Candyman farewell to flesh deep space, nine murder. She wrote Beastmaster three Beverly Hills dyno two, one oh, NYP, the blue Xena warrior princess star [00:17:00] Trek, Voyager Hercules that legendary journeys, Babylon five, a called to arm.

Final destination, Smallville crossing, Jordan Andromeda, charmed sci Miami final destination to star Trek. Elite force the game. Yeah. Wait until you get into this guy’s voiceover work. Okay. What’s new Scooby doo Everybody that does voiceovers in the horror industry really should do a Scooby-Doo episode. That just seems like if you don’t you’re not really a, yeah. You haven’t done Scooby-Doo yet. Come on. That’s right. It’s like a Rite of passage. Exactly.

He was in half-life to the video game, 24 transformers, revenge to the fallen star Trek online, the video game, the quiet ones, Marvel superhero squad again, the game, Chuck Hawaii.

Five-O call of duty black ops. A lot of these guys work in the same stuff.

[00:17:58] Stephen: Yeah. Which [00:18:00] I guess makes sense. Popular, you keep getting asked. Cause a lot of those the actors talk about each other, the people running it, directing it they want the people that they know can do the job. They don’t have time to try new people.

So once you get established, you get called for everything and some of those.

[00:18:19] Rhys: Yeah. He was also in Riverdale the flash, the new Candyman, and this one blows my mind. He was in the young and the restless like recently. Wow. And he’s not the only one on this list who went into soap operas late in their career, which I just find to be really fascinating.

[00:18:38] Stephen: From the work standpoint, what better every day, you know where your job’s at and you don’t have to travel around and be away from home and work 15 hour days and stuff. I see the appeal of that after doing 30 years of other stuff, steady

[00:18:55] Rhys: and consistent. Josh Leonard plays Ainslie.[00:19:00]

He’s been in 89 films. The very first of which was the Blair witch project from 1999.

[00:19:05] Stephen: So he’s been in quite a few since that time. That’s pretty good.

[00:19:09] Rhys: He has he was in the outer limits, NYP D blue CSI, New York, CSI, Miami numbers, bones, prom nights, criminal minds. True detective the Bates motel, the 2020 MacGyver.

He also did voiceover work on the Chronicles of Riddick games.

[00:19:27] Stephen: Oh nice. Which was really great game, but really, it just clicked. What you’re telling me is the Blair witch project. Wasn’t real found footage, huh?

[00:19:39] Rhys: Oh no. He’s the guy who found it. Oh, okay. Got it. It’s still real, Steve. Okay.

Deon Redmond plays Marcus.

He’s got 34 credits to his name. He was Kenny in the Crosby show w

[00:19:52] Stephen: oh,

[00:19:53] Rhys: wow. Okay. Yeah, he was on American Playhouse in scream three, not another teen [00:20:00] movie and van Wilder. Joel David Moore plays Ben. He’s the hero slash last girl of the show. He’s been in 90 different things. A Boston public CSI, the Dukes of Hazzard the beginning which actually is probably a lower rated show in my opinion than this movie.

He was in house. He was in a fallout boy video and a Katy Perry video medium avatar, blue skin, Chuck Hawaii, Five-O family guy, grace, the possession. Bones agent of shield and he will be in future Blueskin avatar movies. Two of which have already wrapped. And two more are presently filming. I didn’t know they were going to be five of them.

[00:20:47] Stephen: Why didn’t know that either. I thought there were two more period,

[00:20:50] Rhys: but he plays in all five of them. So

[00:20:52] Stephen: they are, they’re really banking on those being good. If they’ve already done two and they got two more plans, huh? Good luck for them.

[00:20:59] Rhys: [00:21:00] Mercedes McNabb plays Misty. One of the high-end roles in this film she’s been in 35 different films, including the Adams family, Harry and the Hendersons.

The Adams family values, the fantastic four. She played a young Sue storm, touched by an angel Walker, Texas ranger Buffy the vampire Slayer Dawson’s Creek, Boston public supernatural criminal minds. And she’s the blonde in the movie who is like the actress. Who’s not much of an actress,

[00:21:34] Stephen: right? Yeah. The characters are in the movie are great.

They’re so stereotype over the top, again, it’s the template. You have to have this charger, this character this yet. And God, she is so stupid. Yes.

[00:21:48] Rhys: Joe Lee, fewer plays Jenna. She has 20 credits, which is funny to me because in the show, she’s trying to portray herself as this high-end actress [00:22:00] from New York and the actual actress who plays Misty has been in more actual productions than the lady who plays Jenna.

She’s the only thing that you’d recognize her

[00:22:09] Stephen: Wu was really in the moment. That’s

[00:22:12] Rhys: right. I actually quote that as well. She was in nip tuck and CSI, New York and CSI Miami. Those are the only titles you’d know from her list. Joel Murray plays Doug. He was in 104 credits. He was in Scrooge shakes, the clown blossom all the Beethoven films.

[00:22:35] Stephen: The name is that to be like the secondary star under a dog.

[00:22:40] Rhys: Yeah. St. Bernard. He was in the nanny Hercules, the drew Carey show Dharma and Greg Malcolm in the middle of criminal minds. Ghostbusters the video game, shameless criminal mind. Was on there twice. CSI, Miami desperate Housewives. It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, two and a half men mad men, the [00:23:00] 2016, Ghostbusters American gods, big bang theory, curb, your enthusiasm, Grey’s anatomy.

He’s one of those actors who you look at and you’re like, I’ve seen you in something. Maybe I haven’t. Cause you’re just like the quintessential generic middle-aged white guy.

[00:23:16] Stephen: Yeah. I did recognize them. And I’m like, oh yeah, I’ve seen him. I didn’t even bother trying to figure out where, because we see a lot of those that these people are like, I recognize that face.

Not sure where but, and actually this movie is like a lot of the other movies, maybe even more so than some, a lot of these people are extremely experienced and professional and I’ve done it for a while. So it’s not, they’re not just grabbing some buddy that was walking down the street in this one while I can’t say the movies.

The best production produced, written, directed acted movie ever. It is a very solid movie. Oh yeah. People are really good in it. [00:24:00]

[00:24:00] Rhys: The actual stars, the big names of this movie are the ones that you’re not going to recognize. It’s going to be the guy behind the mask and it’s going to be the special effects crew, which we’ll get to in a bit,

[00:24:13] Stephen: which actually for some people listening to the podcast, they may recognize them because we talk about them and that’s the real fans tend to know those things.

[00:24:23] Rhys: All of you guys who had ever had a subscription to Fangoria, you’re going to know these people’s names perry Shen plays. Sean, the shifty, a carnival Barker tour guide. He’s been at 72 credits, including Starship troopers, Caroline in the city Buffy the vampire Slayer, suddenly Susan Beverly Hills 92, 1 oh king, a queen Chicago hope the wild Thornberries Sabrina, the teenage witch.

MCIs Veronica Mars, criminal minds Snowpiercer and CIS Los Angeles. And he’s another guy who went to [00:25:00] soaps. He’s doing general hospital late in his career. His voiceover work though. He was in while we said the wild Thornberries, but he’s does voiceover in world of Warcraft, far cry, three mortal Kombat, 10 Legos, Marvel Avengers, the walking dead, miss Schoen.

The magic, the gathering arena, ghosts Ashima. So this guy has got a lot of voiceover credits to his name in the video game of.

You also have a mirror Azera Goza who plays Mary Beth. Now it’s important in that she only plays Mary Beth in the first film. Mary Beth is a continuing character who shows up in two and three, I believe. And she’s played by somebody else in those she’s been on things like Smallville, Boston, legal monks, supernatural CSI, New York, one tree hill gossip, girl, Danielle Harris who started four of the Halloween films.

She took over for ma for America’s here. It goes playing Mary Beth [00:26:00] in later hatchet films. And I don’t know why I didn’t really dig into it. I don’t know if there’s some scandal there or if just Amera was too busy or something, but Daniel Harris is who does it. And the sequels, this one,

[00:26:13] Stephen: you want to be typecast.

[00:26:15] Rhys: Maybe maybe a gossip girl had her books. She

[00:26:20] Stephen: just couldn’t make it. Maybe

[00:26:24] Rhys: Richard real plays. Jim. He has been in 413 different productions. Holy crap. Starting in 1977 with a film by the great title of joy ride.

[00:26:41] Stephen: Okay. His father that brings to mind several possibilities.

[00:26:46] Rhys: Yeah. His second film was in 1978 and it was called the other side of hell. Dun, duh.

[00:26:56] Stephen: I think that’s where meatloaf is right now.


[00:26:59] Rhys: Yes. [00:27:00] Richard, a real, if you’re trying to picture him while you’re listening to this, he is everybody’s grandpa. He is the knockoff woot Wilford. Brinsley yes. He plays some old guy from the Midwest who’s on vacation. I guarantee you I’ve seen him. Yeah, absolutely. Everything from my two dads, Falcon crest, Dragnet, quantum leap, father Dowling, mysteries, golden girls, Ferris Bueller, the television series, Roseanne fried green tomatoes, the next generation murder.

She wrote LA Los sirens free Willy the fugitive Perry. Mason gets smart. I’m not even to the halfway

[00:27:37] Stephen: mark and just like Brimley, he’s looked like this for 40 years

[00:27:43] Rhys: since 1977. Yes. He is another guy who like, after wrapping star Trek, enterprise and Boston legal jumped into the young and the restless.

Wow. Okay. These guys looking for. [00:28:00] It’s not his first horror movie either. He was in Texas chainsaw, 3d, which it’s pretty much just this movie in Texas. Yeah. I

[00:28:08] Stephen: was watching this. I’m like this guy really liked Texas chainsaw hit me. He shows

[00:28:15] Rhys: up in drunk history, which is a show I enjoy. And he’s in, and I love the name of this film, which I’ve never seen, but Helen Keller versus night wolves he’s

[00:28:25] Stephen: in now, is that anything like pride and prejudice and zombies?

I have no idea. Keller fight something. Supernatural wolves. There’s I really got to see that one. Now I’m marking that down.

[00:28:39] Rhys: Let’s take that one out. His wife in the film is played by Patricka Darbo. She plays Shannon, his wife she’s been on 119 films. And she started in Riptide in 1984. And then she was in different strokes and then she moved into soaps with general hospital and then back out with St.

Elsewhere and punky [00:29:00] Brewster. And it takes two and growing pains, gremlins two Roseanne, married with children. The list goes on. She was in the George Carlin show, which I didn’t even realize he had a show in the nineties.

[00:29:12] Stephen: Yeah. The short time

[00:29:14] Rhys: I figured it wouldn’t last long.

[00:29:16] Stephen: It probably lasts a lot longer nowadays.

[00:29:19] Rhys: Oh, I’m sure. But yeah, she’s been in a million things. And then after she wrapped her role in the big bang theory, she did the bold and the beautiful then the young and the restless and then days of our lives. Wow. So she’s been moving through the soap operas as well, late in her career,

[00:29:36] Stephen: which if you’re doing soap operas, I could see how a nice horror movie would be a good change of pace, yeah. Get back on set for young and the restless you have, like you’re dripping off or something that you forgot to take your makeup. So

[00:29:51] Rhys: the film had a strict, no CGI.

[00:29:56] Stephen: Oh, I okay. See you stuff like that. I, and dear [00:30:00] to my heart, a lot more stuff like that. I

[00:30:02] Rhys: love that they had two exceptions. One was to remove wires.

So they were allowed to CGI wires out and to remove camera setups. So if there’s a camera setup that would actually be in the shot, they removed it with CGI, but everything else or practical effects and employ, they employ the talents of four different special effects coordinators. John Carl Buechler, Dan Edwards, Josh Hakan, and John Montenegro who have worked on 381 films between the four of them over 200 of those are Josh Hakey and alone by himself.

[00:30:41] Stephen: So yeah. This isn’t a super cheesy, low budget movie. It, everything about it was purposeful. Even the cheesiness was purposeful.

[00:30:54] Rhys: The budget was $1.5 million for this film. And it was definitely a [00:31:00] labor of love because it only did 175 grand domestically and 207 grand worldwide. And yet they

[00:31:07] Stephen: made three

[00:31:07] Rhys: more.

Yeah. And the funny thing to me is it open, it released on April 2nd, 2010 in Italy.

[00:31:19] Stephen: I don’t know why.

[00:31:23] Rhys: It would release when did that eight April fool’s day movies come out, that those get released around those times. I don’t remember avoiding it or something. Go for October though. Save it in the vault for six more months.

You’re, don’t even worry about what you’re going up against. Cause you know, people who are seeing this are gonna come to see it, no matter what. There is an unrated version out there that circulates it’s only got about an extra minute of gore that they had to cut for the release so that it’s not a whole lot.

The tagline, when it was released, I love [00:32:00] this was, it’s not a remake. It’s not a sequel and it’s not based on a Japanese one.

[00:32:09] Stephen: I, again, I love that. And that speaks right to the fans. Anyone who watches horror movies, cheesy horror movies would immediately. Say that I love that I didn’t get that

[00:32:20] Rhys: rationally back in like 2010.

When you had the ring and the grudge, all of this stuff,

[00:32:27] Stephen: all this stuff, I’ve seen the grudge probably more times in this house than any other horror movie in the last 10 years. Just because Gina and everybody else that’s like a popular favorite. So it’s oh, the grudge, when was the last time we saw that?

Oh, we’ve watched. I don’t remember it. Let’s watch it again. Let’s watch the remake. Let’s watch that another, oh my God. Okay. I’m done with the grudge. Yeah

[00:32:51] Rhys: It was a pretty good faithful American remake. Yeah. 10 times. So it’s a little look strain.

[00:32:59] Stephen: [00:33:00] Yeah. I think we have three versions of the first movie, the Japanese, and then two different American versions.

One’s unrated extended and one’s regular. I think one was widescreen one wasn’t

[00:33:13] Rhys: yeah. W we’ll say have a Jew on discussion for another day because there’s all kinds of stuff going on in those films.

[00:33:21] Stephen: You can do a whole Juwan bonus episode. We could maybe that’d

[00:33:24] Rhys: be the bonus episode

[00:33:25] Stephen: for

[00:33:25] Rhys: This film was shot in new Orleans and the surrounding areas and to keep gawkers away.

I don’t know who would be out looking for them, but they listed the movie as love rodeo during production, so they could film it without a horror film fans trying to track them down. And I do understand that because they have three of the biggest, most icon I can graphic horror stars in the movie.

So I can just see groupies, like following the whole thing around.

[00:33:59] Stephen: [00:34:00] It’s interesting because when I’ve watched it, I’m like, Aw, man, should’ve watched this one before I went to new Orleans in October, I would have went to some of these locations and taken pictures. Yeah. I recognized some of the streets.

I recognize some of the buildings and other stuff that was in the movie. I’m like, that looks familiar to me. I was like, oh, I could have taken pictures. And we could’ve had it associated. Yeah.

[00:34:23] Rhys: And for as wonderfully hokey as this film is it’s still wrapped up six awards in one nomination between three different festivals.

Adam Green got some Kane. Hodder got some and Joe Buechler, the stunt coordinator got some

[00:34:39] Stephen: Kane hotter has a really good tricker tree house to go to. He lives on a ranch. So I imagine it’s secluded.

Come on. I would so do that. Yeah. I


[00:34:50] Rhys: not turn down an invitation to go to Cain hotters house for Halloween.

That would be super awesome course. Watch he like does nothing for it. He’s just [00:35:00] I’m just shutting the turn on the security. I don’t want anybody to stop it, but

[00:35:05] Stephen: it’s too scary.

[00:35:06] Rhys: Yes. So the movie opens with Samson and Ainslie and a boat in the swamp. And so here’s two of the cameos right off the bat.

They’re hunting for a massive alligator. I don’t know if they actually named the alligator while they’re hunting

[00:35:24] Stephen: for her. That’s a different horror movie.

[00:35:28] Rhys: Kane Hodder was in that one. And I will say one of the things, if you go through my giant list of horror movies, one of the things that gets noted a lot is I hate how horror movies will depict people in the country.

Everybody who lives in the country is some redneck rebel flag, waving idiots who like eats possum off the road and chews tobacco and sleeps with their sister. In this case, though, I’m [00:36:00] perfectly fine with it.

Cause they are, they’re both chewing tobacco and they’re portrayed as all swamp people are typically portrayed is very characteristic. Ainsley has to pee. And so first he tries standing up in the boat to pee, which I’m like anybody who has actually lived in an alligator filled swamp, knows not to do.

Not because of what happens next, the alligator like leaps for him. And so he falls back into the boat, but because you don’t want to fall out of the boat and to alligator filled waters. So

[00:36:31] Stephen: he gets out big flat bottom boats and there’s still enough. Yeah. Yeah. He

[00:36:37] Rhys: gets out of the boat to pee.

When he comes back, he finds a Sampson, has been disemboweled on the shore. And like they don’t shy away. They get the camera right in. You can see Oregon’s and things like that. It’s very, it’s It’s an assault on the eyes is what it is

[00:36:56] Stephen: just be prepared because the, it goes up from [00:37:00] there. Everything over the top, gruesome and cheesy.

[00:37:03] Rhys: Yes. After that shot about maybe 30 seconds. Ainsley’s attacked. He’s cut in half and his spine is ripped out of his back. So

[00:37:11] Stephen: it was cut in half. They’re ripping them apart and he’s screaming and you’re watching the blood like spatter everywhere.

[00:37:18] Rhys: Yes. Yeah. And the camera lovingly like lingers on the bore and these shots really credit to the special effects team, cause we’re gonna really show these guys off. And then we cut to bourbon street during Mardi Gras. And you have a group of friends winding through the crowd of those friends, Marcus and Ben are the only two who factor into the rest of this movie. The rest of them are just, they’re like part of a gang of five.

One of them was Adam Green, who is the director. Okay. He’s the one who’s wearing the ganja necklace. Got it. Ben is wearing a t-shirt that is sporting a logo of this funny smiley [00:38:00] face on it is the Loeb logo for a company called Newbury comics. It is a comic book chain in new England that Adam Green frequents, when he buys comic books and horror stuff.

So remember when we’re talking about murder earlier, there you go. That’s perfect placement, right? Nice. They wind their way out to a sidewalk. There’s I dunno, you’re maybe 10 minutes into the film. There’s some gratuitous boob shot of some girl pulling her top up at Mardi Gras.

[00:38:28] Stephen: One it’s Mardi Gras.

If you like, dude, watch the beginning of the movie. Yeah. Yeah. W shoot

[00:38:33] Rhys: pretty much up to the halfway mark. There’s lots of boobs in

[00:38:36] Stephen: this field. That’s true. It’s from movies. So that’s more stylistic, but that’s right.

[00:38:46] Rhys: They are all drinking. And so they hit that slasher film, trifecta of gore sex and substance abuse all within the first 10 minutes of the movie.

Bam. All these people can die. Now you got to get

[00:38:59] Stephen: it out of the way. [00:39:00]

[00:39:01] Rhys: Everyone seems to be having fun, except for Ben is getting over this hard breakup from a real long time. And Marcus is trying to be as good friend, and he goes with them while he’s tries to seek some more obscure entertainment, new Orleans.

He’d heard about a haunted swamp tour. And so they’re going to go hunt it down and it’s run by Reverend zombie. So they hunt him down on some Backstreet outcomes, cameo number three, within the first 15 minutes. It’s Reverend zombie. And he’s he’s out of business now because someone slipped on his boat and Sue.

So he doesn’t do tours anymore. So he sends them to see a Marie

[00:39:43] Stephen: Laveau now the house there that they knock on, not the house, the door and the street and all that. I completely recognized that. And I was looking it up, trying to find out what it really is. There are lots of doors and stuff that don’t have signs above [00:40:00] them, but I was looking in the background and some of the other signs hanging up, looked familiar, the pink color looked familiar.

So I’m like, I know I walked right past that when I was down there, but I couldn’t find anywhere where it said the location where that actually

[00:40:16] Rhys: was. That’s the danger of the French quarter too. Because when you’re down there, the architecture is so similar and you go from place to place.

You can very easily end up lost just because this block looks exactly like that. One, three blocks ago, I’ve been walking. When we were down there, we went to some restaurant and I can’t remember the name of them. And they were probably glad that I can’t just because of the story, there was like, no sign on the outside, but you went in and it was packed.

And we were sitting on the upstairs and it was packed. And while we’re sitting there like a mouse ran across the floor and like the wait staff is trying to catch it. Some patrons are actively leaving and we’re like, yeah, [00:41:00]

[00:41:00] Stephen: what are you going to do? The food was good.

[00:41:03] Rhys: He sends them to see Marie Laveau, they show up there’s two girls out front.

One of them is throwing up and Marcus still hits on him anyways, as he walks in. So we’ve set the tone of what Marcus his character is, right? He’s the one dog inside. We find Misty and Jenna topless posing for Doug who was videotaping them. And then he tries to throw some direction at them.

And when he does, we see how much they hate each other. Smitten.

[00:41:37] Stephen: And I do believe that may have really been the Marie Laveau shop. Cause it looked like when I was there and we were in it,

[00:41:47] Rhys: you are correct. I’m pretty sure I came across a fact somewhere where they were referencing the fact that was the shop. Yeah. But like it men comment below, if a, it really [00:42:00] wasn’t let us know.

So there’s this whole theme that emerges in this shop. And the whole theme is like falsehood for profit, because Doug’s not really shooting a movie. These girls are ever going to get paid for. And then you’re introduced to Sean who is pretending to be Cajun with the worst accent anywhere.

[00:42:18] Stephen: He was great, though.

[00:42:20] Rhys: He was fabulous as a character and the actor did a great job. Ben pays for it, he and Marcus to go. And it’s 40 bucks a pop and they get on the bus and off they go. And there’s three people already on the bus. You have Jim and Shannon. You have the typical Midwestern cup who were there.

They’re all excited, super friendly. Mary Beth types at all in this movie.

Yeah. Yeah. Mary Beth is sitting in the back in her combat boots and green military jacket staring out the window, not talking to anybody. Marcus proceeds to sit next to Jenna, one of the two girls who was topless in the shop because Marcus and Ben ends up sitting next to Mary Beth, where he [00:43:00] awkwardly introduces himself compliments her name and tries to make small talk to the point that Marcus finally just smacks him in the back of the head multiple times. Yes. He asks her if she’s enjoying Mardi Gras, he keeps on trying until she eventually just asks him to stop putting out that she paid $30 for the tour.

And then Ben’s 30. Cause he paid 40. So there’s something very wrong.

[00:43:25] Stephen: No, that sounds typical down there.

[00:43:28] Rhys: And another homage to like the early horror movies of the seventies. There’s this travel montage with some very bouncy, happy music like you watch the original, last house on the left know west Craven did that.

The music certainly did not fit with the action that was going on in the movie because the music was like happy. And you’re like oh my God, what are they doing?

[00:43:50] Stephen: It’s jarring

[00:43:51] Rhys: that way. Yeah. It’s a nod to that with the bouncy music as a riding along some of

[00:43:56] Stephen: these, I was going to say, I must say when that bus is [00:44:00] driving through the streets, I was walking around early morning, middle of the day, late at night.

I don’t remember the streets ever be in. Clear that biz non-business.

[00:44:10] Rhys: Yeah. Some of the music was written and performed by Marilyn Manson,

[00:44:14] Stephen: which I thought was great. It started right off with that. After England got killed, it’s really

[00:44:19] Rhys: funny because he’s credited with performing them, but he used a pseudonym for the fact that he wrote them, which I really don’t get.

If you’re going to go to the trouble of performing them, why don’t you want people to know you wrote it, but they use this time to fill the characters out a bit. Not that there’s a whole lot of filling out, marcus and Jenner are working on a Hey girl. We’re going to get together after this whole thing.

Doug turns out makes girls gone wild style films called Bayou beavers, which again, it’s a lie. And Jim and Shannon are just these chatty retirees and Sean. Trying to give tours. And Jim and Shannon actually know the facts about the [00:45:00] things he’s saying, and they’re constantly like correcting him on the way.


[00:45:04] Stephen: get into the, what other thing are they go past cemetery? Number one, I did go past that and saw that’s the one where Nicholas cage has this pyramid in. Was actually a criticism of a film by some people, because if you left Marilla Vose, it would not take you that long to get to cemetery.

[00:45:26] Rhys: Number one. So it wouldn’t be dark by the time you were going past it. Like they depict.

[00:45:31] Stephen: I wondered about that. And also the Armstrong state. I walked past that too. I think I a picture pretty much the same one they used in the. They get to the swamp and Sean’s in a hurry to get on the boat in an effort to save money.

[00:45:46] Rhys: This is what I’m talking about. Kane hotter, really being into this. He gave them his 1982 Kawasaki JS five 50 jet ski, and they basically took that and some barrels and some plywood and built the boats out of that [00:46:00] instead of having to buy an actual pontoon boat to take

[00:46:03] Stephen: to her on, which made it look even better.

That’s awesome. Yeah. The whole thing is hilarious. It’s like hand lettering and yeah. Sean’s trying to get the boat started and there’s this guy who Sean calls Jack cracker. He’s trying to tell him that swamps closed and look out for Victor Crowley. Jack cracker was played by John Carl Buechler, one of the special effects lead guys.

[00:46:28] Rhys: Nice. Sean ignores him drives away. He says y’all gonna die as they’re pulling away. And then it takes a swig from a hand urinal. I know why you would keep your alcohol and in a

[00:46:41] Stephen: hand your hurdle. No. He said earlier the tour guide guy said, oh, ignore him. He’s just one of the locals that drink their own piss and stuff.

So nice catch.

[00:46:53] Rhys: Sean has all these bad guide puns and Marcus is complaining to Ben that the trips lame and [00:47:00] Ben’s just give it time.

[00:47:04] Stephen: Right?

[00:47:05] Rhys: He shines a light on this abandoned house in a barn and says, this is where Victor Crowley hatchet face. And he like gives a rough story about how, as a child, his father went crazy and hit him in the face with a hatchet, killing him.

And if you’re around, late at night, you can hear Victor crying out for his father. And then Mary Beth corrects him and says, The right story. And it’s not even the right house. And Sean loses it just a little bit as he goes into this kind of tirade in Chinese. And then they continue on he points out a place where a pirate was supposed to have been buried.

And he’s talking about Willow wisps are floating about, and Jim of course has the actual reason that swamp gas, not ghosts and Shaun relents and turns the lights back on, on the boat. And when he does, there’s this hooking figure on the shore that fades into the darkness and people freak out [00:48:00] and Sean’s yeah, Hey look, scary stuff.

[00:48:04] Stephen: I’m taking advantage.

[00:48:05] Rhys: Doug stops for another gratuitous boob scene, which ends with Jenna saying that Misty’s wounds are so not in the moment to which Jenna replies that Missy’s nipples are down. I don’t know how one has done.

[00:48:22] Stephen: But her own character, everything about it, I’ll call the police cause they’ll call the cops.

No, it’s not.

[00:48:31] Rhys: Yeah. Ben still trying to force conversation with Mary Beth. And she gives the impression to the audience that she actually knows what’s going on. She knows more about what’s going on out here. She’s the mysterious figure in this. Sean interrupts him by getting the boat foundered on some rocks.

And then it starts to rain just to add insult to injury

[00:48:54] Stephen: with J and Quintz pretty quickly actually it just yeah,

[00:48:58] Rhys: the rain is on and off [00:49:00]

[00:49:00] Stephen: whenever it’s kicking and screaming, but not

[00:49:02] Rhys: later, whenever it’s convenient, it rains. While they’re trying to push the boat off the rocks, it starts to sink.

And they’re going to walk across this tree branch and Jim’s going to prove that it can be done and he gets about halfway off and then halfway across and then slips and falls on his crotch. And then a Gator jumps up and grabs his leg. And I do have to say, I expected him to just be eaten the first time I saw this.

But no before it conceal the deal, Mary Beth shoots it in the head and tells people to get him on shore. Cause the blood in the water will draw more Gators. I don’t know about that.

Missy’s having a hard time getting across and dug in his rush to get off the boat. Accidentally pulls Misty and Marybeth and himself into the water. And panic ensues. Now this is one of those great scenes where they’re floundering out in the water and you can actually see that it’s maybe 18 inches deep.

But of course, Doug’s the last one out running away from some giant Gator that’s [00:50:00] coming up to chase after him, but the party gets a safe distance away. And then they start to fight all fighting amongst themselves. This is only the second tour Sean’s ever done. He’s from Detroit and his brother told him it was an easy way to make money.

Mary Beth has a gun with her because she took the tour boat hoping to get a glimpse of Sampson’s boat. And Samson is her father and Ainslie was her brother. And she came out to look at.

[00:50:28] Stephen: Now this scene also, when we find that out, if you remember back when they were at the beginning talking and the Robert England’s character Sampson even said, wow, I wish you were more like your sister.

This is a sister carrying the gun shooting the

[00:50:43] Rhys: that’s. She tells them they have to get out of the woods cause their victim, Victor Crowley’s woods. And then there’s the flashback. And Kane hotter is playing Victor Crowley in this and Victor Crawley was born. So horribly deformed that Victor kept him hidden.

And he’s your [00:51:00] typical swamp mutant kind of deformed kid, right? Giant head all goofy. The kid

[00:51:05] Stephen: was played the cheesy horror version of the movie mask.

[00:51:10] Rhys: Yes. Yes. The kid was played by Ryan, Leah Vanderbilt, who is some top end actress who like played wonder woman for some shorts and things like that.

She was on set, helping Bueller Buechler, tryout, latex effects. And they just kept building on top of the effects until they got the look they wanted, but the latex had already formed to her face. So she’s the one who plays the young Victor Crowley, which is funny, especially when you like look at it and then you look at pictures of her and you’re like, what?

That’s a lot of latex.

[00:51:48] Stephen: I think the other two girls had some other enhancements themselves. Yeah.

[00:51:53] Rhys: Kids on Halloween night, we’re trying to get Victor to come out of his house so they could get a look at him and they threw firecrackers at his [00:52:00] house and it caught fire. And as it’s burning, his dad tries to chop through the door to get him. And when he does, he hits Victor in the face with an ax and Victor dies.


[00:52:11] Stephen: I got to say, like we said, the whole movie is a tongue-in-cheek homage to every other horror movie. It’s a template. And even down to this origin story, it’s wow, that’s the worst origin story ever.

[00:52:25] Rhys: Yeah, not enough. He could just be burn down in the house. He has to get hit in the face with an ax.


[00:52:32] Stephen: they’re two inches away from my wind.

Come on, get the point and the things, the door is burning, so he can’t get it open. Really? That kind of weakens the door. Doesn’t it.

[00:52:47] Rhys: The father becomes a recluse and then dies. And ever since then people have been disappearing out of the swamp and they’re presently right in front of Crowley’s house. They just so happened to be standing right in [00:53:00] front of the crown castle.

[00:53:01] Stephen: And that scene there again, she’s no, it’s that one bump ball.

The music was great at all the intense scenes. Speaking of Scooby doo right out of it. Yeah.

[00:53:14] Rhys: Now they had for the house, cause there’s a road out of the swamp on the other side of it,

[00:53:19] Stephen: like miles

[00:53:20] Rhys: away. Yeah. Some people believe the story. Some people don’t as they go on, they hear Victor cry in the night and then Marcus stops.

Jim because Jim’s limping because his leg was bit by an alligator to head to the back of the line. So Shannon takes this place and the two of them head towards the house and just those two are heading towards the house, Mary Beth, trying to get them to come back and they won’t and Victor comes running

[00:53:47] Stephen: out.

I said, we’ve got to go pass the house.

[00:53:50] Rhys: But they shouldn’t go to the house. Fixture comes running into the house with this bizarre acts and hacks Jim to pieces. And he ripped Shannon’s head open [00:54:00] like with his bare hands.

[00:54:02] Stephen: And again, none of this is, oh, I’m just going to hedge it. You fall dead.

I’m going to keep hatching. You too. You’re half. And I ripped the top part of your torso off and it will take your wife’s head, pull it back and then twist it off, like in a circle. So blood goes everywhere, definitely over the top special effects going on.

[00:54:21] Rhys: Yeah.

Then Mary Beth shoots him square in the chest and he goes down and she runs away. Which wonder why she didn’t do that before he ripped Shannon’s head off, but

[00:54:35] Stephen: they had the scream.

[00:54:36] Rhys: Yeah. So the axes holding his hatchet sized, which is a single handle hat X type thing, but you’d never have a double bidded hatchet.

[00:54:48] Stephen: I thought that was weird. It was

[00:54:51] Rhys: bizarre amalgam of an acts that he’s got

[00:54:54] Stephen: and considering the title, that’s like the only time he uses the damn thing to kill somebody. [00:55:00] Yeah, it should really be hatchet and other stuff for the dental

[00:55:05] Rhys: and the acts that they have on the cover of the box and the posters.

Isn’t a hatchet either. It’s an ax, but whatever technical Mary Beth running, she runs into Ben and the rest of the group and more panic ensues.

[00:55:17] Stephen: Now, right here, they were running away screaming. They had to stop. Cause they got a little out of breath. I’m like, okay. So here’s our tip of the day for anybody that ever thinks should go be in a living horror movie, go watch zombie land and write down the rules.

Number one, double cab, number two, cardio. Those two things would have saved so many people from all these movies we watch, they run away and they’re out of breath. Oh, come on. Yeah.

[00:55:45] Rhys: Marcus climbed a tree from up there. He can actually see new Orleans, so they have a direction to head. And now they notice that Doug is missing.

So Doug’s on his way. Marcus falls out of the tree, [00:56:00]

[00:56:01] Stephen: half a mile down a hill.

[00:56:02] Rhys: Yeah. Doug is hiding in a Bush on his own when the shadow goes by and he runs out directly into the waiting arms of Victor who twists his head off. All the way. Yeah. In the meantime, Marcus and Sean start fighting and Jenna finds Doug’s camera bag going through the bag.

[00:56:24] Stephen: This is here.

[00:56:26] Rhys: Yeah. Going to bag, it turns out Doug’s not a real movie producer. There’s a shock. And then she kicks the bag and Jenna starts crying and the group just continues on

[00:56:36] Stephen: Which again is okay, we got to put the. Typical scene in. We have to this is an actual one complaint about the whole movie is considering it was new Orleans.

They went to Marie Laveau shop. They talked about the voodoo and all that. I would have wanted a little more mystical voodoo to bring them back to life. Something that they accidentally triggered an ancient [00:57:00] ritual or something like that. That’s a stupid, minor complaint that nobody else probably really cares about.

It’s just, it seemed like they missed that opportunity.

[00:57:09] Rhys: You want the theme of the locale to go with the theme of the film?

[00:57:12] Stephen: They bring up all this stuff earlier, but they don’t bring it back later. That’s the storytelling things, if you’re going to do it here, make sure it’s a part of what comes later.

[00:57:21] Rhys: Yeah. Yeah. I suppose I watched a film the other night. The name escapes me. It was German and. It was like, they couldn’t decide what they wanted it to be. So like the evil force was like this mind controlling fungus, but it was also a, Z-Man almost alien, a cult thing all happening at the same time. And I’m like, you guys just need to pick a lane and stay in it.

But so Ben’s oh, he must be dead. And then they trip right over Doug’s body. Missy finds her phone and it turns out they’d been going in circles or back at the Crowley estate. And then,

[00:57:58] Stephen: well, Scott [00:58:00] Smith guy or whatever called her. Oh my gosh.

[00:58:02] Rhys: Ben and Mary Beth go into the house to look for weapons. They find a whole bunch of preserved critters. Mary Beth finds her brother and her father just in a pile back there and then they moved back. And there’s a Bush behind Jenna that moves and everyone’s looking nervously at it, Martin,

[00:58:21] Stephen: like what?

It’s right behind your don’t move. That’s the perfect advice. Yeah.

[00:58:27] Rhys: Marcus is the hero. He goes to look into it and finds that it’s a raccoon. And then Victor comes out from a Bush on the other side and takes a belt grinder to Jenice phase. I don’t know that anybody ever considered where he’s getting the electricity for his belt grinder, but I, I kept wondering why it sounded more like a chainsaw one of those gas powered belt

[00:58:47] Stephen: grinders.

Yeah. That sounds like a chain. Ben

[00:58:50] Rhys: hits him with a shovel to stop the attack. Then he takes a shovel and knocks off Sean’s leg and then his head with it. And then in pails, Jen on the handle. [00:59:00]

[00:59:00] Stephen: Yeah. That’s so that’s some strength. Yeah.

[00:59:03] Rhys: Everybody else keeps moving. They’re arguing about where to go victors.

Victor shows up and then Ben stabs him with a Pitchfork. Ben is like two for two so far. Maybe that’s a shot. The guy he grabs Missy’s lighter and wants to get some cans, gasoline from the shed back at Crowley’s and they go about this in a sensible manner. This is Ben’s going into the shed.

Misty’s watching the entrance form and Mary Beth and Marcus are back to back weapons out under doing really well. Then Marcus decides he’s going to try and call Victor out

[00:59:44] Stephen: to distract him. Wait, you’re 10 feet away from where you’re trying to distract them. Just shut the hell up.

[00:59:54] Rhys: Misty on the other hand to look out for Ben gets cut apart and Victor attacks, Ben [01:00:00] and Marcus and Mary Beth come to his rescue. He soaks Victor and gasoline and Ty tosses the lighter. And Victor’s just aimlessly shambling about on fire. Yeah. And then the swamp takes pity on him and it starts to rain again.

[01:00:14] Stephen: Because again, he can’t just be dead now

[01:00:19] Rhys: we’ve got a strong plot front coming in from the west, expects some rain.

[01:00:27] Stephen: We’ll just throw this at well but at least it rained earlier. So they were setting that up. It’s not like now it suddenly rains.

[01:00:35] Rhys: Yeah. The party runs away and finds themselves into greater.

And it’s funny because Adam Green’s name is on the crypt. There’s a couple producers, Sarah Elbert and Corey Neil, their name’s Ron gravestones. So you know, the little nod to the crew, they see an exit and Victor shows up and you have this chase through the cemetery.

[01:00:59] Stephen: That was the only [01:01:00] doorway out you’re in a swamp folks. The whole thing is not surrounded by a gate. Yes.

[01:01:07] Rhys: Yeah. Hail let’s get married. Beth. He tackles Benny drills into his mouth. Marcus gets him off Ben. Then Victor gets Marcus and Mary Beth pulls him off Marcus by stomping on his burn wounds.

And the group takes off again. They stopped to catch your breath and then there’s Victor and he grabs Marcus and Marcus is.

[01:01:28] Stephen: Yeah. Oh, gruesomely too, man. He’s slammed them against stuff and blood flies everywhere. Yeah.

[01:01:35] Rhys: Mary Beth and Ben runoff being the only two survivors Ben stops to vomit and Josh, David Moore actually did throw up.

Wow. Yes. Yeah, but they also had cold clam chatter and orange juice mixed together just in case he couldn’t that’s

[01:01:53] Stephen: hopefully just throw on the ground. He wasn’t supposed to eat it cold clam chowder. [01:02:00]

[01:02:00] Rhys: They head back to the river and they find Mary Beth’s dad’s boat. And they’re talking about getting in and then Victor pulls a fence pole off of the cemetery fence, frozen through the air and a perfect arc.

And it pins Ben’s foot to the ground.

Victor comes running towards them and Ben sacrifices, his foot by bending the pole downward. So it’s facing Victor and pails himself on it and dies. And

[01:02:28] Stephen: even that I feel was a purposeful choice in how to kill him because it’s as cheesy as any Jason death murder. And some of the things you want it just come on, he runs right into it and impales himself, and now he’s suddenly completely dead.

I just feel that they made that choice so purposefully to get it just like that.

[01:02:52] Rhys: And then Ben and Mary Beth climb into the boat and start to row out. And then Mary Beth has this little breakdown [01:03:00] and ends up falling into the water. And she’s struggling to get up and Ben’s hand reached down into the water, and if you don’t know, what’s about to happen, shame on you.

She grabs his hand and it pulls up to real for feel that Ben is lying in the boat, missing his left arm. And Victor Crowley has his arm and his been using it to pull Mary Beth up and roll the credits. That is the end of the first

[01:03:27] Stephen: hatchet and w and the end, there was a little homage to the first Friday, 13th movie with the boat, Jason getting them.

So I liked that again, there’s probably a Easter eggs just everywhere. If you’ve watched movies, you’d probably pick up even more, even the alligator thing at the beginning yeah.

[01:03:49] Rhys: Yeah. It’s a. It is definitely a film for fans of horror movies. And if you’re not a horror, like one of [01:04:00] the eighties, nineties slasher film fans, you will find this movie to be ridiculously stupid.

You’ll be like, I just don’t get it wired.

[01:04:08] Stephen: Why are you enjoying this? It’s a little bit like watching kill bill or something. If you don’t understand the tongue in cheek newness of it, you’re going not like it. I know people that, like that was a stupid movie. This is the same thing.

[01:04:21] Rhys: And that’s the nice thing about this is it’s more of an inside joke.

So I could sit down with anybody and watch Tucker and Dale, and they will find it funny because Tucker and Dale is a horror comedy flat out. Yeah. It’s obvious while you’re watching it, this on the other hand, like portrays itself as like your typical slasher horror movie. And once you get into it, you’re either like, this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen, or this is actually.

Beautifully farcical film that is poking fun at horror movies. It’s not such a blatant thing that you could actually call it a horror [01:05:00] comedy.

[01:05:02] Stephen: True? Yes. Like Tucker and Dale. Yeah if I had seen this, I would’ve said, I’ll race, you gotta go see this, but I probably wouldn’t tell most of the rest of my family.

[01:05:12] Rhys: It’s my kids sometimes like to watch horror movies, this isn’t what I’m going to recommend for them. Not for the martyrs reason. I’m not going to recommend it because it’s, if you’re not into it, it’s a waste of an hour.

[01:05:28] Stephen: You can, again, like kill bill. If you don’t understand the, a homage to all the samurai movies and the westerns and the over the top special effects and stunts, then like my parents they’re like, this was a stupid movie.

I’m like, how can you say it was stupid? It was awesome. I loved it. But you got to understand it.

[01:05:49] Rhys: And all that being said, you could sit down and watch this movie cold and love it.

[01:05:55] Stephen: Yeah. If you liked fighting the 13th. You probably [01:06:00] would like this too. Yeah, absolutely. You can’t say it’s not like it.

It is, again, it is the absolute, typical, cheesy horror movie

[01:06:11] Rhys: built to be it. Yeah. And I know I said that you could sit down and watch one, two and three backs back and it’s one continuous story. That might be a bit much, even for me. I don’t know that I could do that, but

[01:06:25] Stephen: oh yeah. All right.

So we got one more left. We’ve got one

[01:06:28] Rhys: more left. What’s a vinegar, the sign, just everybody visiting new Orleans,

everybody visiting a tourist location. Yup. The next one is attack the block. And the visitor there is what you would typically think of when you hear horror movie and visitors is aliens visiting London.

And again, a tongue in cheek film, just a foreign when this time.

[01:06:53] Stephen: And I must say, when you say horror movies with the theme of visitor, just about everybody has said, oh, aliens. [01:07:00] No, not really. We’ve got visitors all over the place for various reasons.

[01:07:05] Rhys: We finally getting around to the aliens.

[01:07:07] Stephen: We didn’t have was like a S Symbio movie.


[01:07:17] Rhys: Grabbers wasn’t too far off. There’s a lot of good ones out there. Slither splice. I mean that you could watch that are in the theme, but again I was going for a ones that I knew you hadn’t seen. And we already had some funny ones in here, so I’ve left slither out.

Although Nathan Fillion you can’t miss with Nathan Fillion

[01:07:39] Stephen: No. Hey we mentioned Alan tunic in this episode too. So there you go. That’s I’ll say it I’ve said it in other places. If they’re doing a quantum leap. It’s gotta be Nathan Fillion and Alan tunic, or I’m not really interested. There we go.

All right, man. So take the block. We’ll get that out soon. Good to go. Alrighty. Thanks.