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To end season 01, we present to you a horror comedy TV show. If you like corny, cheesy, tongue in cheek humor, this is the show for you.

Our discussion centers around the main themes of the movie with a brief overview of some of the episodes. There are plenty of immature jokes and bad special effects, but the episodes are quite fun and enjoyable – if you aren’t looking for the most top quality production. But that’s why we like it.

This is a great example of someone making an original film which then grows into something more. While we only cover season 01 here, there are 2 seasons and a post series animated movie. If you think Southpark and The Simpson’s are low brow humor, you may not like Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. Otherwise – You’ll Love It!

NOTE: there is about a 30 second drop out from Rhys in this episode. Sorry.


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Stephen 0:50
So Todd All right. So as of this episode, we have feed streams going, we have all the episodes except this one and we might have a bonus since everybody’s been asking for that bonus episode.

Rhys 1:06
Oh, that’s right.

Stephen 1:07
Yeah, we like to please our audience. So

Rhys 1:13
well, this is Episode 10. And I think no matter how many seasons we go, this one’s going to be unique, because this one is a horror comedy television series.

Stephen 1:27

Rhys 1:29
This is Todd in the book of pure evil,

Stephen 1:32
which, just from the name of it, I would have watched it, you know, cuz my movie and horror sensibilities kind of were defined at age 12. And they have not evolved. So

Rhys 1:44
then this is the show for you. It was perfect. It’s a Canadian television series from September of 2010. And it’s based on an 18 minute short buy. From the same with the same name.

Stephen 2:03
Beach, I could not find we couldn’t really there was one place that said you can watch online, but it uses flash, and everybody has stopped using Flash. So I’m watching.

Rhys 2:13
Yeah, it’s that was actually funded through a Canadian film grant.

Stephen 2:20
We’ve watched a lot of those this season.

Rhys 2:23
Yes. So that for any of you Canadians listening that this is the result of your hard tax dollars at work.

Stephen 2:31
I bet they’re proud. They should be.

Rhys 2:35
The series ran for two seasons, and then was dropped. And like any good serial horror comedy show, it leaves you on a cliffhanger at the end of every season. And so there were enough fans clamoring to see how the whole series ended that they started an Indiegogo campaign. And it helped fund an animated feature called Todd the book of pure evil, the end of the end, that would wrap up the story,

Stephen 3:08
right, which I think I think somewhere I got a copy of it. So we could watch that too. Yeah, and second season, it’s been on shutter. But for whatever reason, the shutter subscription through Amazon had it available and now it’s not so I don’t know if they took it off shutter itself or it’s just Amazon subscription. So hopefully, we’ll get to watch the very important second season I mean, my life will not be complete it

Rhys 3:37
it’s one of those kind of shows that it does kind of suck in you’ll be sitting there and the episodes are only about 22 minutes long. And so you’ll be watching it the next thing you know, you’ll watch six of them and you’ll be like what in the world just happened, right? The original short was made by two guys named Craig David Wallace and Max read. Max read kind of disappears from the picture once it goes on to become a mainstream show.

Stephen 4:12
You don’t mind stream is used very loosely.

Rhys 4:14
Yes, mainstream in Canada on a basic cable slot Show. I’m Craig David Wallace, however, stayed with it. So he went on to be involved with every episode from here on out. Now some of them he was just like executive producer. He didn’t directory didn’t write it. But he was still involved with everything all the way up to the conclusion of the show. The glory and yes, whatever that is because we haven’t seen it. David Craig, David Wallace has done 20 Won total titles as a director, including slasher, which is kind of an obscure TV series. And Beaverton also, I imagine Canadian obscure television series but at least heard of the name. So I made note of that one. Yeah, slashes

Stephen 5:22
sounds familiar actually.

Rhys 5:27
He hooked up with a guy named Charles Pico who did a lot of writing in this series. And, and a guy named Anthony Leo who produced 23 Canadian titles, as well, to bring the show to television. So that’s like the new. The new group for Todd in the book of pure evil was Craig David Wallace, Charles Biggio, and he Joe and Anthony Leo. Wallace directed episodes to the best of my knowledge each show and Leo wrote some, but they didn’t direct any. But Wallace directed episodes as well as they had multiple directors. James Gunn, who did episodes of Mary kills people, the killjoys charmed, the good doctor and the Turner and hooch television series. Oh, okay. Sure you see, you have

Stephen 6:34
Gina likes that show. I’ve watched charmed back in the day I’ve watched a few episodes a good doctor. So yeah.

Rhys 6:42
He also had James Dennison, who directed some he did blood ties, and some other titles. David winning did some. He directed some Friday the 13th television series

Stephen 6:58
that we went to school with, is it.

Rhys 7:02
No, no, no. He also did some Are you afraid of the dark? Some goose bumps? He’s like the big star director. He also worked on turbo, a Power Rangers movie. Some sweet Valley High Stargate Atlantis, Oh, wow. Blood Ties and oh my god, so many Christmas romance flicks. This guy directed so

Stephen 7:28
well. They come out with like, 500 new ones every year of those.

Rhys 7:32
Yeah, so somebody’s got to do it. Right. It’s again. Apparently David winning is the guy to do it so well. Okay. Those are the guys who did a lot of the directing. Once the show became a regular series, the show stars a character named Todd. Oddly enough.

Stephen 7:52
And in a book that’s pure evil, as true evil.

Rhys 7:56
That’s right. Todd is played by gaining Alex house. Alex house has been in 47 different things. And of the giant list of 47 different things aside from Todd in the book of pure evil, the only ones I recognize were Degrassi junior high. And he was a voice on chain and the dragon, which I don’t know if your kids ever watched that in the day, but it was a PBS animated CGI animated show. Okay, so yeah, Alex house plays Todd Maggie castle, plays his love interest Jenny. She was also in about 48 titles, including some episodes of goosebumps and in a movie called the woods. Have you seen the woods woods?

Stephen 8:41
It looks familiar, but I haven’t seen it. I mean, it sounds it’s

Rhys 8:44
a it’s kind of one of those teen horror. Witches living out some private school, but like they do kind of do. Yeah, like they do. Build turn build plays Curtis. Todd’s best friend, and he has been in goosebumps Degrassi the next generation. He had a part in the boys and 26 other titles. So yeah, all these guys are working, which is nice to see. Melanie liesman plays Hannah. She’s been in 26 titles. Some of them are kind of skinemax looking kind of titles, which I found kind of interesting since she plays the super buttoned up. White individual on the show. Yeah. But she was also in one of my favorite movies stage fright. And if you haven’t seen stage fright, you have to take a look at that. It is a horror comedy musical full length major motion picture,

Stephen 9:49
which we love. Yes.

Rhys 9:51
So she’s in that there are three I don’t know what to call them. Post grads who like to hang out in the parking lot of the school. Yeah.

Stephen 10:08
They’re an interesting group or the whole series. It’s like they they’re obviously directing Todd to something but we really didn’t know what they just like these buddies hanging out that well, we graduated but we can’t like leave high school because that was the peak of our lives to go hang out and smoke in the parking lot until Todd needs us.

Rhys 10:31
As a story element, they are the like the Greek theories, they’re there to see that the will of the universe is carried out.

Stephen 10:39
Yeah, they drag Todd and they enjoy doing it because it’s almost sadistic.

Rhys 10:43
Yes, it’s true. Um, this guy named Brody played by Dan and patron jevic. A guy named Edie, played by Norman young, and I love Eddie because at the end of every time he’s talking to Todd, he always has the word loser, which is just a really nice touch. He actually was in Resident Evil afterlife. Oh, so I don’t know what role he had. But he was it. It’s

Stephen 11:16
the number 72.

Rhys 11:19
And then Steven Arbuckle plays Rob, he’s the guy with the do rag. He was also in Degrassi the next generation and he also played in some episodes of Blue Bloods. And he was the original Todd, in the short, taught in the book of pure evil. So that’s kind of a cool carryover.

Stephen 11:38
And it is cool. You’re right, that I mean, a lot of the stuff we’ve watched for the season. We don’t know a lot of these people we haven’t there hasn’t been a whole lot that they’ve done necessarily some of these people is like, on to things or just the friends, you know, I’m directing it, give me some money, and I’ll let you be in it. So this is I mean, it’s, you might say, legit, and, you know, a TV show and got people do it writers, different directors and all sorts of stuff. So I almost feel like it’s out of our range. Like it’s too bad for us. I say that was my tongue in my cheek a little bit there.

Rhys 12:15
Yeah. If the three bros were the fates or the ironies, the janitor is the Oracle. He is the one who offers sage advice to Todd

Stephen 12:26
and it’s so ironic because it’s Jason muse. I mean, I about died when I saw him that Mike Wow, to me, the quality just went up which is not saying that necessarily a whole lot because it’s Jason muse. But you know, you joke about Tom Cruise. Oh, look, Tom Cruise is playing a Tom Cruise character. It’s like he’s, Jason Hughes has never played a different character, every movie everything I’ve ever seen. He’s the exact same character. But he’s Yoda in this one. And it is hilarious.

Rhys 12:55
Yes. Jimmy, the janitors played by Jason muse. For those of you who that doesn’t automatically click for you. He’s been in 107 titles. He is the big star of this show. He is J of Jay and Silent Bob. Right? clerks mallrats. Chasing Amy dogma scream three. I mean, this guy has been all over the place if you need somebody who smokes a lot of weed. You call Jason muse,

Stephen 13:22
which right there knowing Muse was in it and his connection to Kevin Smith, and how juvenile Kevin Smith could be in a good way. You know, he definitely enjoys the I’m still 12 Let’s play superheroes type of thinking. That sums this up. I mean, Jason mewes fit perfectly in the desert. They, they didn’t try to say oh my gosh, we’ve got some money on a TV show. Let’s make this more professional and mature. Now. There’s no maturity in this whatsoever. It is literally, if you got a bunch of 12 year olds and gave them money and said we will make whatever movie you want. That will do whatever you want. That’s what happened. They a bunch of 12 year olds won the lottery and started directing people in a TV show. Yes.

Rhys 14:09
And for all of those guys I mentioned who direct the show. If you’re listening to this, we’re not saying you’re 12 years old?

Stephen 14:15
No, no, but that’s exactly when we were 12. This is exactly the stories we would have come up with and we probably would have had them do the same everything that they did for the over the top the pure aisle, juvenile istick thoughts and everything. But it would have been on Betamax. Probably because Ron would have been helping and he would have insisted.

Rhys 14:39
Yeah. So oddly enough, you know, just to let you know, what were their mindset were Jimmy, the janitors role was written specifically for Jason mewes. Oh, perfect. And so I kind of wonder what would have happened if they would have been like, Hey, would you be in our show we wrote this role specific And he would have said, No. I mean, I really wonder what they would have done. Well,

Stephen 15:05
I love Jason muse, and I love watching his stuff, but it’s not like people are clamoring to get them in things. So, you know, and honestly, just the character he plays I’m sure he’s like, Yeah, whatever. I’ll do it. I mean, just he seems to have that real life added.

Rhys 15:20
Not a whole big jump for him. No, in that role.

Stephen 15:24
Yeah, it was actually it’s one of the more mature roles he’s played. I think

Rhys 15:29
it’s true. He’s like this figure people look up to Yeah. Chris Levin’s plays the guidance counselor. And that is what I am.

Stephen 15:42
is so good. But he thought

Rhys 15:45
Yes, he he’s, he’s got one of those faces that you look at, you’re like, Oh my gosh, I know this guy from something. And you don’t. He’s been in 17 different titles, including Robocop. The TV series Oh, is and La Femme Nikita, the TV series, so I’ve never seen this guy in anything else. But he just looks like somebody you’re like, I know this guy from something.

Stephen 16:16
Except from us. I think Atticus was my favorite character. He just I mean he’s, he’s like, he never grew up. He’s he doesn’t know how to handle anybody’s awkward he wants to fit in. But his father is the like King of the cultists in the show. And he feels like his dad never loved him enough. And he’s not good at his job. He’s the worst guidance counselor in the world. And yes, and he gets so excited. We get to be a part of the gang. Yeah, and it just, he cracked me up every time he was on screen.

Rhys 16:51
He was great. Leave it in the past Atticus. Yeah, he um, he shows probably the widest range of growth of character.

Stephen 17:05
While that’s saying a lot,

Rhys 17:07
I know of anybody else in this series. So just so you’re aware, this isn’t just Steve and I being big fans of childish humor. This show was nominated for 25 different awards. And it is 114

Stephen 17:27
of those so I can say I like award winning TV shows you can

Rhys 17:31
and of all of the nominations they aren’t all Canadian. Wow. So

Stephen 17:39
they’re not all just the local high school award, you know, favorite Friday night movie?

Rhys 17:45
The Chicago International Film Festival they won two awards there Wow. The Leo awards New York festivals worldfest Houston I mean Wow. Now of course they also won stuff from the yorkton Film Festival and Canadian cinema editors awards and Canadian Comedy Awards. But it’s it was interesting to me that they won it’s such a decorated show

Stephen 18:17
Yeah, it’s like the battery all the words of battery one but a lot of people still don’t know anything about it.

Rhys 18:23
Right? And I don’t know there’s a whole lot of people out there walk around talking about Todd in the book pure evil either besides us but

Stephen 18:31
true I mean it’s definitely not an everybody show you know, there’s a lot of people that would not enjoy it would not appreciate it would think it’s just stupid in that but if you’re in that niche that enjoys the 12 year old high school humor. It’s perfect.

Rhys 18:49
Yeah, if if you watched Evil Dead three and chuckled along with it, right? This This might hit for you. Or if you watched maybe not Shaun of the Dead but Hot Fuzz and you were like that’s what I was thinking. Yeah, yeah this this is like a television series based off of that kind of thing.

Stephen 19:15
Right it at times that reminded me of like Porky’s.

Rhys 19:20
Yeah, that’s a really good or he’s with monsters.

Stephen 19:24
Exactly. Well, yeah. Sometimes really bad monsters. But yes,

Rhys 19:29
yeah. Um, so a couple interesting facts. Jason mewes. We’re all pretty familiar with you know him and his personal style. In contrast, Alex house who played Todd, personally, he doesn’t smoke or drink. Which is really ironic because almost every episode has a scene of him. Smoking weed in it incurred in there somewhere him and Curtis smoking a lot of weed.

Stephen 20:01
Well, you know, on The X Files the smoking, man, he didn’t smoke.

Rhys 20:05
That is crazy. Yeah. Atticus Finch, the way he dressed, was actually based on how Craig Davis wha Craig David Wallace dresses. So they actually looked at the guy who was creating the show and directing the episodes and said, You know what? He dressed a little funny. to us that like

Stephen 20:32
a really bad guidance counselor.

Rhys 20:34
Yeah. Um, they’re 13 episodes per season. For the two seasons that were there. And you’ll, you’ll you like this kind of thing. It was produced twice. It was produced with a profanity version. And with a clean version, depending on where it was going to be played, they would have the option to plug in either one. Okay, I ours was in, which begs a huge question, because some of the episodes, it’s not the words, it’s the visuals that are questionable.

Stephen 21:14
And again, it’s 12 year old thinking, you know, it’s every bit of it. They’re they’re making sexual references. They’re making jokes that are 12 year old locker humor type jokes. I mean, heck, in 2020, these whole the whole crew and everything probably would have been hunted down for putting something like this out.

Rhys 21:37
Yeah, I was thinking that if if you are in easily triggered individual, some of these episodes are not for you know, and

Stephen 21:45
it’s not because they’re so realistic. It’s just again, if you listen to a bunch of 12 year old boys sitting around talking and joking, this is they just recorded that and turned it into episodes.

Rhys 21:58
Yeah. To kind of borrow a phrase that was used a while ago. This isn’t necessary, necessarily locker room talk. This is fourth graders on the playground talk.

Stephen 22:12
There you go. Trying to be the kids in the locker room.

Rhys 22:15
Yes, yeah. Yeah. And there’s a really great, well, we’ll get to it in a second. But there’s this really great indicator in Episode Two. That like points to how the whole thing is like, fourth graders on a playground. But I think the only other note that I had before we actually get into the episodes themselves is that this did release the Agile UI. Oh, no, I’m sorry, there was a theatrical release in Canada for the animated film. Okay. I don’t have stats on how well it did fiscally or anything like that. But so the show it’s one of those kinds of things and I can just see this happening where you’re watching the show and you really love it and it gets canceled. And then you find out later that there’s going to be like, a full length major motion picture made of it, you know, like yeah, and then it doesn’t air on TV, and you’re like crap, now I got to pay to go watch it. So yeah, can’t wait to see that whenever we track it down.

Stephen 23:22
I think I’ve got it. I tracked it down. So we’ll we’ll get a chance to watch I gotta get Season Two somewhere. For us.

Rhys 23:30
I’m telling you I I did mine through the library. This was these were both library fines.

Stephen 23:34
That may be where where to go? Yeah.

Rhys 23:38
I got the first season and I was like, Okay, what the heck, we’ll take a look. This looks kind of funny. And then I was like, I can’t wait for the second season to get here. So um, the series starts episode one as the title called Todd the metal God.

Stephen 23:58
I mean, if you watch for 10 minutes, and you don’t get what this series is gonna be like, then you need to wake up.

Rhys 24:06
Yeah. Um, this one was directed by James Dennison. He was the one who had done some work on blood ties. And the shell opens with Todd fantasizing about being a massive speed metal Guitar Hero, right? And Jenny’s in front of him and she’s swooning all about him and like she throws your pennies up on the stage which I don’t

Stephen 24:32
remember anyone ever doing that to us so you weren’t doing it right you need to

Rhys 24:36
I was no speed metal god that was not in my

Stephen 24:41
so before we go did did you find out who actually did the guitar playing because I looked and could not find that because the duel that comes up. I was like, wow, who’s really playing.

Rhys 24:53
I it’s so funny to me that you tried to track that down. I have no idea.

Stephen 25:04
Oh, you know what, I didn’t even bother to look at the credits. I would have tried that that might have been.

Rhys 25:09
I was gonna say typically when I was looking these up, I would check out each individual episode and it would have this song list. Let me look, I didn’t bother paying that much attention to it, but Well, yeah, I don’t know who it was. We’ll have to really dig deep to find that out.

Stephen 25:44
So maybe if we ever meet Jason Muse was can maybe he knows. There you go. And so this opening sequence, I’m watching it and I am like, Okay, this has got to be a dream sequence and it definitely was, but what I what really clued me in at first, I’m like, Wait a second, there’s a guitarist and a drummer. Where’s the rest of the band? And wait a second, that drummer only has one arm?

Rhys 26:08
Well, he’s got for aesthetic.

Stephen 26:10
True, but I mean, he’s basically playing with one arm. Hey, it was good enough for Def Leppard. That’s right, I knew you were gonna say that.

Rhys 26:20
Um, the it’s funny because, you know, the white stripes made it work. So, but yeah, it is just Todd and Curtis. It turns out the Todd is having this fantasy while he is on stage, trying to get a spot on the talent show for the school talent show. And while he’s playing, he’s not really good.

Stephen 26:50
Oh my God. It is like the words that Curtis has no rhythm. He’s just banging the drums. It was great. I loved it. Curtis is

Rhys 26:59
banging the drums so passionately, yet. his prosthetic arm flies off and lands on the judge’s table. Right? The crowd then gets into it. Just like making fun of them.

Stephen 27:18
The gym teacher,

Rhys 27:19
including the gym teacher, yes. The gym teacher in this film, she doesn’t have a lot of hearts. But when she does, she’s brutal. So Todd gets basically laughed off the stage. And it’s, you know, not going well for him. Obviously, Curtis is one of those kind of guys who like when the crowd is chanting and making fun of them. Curtis is smiling. He’s playing the drums along with them. So Todd goes out. And he goes out to the parking lot. Yeah. To speak to the three Bros. Yeah. And they’re out there. And they mentioned the book of pure evil. And Todd is walking through the school and bumps into Jenny who is dating this super cool quarterback, guitar front man for like, the big band in the school. Todd’s band’s name was what was the Barbarian apocalypse? Yeah. Which is kind of interesting.

Stephen 28:31
On the drum, yeah. Yeah, poorly.

Rhys 28:35
And so he bumps into Jenny in the hall as she drops this book in a photograph. And it’s a black and white photograph of hands clutching this book that has like, the devil horns symbol on it. And it’s like, obviously, stitched together with skins have some behind?

Stephen 28:57
I just needed Bruce Campbell in this.

Rhys 28:59
Yeah, it is definitely. Evil Dead. Necronomicon feel about it. Yeah. So he’s helping her pick stuff up. And then her boyfriend comes by and he’s like, get out of here. You’re not even he didn’t even make the cut. And Todd looks over and he didn’t get to the he’s the only one. Yeah, the person

Stephen 29:20
that’s throughout the whole series, the whole every episode, everything they do, essentially, it takes some of the worst parts of high school and blows them up to magnify them and goes over the top with even that much like every little thing in high school. The worst teachers, the worst kids, the worst guidance counselor. Yeah, the worst conflicts between different groups and stuff every bit. It’s like, they took everything from high school, turned it into pieces of episodes and put it over the top all the way through. And that covers basically the whole season. There we go. Boom.

Rhys 29:58
Yeah, okay. It’s been nice talking to you. Great. Yeah, you’re very much right um Todd is walking down the hall looks in a trophy case. And sitting in the trophy case is the book of pure evil,

Stephen 30:13
which Wow, I don’t know where it is. We can’t find it look for it. Oh, there it is.

Rhys 30:18
Yeah. And that while that might sound like an odd coincidence, it turns out it’s not you will find out in later episodes that like the entire town is built around devil worship. So

Stephen 30:29
yeah, and I noticed that I mean, one of the first comments I have written down when they were all cheering and judging the symbol on the shirts for the high school. I’m like, Wow, that looks a lot like they’re saying, hey, Sam, hey, we love you. I mean, it just you know, and we find out later there’s even more to that, but I mean, it’s like come on, look at the school symbol. It’s everything about it.

Rhys 30:52
This school is called Crowley high after Alister Crowley. So

Stephen 30:59
if you like the high school stuff with Buffy This is like the absurd version of it. Yeah, I mean, they’re just so non blah say about Oh, look, someone else died. Oh, look, somebody did this. Well, but Lisa school still here. Let’s move on him in my blood mob. Yeah, blood mob that was oh, my God, Jason Muse was so perfect. Well, I better get my blood mob, you know.

Rhys 31:23
And so he sees the book is in this case, and I’m like, maybe this is going to be the whole thing of the episode. You know, he’s gonna try and figure out how to get out of this case. Now. He sees the janitor walking down the hall, and he’s like, hey, Jimmy, can you open this for me? and Jimmy is like, what do you got? And he’s like, a buck 57 and my lucky condom. And he’s like, How old’s the condom? Two years old. He’s like, I’ll take the money. And then he opens the case for him. Book God, there you go.

Stephen 31:53
Yeah. Not a big long. Now that’s the other thing about the episodes. There are only 22 minutes, which is you know, like a cartoon length. Um, but don’t expect big detailed plot. It follows a very much template. Hey, guys, how you doing? Oh, look, there’s the bad thing of the week. Okay, here’s how we’re gonna defeat it. Oh, look, we defeated it move on. I mean, that’s essentially the episode every time they even

Rhys 32:20
note that and make fun of it in later episodes. They’re like, Okay. Oh, so it says got the book because they had something going bad in their life. And obviously, they’re gonna end up with the book that’s gonna make it better, but actually have a twist and be ruined for everybody. Right? So Todd takes the book home and he opens it up. And it is like, the devil horn sign is not just like extra painted or drawn on the cover. It’s like physically a hand that stitched to the cover of making double horn science. So he reads out some ridiculous stupid Latin, and the binding on the bus, like flashes red. And the next thing we see is he walks up to Jenny’s boyfriend and he’s like, we’re gonna he calls him a douche. Yeah. And then takes off his fingerless leather gloves and slaps him in the face, and challenges him to a guitar duel in the cafeteria over lunch, which you know, of course, like you do in high school,

Stephen 33:30
because there’s always amps sitting there. Yes.

Rhys 33:34
So the guy agrees, and they get there. And before Todd starts, he informs the individual that he’s going to play so well that the guy is going to end up bleeding out his butthole.

Stephen 33:48
Which, again, if you’re 12,

Rhys 33:50
yes. So there’s this kind of dueling banjos thing happening between the guitars. And the quarterback is playing reasonably well. And Todd is playing so much better than that,

Stephen 34:07
like every dueling instrument, seeing you’ve ever seen.

Rhys 34:11
Yes. By the end of the scene, Todd is played just tremendously in the guys lying on the ground asking Jenny to help him because he’s bleeding out of his butthole

Stephen 34:23
after after all his fingers like this,

Rhys 34:26
they break now. Yeah. Curtis goes up to Todd afterwards and he’s like, Dude, that was awesome. And finds out that he has Todd has replaced Curtis and is basically just taking over the quarterbacks band. So now he’s fronting the quarterbacks band. They are the new barbarian apocalypse and Curtis has no place. Um, yeah, poor Curtis. So it’s the time for the actual show. And Atticus, is adequate. Finch is introducing the bands and introduces barbarian apocalypse. And Todd gets up there with his band and they start playing. And they actually sound pretty good. And everybody in the crowd is getting into it and thrashing and start to bleed from their eyes.

Stephen 35:17
Yeah. First thing that happened to this group of high school give, yes, that was your four years of high school? Well, let me tell you.

Rhys 35:27
There’s also this kind of mousy girl figure who shows up periodically throughout the episode. It’s Hannah. She obviously has a crush on Todd. But she doesn’t have much in the way of lines in the first episode, right? But she’s there in the background. So one of the things I knew you would love about the show is that so many effects are actual practical effects. Yeah, yeah. There’s like next to no CGI in this. Everything is puppeteering and red food coloring and corn syrup kind of thing,

Stephen 36:03
as some are much better than others.

Rhys 36:05
Yes. And so like, there’s lots of shots while he’s playing of just the floor and like blood just dripping onto the floor. And so Jenny figures Jenny figures out what’s going on. It’s the book, she looks at his guitar, because the book transformed into a guitar. See, it still has like that skin wrapped. Look. It’s got the devil horns, actually on the guitar. It’s

Stephen 36:31
like she’s like the coolest looking guitar. Oh, yeah, sure.

Rhys 36:35
So she pulls the fire alarm, and everyone runs away. And there’s a showdown between her and Curtis. And Todd.

They end up did they landed on fire in this one?

Stephen 36:54
I don’t know. I don’t think so. Yeah, they

Rhys 36:56
don’t. But they do end up talking Todd out of having out of using the book, right. And so the guitar transforms back into a book. And like, spreads its book wings and like flies away kind of thing.

Stephen 37:11
And this is where you got to laugh. Because there’s so many bad story holes and everything in this show. You just have to overlook them. It’s like, really, it’s got, you know, to a fly away, so everyone just stands there and watches it. And yeah, well, we might as well wait till the next horrible thing that happens. You know, I mean, there’s just so many things that if you’re, if you’re reading, or looking at most modern shows, you’re gonna be like, what the heck and I know people that just would be like, Oh, that’s a story and this and then we get all upset about it. But you just suspend that and just go with the flow is just juvenile and enjoy it. And yeah, you can have fun with it.

Rhys 37:51
You’ll like this show a lot better if you do that. Yeah, exactly.

Stephen 37:54
You know, and also it reminded me of at times, is that video game Brutal Legend.

Rhys 37:59
Okay, yeah. Um, so the book flies away. Jenny’s like, Oh, we’ve got a, we’ve got to follow it. We’ve got attraction book down, and Todd’s like, not my problem. But then he figures out that if he does it, because it means so much to Jenny. And it means so much to Jenny, because the book is the last clue she has. Her father has disappeared, it turns out and had something to do with the book. And so Todd figures out that if he helps her, he gets to hang out with her. And so he and Curtis and Jenny form, this trio does go look for the book. And that’s pretty much the end of the first episode. Aside from the fact that Atticus Finch gets this mysterious phone call. at will, he makes a mysterious phone call and says something about the book is like, it’s active again. Yeah. And you, you know, they leave it at that. So you know that the guidance counselor has something to do with the book. He knows about the book somehow. Right? Um, and I, I made note, Todd is one of the few people who uses the book and comes away relatively unscathed. Yeah. Good to note. Yes. Almost everyone else who uses the book either ends up dead or horribly mutilated,

Stephen 39:23
right? And they just keep moving on and there’s been no investigation into this and nobody has left.

Rhys 39:29
The Great. Episode Two was called How To Make A homunculus and it was directed by James Gunn.

James Gunn was the one who did marry kills people killjoys charmed, a good doctor, the Turner and hooch guy. Okay, he directed this one and this one stars, Hannah for the most part. I think the show opens with her in science class. And her science teacher is a complete douche.

Stephen 40:07
Oh my gosh. Again, from the kids perspective, this is what the teachers are like, as he says all the worst wrong things that should get him arrested, kicked out at teaching. And he’s just like, everything is again over the top students.

Rhys 40:23
He obviously is having relationship with these two cheerleaders. That’s what they’re relying on their grades for. So and he’s blowing off Hannah, who is all about actually doing science to honor her parents who have did bit who are deceased. And he picks on her about that. Yeah, he makes fun of her. They would be they would be so disappointed with what you’re doing science. Yeah. And legitimately so because what apparently she was doing science wise, was making a flying ship for guinea pigs. Yeah. Um, because she does, she has a guinea pig. And he’s like, number 15. You know, that’s his name. He puts him in the device and throws him out of the third story window, and it probably plummets to the ground. And there’s a little bit of CGI, there’s there’s this little explosion mushroom cloud from from the thing blowing up. And as she’s throwing the body and the experiment away, she finds the book of pure evil in the dumpster. Right.

Stephen 41:29
And, and this is in relation to the cheerleaders are making a baking soda volcano?

Rhys 41:35
Yes. Yeah. Because of course, it’s science fair time. That’s the only thing anyone ever does in science. Yeah. It’s always just science fair. So Todd, and Jenny and Curtis are in the science class with Hannah. And they all get divided up into partners to do their science fair part project. And Curtis gets Jenny, much to Todd’s dismay. And Todd ends up with Hannah. And we never do find out what Jenny and Curtis are going to do for their project. It never gets mentioned again.

Stephen 42:12
Yeah. Because it’s unimportant, right. And the whole let it go.

Rhys 42:17
The projects completely unimportant to Todd because he’s all about hanging out with Jenny and Curtis. And so Hannah’s, like, I’ve got an idea for this project. He’s like, yeah, good, whatever. And he and Jenny and Curtis go off to do their own thing. Hannah, on the other hand, finds in the book of pure evil, the ability to make a homunculus, which, if you’re not familiar with medieval alchemy, magic lore is a small creature that you could make that you wouldn’t view with magical force, and it would run around as your servants basically. So she decides to cast the spell to make them homunculus. Todd is having a dream. And in the dream, he sees, like, from the perspective of something really short, he sees the science teacher hanging out with the cheerleaders. They’ve just come back from some restaurants. They’re still in their uniforms. Reason. And he’s trying to get them to make out together. And obviously, they’re not drunk enough. And they’re both saying,

Stephen 43:34
things teachers should be doing with students. Yes.

Rhys 43:37
And they’re saying, oh, he’s too drunk, you know how he’s like when he’s like this. And so they leave. And when they leave, Todd, from the point of view of this small lower thing, attacks the guy. And he’s screaming, and he says something about home Oculus and then Todd wakes up. It doesn’t take a literary major to like see what actually happened. When you find out the next day, the science teacher is dead impaled in a very inappropriate place on top of a baking soda volcano,

Stephen 44:15
and then it explodes to so then it explodes to now. Yeah.

Rhys 44:21
The two cheerleaders Yes. Yeah. And they seem more upset by the fact that he ruined their volcano, right? than anything else, which

Stephen 44:30
again, there’s so many stereotypes in the show, except for our main characters. You know, all the cheerleaders are selfish Airheads and, you know, all the teachers and adults are stupid and, you know, say the wrong things and don’t care about teaching. You know, just every other person, every other kid is some stereotype, because there’s not enough time to develop other characters. Right?

Rhys 44:57
I’m Hannah tries Engage with Todd some more. He’s ignoring her some more. He and Jenny and Curtis come to the conclusion. This has something to do with the book, big leap there. The next night, Todd goes to sleep. And on. He has that point of view dream he’s seeing through the miraculous his eyes. It is entering into Jenny’s bedroom while she’s asleep. And she wakes up just as it’s about to attack her. She drives it away. And so they go back to the school the next day. And they’re talking about it and Hannah, standing there with this giant bird cage, with a sheet over top of it. And they finally after all this time, notice Hannah. And Todd’s like what’s in there, and she’s like, it’s our science project. It’s an Oculus, and she takes it off. And it’s this little rubbery naked puppet thing with Todd’s face.

Stephen 46:01

Rhys 46:04
It of course, immediately gets free. grabs the book of pure evil and jumps into the air ducks.

Stephen 46:11
Yeah. And it’s it’s a again, over the top, Curtis and Todd are running around the science room, basically destroying everything and not even coming close to hitting the home.

Rhys 46:21
Yes. Yeah. So they come up with an ingenious plan to catch it. It seems to be look like Todd but it’s driven by Hannah’s emotions. And it like attacked Jenny because Hannah has a thing for Todd, which they just flat out, you know, call out right there. In Episode Two. So Todd’s big plan is they tie Jenny to a chair. And she points out rightly, why did I have to be tied up?

Stephen 46:50
Yeah. He’s basically ignoring her. Yeah.

Rhys 46:55
And he’s out with Hannah. And he’s tying with Hannah describing like, the perfect date between him and Jenny. And this is what I mean by like fourth graders on the playground. He has really no concept of what like sex is because he’s like, we get all naked and we like squish our bodies together. Like he has no idea what he’s talking about. But it works. The home Oculus shows up and it goes diving it Jenny and when it does, Curtis’s prosthetic arm pops up from underneath the table and grabs it by its neck and squeezes it till its head pops. Yeah.

Stephen 47:38
Gotta have a lot of exploding. pus and gore. Yes. The whole series.

Rhys 47:42
Yes. And it’s not even good person Gore. It’s like, you know, raspberry jam.

Stephen 47:49
Oh, well,

Rhys 47:50
the book flies away. And Episode Two aside from there’s a little acrimony between Jenny and Hannah, because Hannah’s jealous of Jenny? I mean, and so at some point in time, she I think she calls Jenny a skank. Yeah. in there. Yeah. The next episode is rock’n’roll, zombies no best. And this one was directed by their rock star Dave winning. I looked. And these zombies. The actors who played the zombies, nobody famous. Nobody knew. Not even from a musical, you know, kind of background or anything like that. But the four of them have now formed this group to hunt down the book.

Stephen 48:51
A little bit of Buffy a little bit of Scooby Doo.

Rhys 48:53
Yeah. Yeah. Todd is trying to figure out how to hook up with Jenny. It’s not working really well. So he turns to Jimmy, the janitor. And, you know, Jimmy tells him the best thing you can do is make her jealous of sleep with one of her friends

Stephen 49:09
sleep with all of her friends. Yes.

Rhys 49:13
The downside of that is Jenny doesn’t have a lot of friends. And so she does have this one friend who is like your stereotypical golf. And we see her in the opening shots of the show with some boy making out in her place. And she like, lures him to the basement and then locks him in the basement. You hear him screaming? And she says something like she’s sorry his blood pours out from underneath the door.

Stephen 49:40
Not just a little blood. It pours like a tidal wave of blood.

Rhys 49:44
Yeah. Which if you think about it, the doors at the top of the stairs. How’s that even work? But you know, whatever. Yeah, yeah, no one’s watching this for

Stephen 49:55
if you are it’s a sad day. Yeah, it just enjoy It

Rhys 50:01
so they’re making lists of you know what we know about the book what we don’t know about the book and they’re making a list of students boys who have gone missing lately. And then a Scooby

Stephen 50:15
gang doing this. No, no authorities, no teachers. Oh, we’re the only ones that have noticed in the past week, like 20 different boys have disappeared.

Rhys 50:24
Yeah. Oh, they left. The names of all the boys on the list are all famous directors. One of them is named Craven, one of them’s named carpenter. One of them’s named Romero, one of them’s named Baba. So that’s a cute little thing they added in there. Yeah, I

Stephen 50:41
didn’t notice that. That’s great. So Todd

Rhys 50:43
decides he’s gonna, you know, hook up with a scarf check to make Jenny jealous. And like, he’s trying to be Rico, suave a. And he’s like, hey, and she’s like my place tonight, seven o’clock. And he’s like, Oh, all right, great. And Jenny does actually seem to be slightly affected by that, you know, the relationship between the two of them. They’ve been shipped since episode one. But you know it, it’s a low simmer for sure. At least for one of the two touches up the girl’s house to find Curtis. They’re eating corn chips, Curtis Knight ever on CFCs. And Todd’s confused by the whole thing, and the girl comes out and says something sexy. And Curtis is like, we’re gonna have an orgy. It’s gonna be great. And Todd’s not so sure about that, because there’s two guys and one girl and how’s that gonna work? And so he’s about to leave and Curtis talks him into staying. So then the girl traps them in the basement and locks the door. And two zombies with horrible British accents comes shambling out. And instead of just like screaming, torches, like defensively grabs a shovel and hits the one guy in the head with one and knocks the zombie down. And then the female zombie comes up and he does the same thing to her. And it literally like Scooby Doo. I mean it is he is not in control of his body. He’s just screaming and swinging a shovel around.

Stephen 52:25
And it’s not just a scream, it’s the highest pitch scream about the littlest girl, you can think,

Rhys 52:33
yes, they open a clerestory window and he incurred his climb out and start running. The whole time they’ve been doing this. Atticus Finch, it turns out, has been communicating with a group of Satanists in town who want him to get the book. And so he has to be paying attention to what Todd and his friends are doing. So he’s outside the house of binoculars, seeing what Todd and Curtis are doing, and they come running out and run into him and knock him over and they start to kick him on the ground. And all of a sudden, they’re like, hey, that’s our guidance counselor, and they like leave and then Todd comes back one more time to give him an extra kick and then runs off. It turns out they the girl found the book of pure evil after catching some grief from her parents, and wish that her favorite musicians could be her parents instead. The downside is her favorite musicians were goth musicians who tried to stay awake for 36 hours or something like that. They died from lack of sleep. So they come back as zombies and eat her parents.

Stephen 53:43
And the Bram Stoker experience. Yes, the Bram Stoker

Rhys 53:47
experience right? So they’re gonna eat her too, but she promises to bring them people to eat

Stephen 54:00
again, okay, so she they let her go to school every single day, and she just comes home brings more people. Yeah, I never thought I just leaving

Rhys 54:08
just Yeah, sorry, I can’t stay. That

Stephen 54:11
would help the plot. So we couldn’t do that.

Rhys 54:13
Because Curtis and Todd got away. They punish her by cutting off her finger and eating it. So she explains this to everybody. And the zombies find the book of pure evil. And they like the female zombies like figured out a way to use a spell to come back. And they could get everything they wanted and like go on with their band. The male zombie has figured out that Oh hey, you know what its parent teacher night at the high school. Let’s just go and eat everybody because they’re always hungry. So they show up for the high school. There’s this awesome scene where the parents are all in a room. The gym teachers they’re hating on the parents. Atticus is getting ready to address the parents. And he’s like going over to speech, your kids are horrible, they’re terrible. And the group of four plus the goth girl are all running around the halls getting ready to fight the zombies, the zombies show up and eat the golf girl. Victim number one who has used the book and something really bad has happened, right? So they eat her. The gang attacks the zombies, it looks like the zombies are going to take them out because they rush them from both sides, and the zombies easily handle them. And then the female zombie talks about wanting to get back into music and the male zombies like I don’t want to have to go back to work. And they start arguing. And Jenny grabs a fire axe, and B heads them both. Yeah,

Stephen 55:57
it’s not, you don’t get a lot of complicated plots in the device of whatever body of the week you got. They were pretty straightforward. The devices and

Rhys 56:10
the book flies way down the hall. Of course. Yeah. End of Episode. The next episode is the first of the ones that’s going to offend people. It’s called gay day. And it opens up with apparently Crowley highs, only gay student being bullied by the football team. And they decide they’re going to lock him in a closet, they filled his his locker full of fruit. And he opens it up and all the fruit of that. And they’re like, what kind of fruit? Are you fruit? And there’s like, making the worst analogy is possible. And not like, I don’t mean worst, like, Oh my gosh, that’s so rude. Like worst, like they make no sense.

Stephen 56:56

Rhys 56:58
What are you? Are you a pomegranate? What does that even mean? I don’t understand. So when the bullies can’t actually make a coherent thought, they pick him up and lock him in the closet.

Stephen 57:10
And this is the first of several episodes again, where they take a issue in high school, a high school level issue, and they put it over the top and make everybody stereotypes. There’s a couple episodes that kind of follow that they take this one little high school issue. And but it’s also a little bit like comedy, where they’re pointing out problems in society by blowing it up over the top and setting it in high school because there’s a couple of episodes where it’s like, yeah, this is a problem we’ve had in our society in today’s world. And this is, you know, a high school way of thinking and dealing about it essentially.

Rhys 57:53
Yes, if if you are a young person and deciding to watch this, bear in mind, this is satire. So when you’re watching it, they’re not making fun of the homosexual student. They’re making fun of the ridiculous situation that these people have to go through every day, you know, this is this is a daily occurrence to them. And how stupid is that?

Stephen 58:14
And they do it the same similar way for a couple episodes. You know, he he, he gets his wish through the book of pure evil, and instead of him being bigger, stronger, or being straight, or something like that, it changes it. And it just affects everybody the opposite way, essentially, yes,

Rhys 58:34
he finds the book of pure evil and wants everyone to feel what it’s like to be him. And so it makes the entire male population of Crowley high gay, and it makes him straight, right. And there’s some problems throughout the episode that arise from this, like, Todd and Curtis are now gay. And Todd’s really bummed out about that. And at first he denies that he’s gay. And then Jenny like just lifts up her top and shows him her breasts and just doesn’t do anything for him and he realizes that now he’s gay. How much does that suck

Stephen 59:07
Curtis is great in this he he’s just sitting there bawling your eyes sparkle. And he’s like saying you’re

Rhys 59:13
thinking like Clint green flashes when you’re thinking yeah, because Curtis is basically in love with Todd anyways. Oh yeah, yeah. Um,

Stephen 59:22
even though we find out what happened Kurt is later in the series. Yeah.

Rhys 59:29
Yeah, that’s some dedication right? You and I would not have this relationship Probably

Stephen 59:33
not. Yeah.

Rhys 59:38
So the other problem is that all the guys are are straight and so now none of the cheerleaders who apparently are just ridiculously horny corny. pores are like completely in like a blood lust over the fact that none of the boys want them anymore. Yeah. Oh

Stephen 59:59
my god, the football Didn’t want their morning blowjobs? Yes, wait a minute what I mean, again,

Rhys 1:00:04
it’s so high school. And that is a legitimate quote from the show that’s as easy as improvin

Stephen 1:00:12
actually is.

Rhys 1:00:15
So they go on a hunt for the poor gay student, because they’re convinced it was him who had, who was responsible for this. Meanwhile,

Stephen 1:00:29
it’s interesting, too, because everything in their lives gets viewed as Oh, it’s got to be the book. And it actually is, but I mean, it’s like, that’s immediate, you know, oh, this must be the book. Yeah.

Rhys 1:00:44
And so the Scooby gang tracked down the gay students. And they’re trying to protect him because all of the girls want to kill him, because he made all the guys gay, and all the guys want to kill him because he’s straight. So it really kind of hammers home the point, it doesn’t matter what your orientation is, it’s that you’re different. Right? It makes no difference at all. It’s just that you’re different. So they take him to Jimmy’s office and lock the door, and they’re hiding out down there. And Jimmy is down there looking at some gay porn mag. And he’s like, Oh, well, you know, that’s why I’m looking at this. And the girls point out that it only seems to have affected the students in Jimmy’s like, Oh, you never saw this?

Stephen 1:01:42
Yeah. Again. Perfect. Jason mewes. It’s hilarious. Yeah. Um,

Rhys 1:01:47
in the end, the the boy decides he’s just going to go out and confront this. And so he goes up, why are the crowds beating on the door, and he like, comes out the door. And it makes this very impassioned speech about, you know, he didn’t mean to screw with everybody. He’s just he’s been through this all the time. And why can’t we just, you know, you’ve experienced what he’s experienced. And let’s all get along. And the crowds having none of it and they rip him limb from

Stephen 1:02:15
limb. Hey, john courtroom? Yes.

Rhys 1:02:18
And then the book comparable flies away, and everyone’s back to what they were before. Let’s move on to Episode Five.

Stephen 1:02:26
Like, okay, I guess we don’t worry about that anymore, and then just move on. Yep.

Rhys 1:02:33
Episode Five is called monster fat.

Stephen 1:02:37
And wait real quick on that guy. Episode Two with the whole cult thing. They say you can identify the one by the mark on his penis. So the guidance counselor is trying to get Todd to show him his penis. And again, it points out that this guy is like so wrong in everything. And it’s kind of how how the students view the teachers. Yeah,

Rhys 1:02:59
it’s time for your mandatory strip search. You can’t do that. I certainly can. I don’t think you can. All right, good job. This was the inappropriate questions test and you passed.

Stephen 1:03:11
Right? Abacus is just hilarious. Cuz he’s so he can’t fit in anywhere.

Rhys 1:03:17
Yeah. And this is one of those episodes where, you know, even if you took all the swear words out, I, how’s the rest of this content appropriate for a younger audience? Yeah, it’s not so. But

Stephen 1:03:31
no. They do have different viewpoints. And it’s true. That’s true. So

Rhys 1:03:37
the next episodes called monster fats. And if you haven’t guessed, we’re making fun of fat people in this one. It opens with a shot of Jim everyone is doing a vault over over a big wooden thing. There’s this, of course, Todd and Curtis are just sitting, waiting back against the wall. Talking about Jenny, and Jenny and Hannah are standing in line and they’re talking about the book. That’s pretty much how the whole dynamic goes. Curtis and Todd talk about the girls and the girls talk about actually getting something done. Right. And there’s this very large girl standing behind them and she keeps trying to edge your way further further back in the line, and we’ve pointed out how horrible the gym teacher is. So she sees the girl trying to get further and further back just called her out and wants you to do this vault. So she runs up and gets to the springboard jumps on the springboard, which of course just snaps and then she slams into the vault and knocks the vault over.

Stephen 1:04:43
And which, as we’ve said with some of the earth stuff, it kind of points out how stupid gym class really can be. I mean, what are you really getting out of gym class to spring off that board off the horse? And why do you have to do that and you know, to class if you really look back on it. There’s almost no point to it. There was so many things wrong with our gym class that I’m assuming was kind of universal across the country,

Rhys 1:05:08
by sign has a written test in gym class today over the rules and positions in baseball. Wow. Okay. So

Stephen 1:05:18
I think I remember playing and that’s how you broke your leg playing baseball in gym. Yeah. And I remember, if you couldn’t hit the ball, or you couldn’t feel the ball, because they were doing that gym, you would think that the goal would be to work with those kids to learn how to hit the ball. No, Argent class was well, you can’t hit you can’t catch run laps. And I always asked how the heck is that helping you get better?

Rhys 1:05:44
Yeah. It’s a flaw in the system, I suppose.

Stephen 1:05:48
pointed out by this ridiculous show.

Rhys 1:05:51
Yes. Yeah. So the girl goes into the shower. Oh, she finds the book of pure evil. Of course, of course, cast the spell

Stephen 1:05:58
book kind of hunts these people down it finds them and calls to them because it sparks and opens up to just the right spell.

Rhys 1:06:07
Yes. And to this, at this point, at five episodes in the Scooby gang hasn’t figured this out yet. They know when something’s going on, based on what’s going on. where they can find the book because they know who has it. But they can’t predict it yet, but they get there. Yeah. So this girl casts a spell, she takes a shower, and all of her fat washes off of her basically. Which sounds great, you know, miracle thing except the fat like becomes this entity of its own. This monster that lurks in the sewers, and whoever it touches becomes fat.

Stephen 1:06:47
Right? And you know, really thinking about that. What good is trying to take over this high school for the book. I mean, he keeps doing all these things that are only affecting these high schools dude. Yeah. So what good is that really?

Rhys 1:07:03
Well, and the other? The other thing, you know, if you’re looking at this, the only people who get fat in this show are the girls in the school. It only affects the girls.

Stephen 1:07:14
And they point out the cheerleaders mostly.

Rhys 1:07:18
Yeah, I mean, it’s like, so boys don’t have body issues. Is that what? But again, we’re reading way too much into this. It’s just a stupid show. But Jenny ends up becoming fat. And Todd acts very oddly around her. Now that she’s fat, and she’s convinced it’s because she’s fat. And Todd Curtis informs her it’s not that it’s that he and Todd at one point in time found a videotape of Curtis’s parents having sex, and they’re very large people and it traumatized Todd

Stephen 1:07:57
and Curtis in the flesh. I can sit there eating popcorn watching it.

Rhys 1:08:01
Yeah, yeah. Todd has like had a dream about Jenny visiting him at night. And she’s all dressed and sexy. And then like now that she’s fat, he has a dream and she shows up and she’s fat. She like sits on him. She’s gonna eat his face off. So he apparently has some sort of bizarre phobia he tries to get around it even says that he’ll kiss her. And he can’t bring himself to do it. This whole time. Hannah has been working on a formula to undo the fatness. And of course the first time she tries it on a giant fat rat that they have the rat just explode so it’s not ready yet. But they end up in the cafeteria. All of the girls are now fat Curtis has a side hustle selling movies to everybody in the school hallway. And all the girls are hating on this girl who’s thin and all the guys are loving on this girl who’s then there in the cafeteria. The giant fat monster shows up and like everyone’s taking cover, and the girl again, decides to sacrifice herself she attacks the fat monster and knocks it into a fryer. Which that’s a big ass fryer. It fits this giant monster of fat and a student like her shoe sticking out of it at the end. And you’re like yay, okay ended the episode. But no, the monster fat monster comes out of the fat. And it’s like terrorizing the cafeteria and Hannah comes up and she has made this pill that if you give it to the fat monster, it will destroy the fat

Stephen 1:09:57
which again, talks about Yeah society oh just take this pill and get rid of fat. You know, I mean burns

Rhys 1:10:04
while you sleep. Yeah. Um, so Todd can’t find a mouth on it so they decided it’s got to go it does have an ass. It’s got to go up its ass. he borrows Curtis’s arm and puts the pill in Curtis’s arms hand and stuff set up the monsters ass and the monster, of course dies. funny jokes about Curtis’s arm being disgusting and stinky book flights away. End of Episode Five.

Stephen 1:10:35
And I got to point out that Todd and Curtis, which they’re supposed to be these big stoners I think that wasn’t brought out quite as much throughout the show, as maybe it could have been that’s you know, my thing. But their reactions all the time when this stuff shows up is definitely that type. Whoa, dude. Yeah, you know, they’re they’re always just kind of like surprised and Whoa, the books doing something weird and evil. You know, it is humorous in that regard,

Rhys 1:11:05
very stereotypical that anybody who smokes marijuana is like that all the time, you know, even when they’re not high.

Stephen 1:11:12
Okay, so we’ve been on an hour, we’ve done about half Why don’t we hit the high points, so we don’t bore everybody if they really, really want to see the last episodes in some of the because we get a little bit of the same type of thing, but then we get some story arc. For the whole we do

Rhys 1:11:29
overarching story arc, um, the neck episode was invasion of the stupid snatchers, where they’re making fun of stupid people. Yeah.

Stephen 1:11:37
And this is where everybody does smoke weed. That’s what gets them stupid is is this smoke from the book of pure evil?

Rhys 1:11:43
Yes. And, and again, that twist where the the dumbest kid in school wishes that he was the smartest kid in school. So instead of making him smarter, it makes everyone else stupid. And this one actually affects the staff because it happens to Atticus, who actually gets his hands on the book, but doesn’t know what to do with it because he’s so stone. I’m terrible twin turf tussle, starred two twins, and there’s an incestuous relationship between them both the twins, caressa and Katie strain. Were in a movie called twin sanity, which makes sense, but they’re also in the remake of Carrie.

Stephen 1:12:26
Oh, cool. Wow.

Rhys 1:12:30
Which I found interesting.

Stephen 1:12:31
Um, and that episode cracked me up because Curtis becomes a love doctor. And he gives Hannah advice on how to win. Todd over and she is so over the top, and it’s so doesn’t fit her personality at all. It’s hilarious.

Rhys 1:12:47
Yes. And while that’s happening, Jenny is seduced by one of the twins, one of one of the incestuous lesbian twins. And so she’s like experimenting, and it’s funny because Atticus gives her a lesbian gift basket.

Stephen 1:13:04
Yes. Ron, can you be?

Rhys 1:13:07
Yes. And right about this point. The Satanists have decided that Curtis needs to be in with the gang. So he is now insinuated himself into the ranks. So now it’s not a gang of four. It’s a gang of five for students and one double agent adult.

Stephen 1:13:23
And he’s so happy because he’s part of again,

Rhys 1:13:26
he’s part of something. Yes. The next episode is called cockfight. And it deals with the bully who you see throughout the series played by Kyle nobles who is in the curse of Chucky and in it they’re basically making fun of somebody and Todd does this whole like almost like Risky Business slide across the hallway cuz the boys are making fun of somebody and he grabs his pants and pants Sam, and has Curtis take a picture and apparently the boy has very small penis,

Stephen 1:14:04
which is what he was teasing all these other people about.

Rhys 1:14:07
Yes. And so they text this out to everybody in the school. Now this shows from like 2010 or something like that, so they don’t dealing with flip phones, not like the fancy stuff. The guy used the book of pure evil and ends up with a giant monster penis that turns people to stone. So Curtis is basically Medusa. Yes, Curtis has been turned to stone clutching the book of pure evil. And so in an effort for Todd to be able to battle this thing, they put glasses on him so it’s only a thermal image and given him a paper cutter lever to just cut it off with you actually see Atticus is true side here because he while they’re fighting the evil penis, he has taken the stone Body of Curtis and like tried to chisel his arm off. He’s trying to get his arms off of the book so he can take the book to

Stephen 1:15:07
you almost through the Curtiss over a ledge just to shatter him to get the book. And it’s really evident that Abacus really is not the best cultists. He’s really just trying to win his daddy’s approval IV. Yeah, that’s really what it is.

Rhys 1:15:21
We do find out that the leader of the satanist is his father who treats him horribly. Right? Um, you know, in the end, they end up cutting off the bully’s penis, but he survives. So

Stephen 1:15:39
he’s got that going for him, compared to some.

Rhys 1:15:42
The next episode is the big bad baby. You have a group of high school girls who are trying who are actively pregnant, they’ve like formed a club. They’re excited about being pregnant, one of them was faking it and they find out. And so she uses the book has a baby, which turns out to be like seven foot tall, and it basically crushes people to death. It imprints itself on Todd. And so Todd actually acts fatherly to it. But in the end, the baby crushes mom to death and I don’t know what happens to the baby. Oh, the Satanists take it.

Stephen 1:16:26
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well, the other episodes also the astronomy slash astrology teacher even says, How many of you are Capricorns? Well, you know, statistics say by the end of the year, half of you are going to be pregnant.

Rhys 1:16:43
Yes, that was this episode. The 10th episode was the ghosts of chat suck. Sue cask to cut. Yeah. Yes. And the guy who’s the basketball player in this in this, this basketball player uses the book because he sucks in his dad’s the coach, and his dad just only cares about basketball. He belittles his kid all the time. He used

Stephen 1:17:08
to get points out a lot of coaches.

Rhys 1:17:12
He used to the book to become a better basketball player, but instead of just making him better, he ends up possessed by the ghost of a 50s basketball player who was an all star. The actor is named ves Saranda, and he was in The Handmaid’s Tale and Orphan Black. So he’s gone on to bigger and better things as well. This This episode was it this episode where she does that? No, I think that’s checkmate. Because Jenny in this episode becomes possessed by the ghost of this of chats girlfriend, and Chet is going to have this cheeky race with Todd and he’s going to drive off the edge of a cliff and die because that’s what happened to the actual chat so cask so they all get together in the teachers in Atticus is van Jimmy hooks up some nitrus thing to it so can actually keep up with his muscle car. It really is Scooby Doo, cuz Yeah, they’re in the vein chasing after this ghost. They managed to rescue Jenny and the guy drives off a cliff and dies, the book gets away.

Stephen 1:18:30
And it would have been great for a season to just have like a Mulder and Scully type of FBI agents snooping around that would have been great of course, it could happen I haven’t seen season two. So

Rhys 1:18:43
yeah, any any responsible parents responsible adults would be nice. Episode elevens, called the Phantom of Crawley. Hi. I enjoyed this one. It’s a musical. And we learn a lot about Atticus his backstory. He’s always hinted to this whole thing about a wolf and his first sexual experience. So in the past, it’s lived in the past Atticus. So for some reason the guidance counselor has been tasked with doing a school musical

Stephen 1:19:18
which again that how many times has that happened high school I mean look at our earth science teacher became the physics teacher you know, I mean, oh, well, we need it. You do it?

Rhys 1:19:28
Yeah. be accurate. The like, drama club. Girl in this school can’t sing. So she uses the book. So she kid saying, she goes she has an amazing voice, but her tongue just drops out. Plop? Yes. So she went

Stephen 1:19:50
like wait a second. The book is like harming the person that it took control of. It does that but it like gave her this great voice but then pops her tongue out so she can’t say yes, like, okay, move on, we’ll just let it go.

Rhys 1:20:05
She wears a mask and becomes this Phantom of the Opera. Right? You should wear a mask. Yes. And she’s using poison darts to try and take Jenny out who is the lead now and Todd is the lead male figure. Todd’s excited because he gets to kiss Jenny in this one part and like she’s put the whole thing off. They couldn’t find a musical they like so Atticus writes a musical about the child of Satanists. Who decides to rebel against his parents with a happy ending. And so that’s what the musical is. The side story is, Curtis falls in love with the Phantom of Crawley high.

Stephen 1:20:51
Because they’re both freaks, because they’re both freaks because

Rhys 1:20:53
she’s missing a tongue. He’s missing an arm. They are also at one point in time snooping around Atticus his office, I think, is the episode. He comes in. And Curtis and Hannah are the ones who are doing it. They hide in his closet, and he walks over to the closet and curses like kiss me and so he kisses her. As he is Atticus opens the closet door and sees them and they’re kissing. It’s like, okay, carry on, and then close the closet door leaves. From then on. Hannah now has a thing for Curtis. Right?

Stephen 1:21:26
But my other sorry.

Right? My favorite line is she keeps the Phantom keeps killing all the leads off all the other girls. They die shake. And it’s kind of funny. But then there’s my favorite line is did you freeze?

That me are you? Yes, we’ll have to edit this.

There was that? Yeah, you have no idea. Okay, so anyway, my favorite line is one of the girls gets killed. She’s on the stage and advocate says something like, well, despite the large maternal mortality rate of this ever show, it’s coming along great.

Rhys 1:22:29
Yeah, he’s thrilled by it. In the end, the Phantom goes to blow a dart that’s gonna kill Jenny. And Curtis throws his hand out there and stops the Dart that he’s like, Oh, I was gonna use my fake hand. And then he collapses. So Hannah, actually goes and there’s this really hilarious thing where she’s trying to ask what kind of poison the girl used and the girl doesn’t have a tongue. So she’s writing through all these lists of poisons. She finds out what it is she pulls out a mortar and pestle. She makes the antidote for it right there and saves her disses life. Yeah. Just Yes. The next episode is 12. It is called checkmates. And in it, there is a chess tournament between Hannah and this guy, played by Max toplin, who’s in suits, and also from Carrie. And he beats her and so she’s convinced this guy has the book of pure evil.

Stephen 1:23:33
Yeah, it’s hilarious. She wins turns right around. He has the book. Yeah.

Rhys 1:23:38
He also has the ability to hypnotize people. And so he hypnotizes Curtis, and Hannah, into trying to capture Todd because he can see that Todd is going to be this evil entity that takes over the world. Jenny In the meantime, finds a time capsule, and it’s a video, which explains that the entire town was set up by Satanists who are tired of being persecuted by other people. It’s like a sales pitch for the town. And Atticus, his dad is like the head of the Satanists. And Atticus is a baby in the video. Atticus his dad is played in the video by

Stephen 1:24:28
that baby doesn’t look a thing like me.

Rhys 1:24:30
Yeah. Um, Todd has actually given visions of what he’s going to be. And you know, there’s like earthquakes, atomic bombs going off and there’s giant Todd laughing maniacally overtop of the entire school in flames everywhere. It’s all done in red. In the end, they try and capture Todd and they can’t so they’ve captured Jenny instead. And it’s a trap to Laura Todd. Todd shows up. And he’s finally like he has to give up to save Jenny. So he does. And the geek tries to use his his telepathy powers on Todd and it just doesn’t work because Todd is impervious to it.

Stephen 1:25:20
Cuz he’s a stoner that can’t keep a thought long enough.

Rhys 1:25:23
Yes. And in the end of the guy’s head explodes. The kids now don’t trust Atticus Finch anymore. And the book gets away. The last episode in the season is called a farewell to Curtis’s arms. And this one was actually directed by Craig David Wallace. And it’s Atticus ends up with the book. Just you know, we’ll deal with Atticus right off the bat and Atticus ends up with the book. He delivers it to the old folks home. And then he is facing his father in his wheelchair, which you look at the handles of his wheelchair and their swords. I mean, it’s obvious it’s very heavy metal kind of wheelchair. Atticus pulls out two daggers and beheads his father, and takes his place as the head of the satanist now and he’s got the book of pure evil. That is Atticus is Ark in this episode. Um, the other Ark, you have Jenny, who goes to the nursing home to seek out the Satanists. While she’s there, she finds her father there in a wheelchair with an IV hooked up to him in a comatose state. She’s trying to get him out some nice old lady in the hallways talking to her. And she’s like, No, I’ve got to get out of here. And then it turns out every member of the old folks home are Satanists. And they captured Jenny. And that’s her arc. Yeah. Then you have Todd, and Curtis. Todd goes to Jimmy and he’s like, I’ve seen that I’m gonna be this horrible thing. And Jimmy is like, Dude, don’t let fate dictate to you be your own man. And so Todd’s like that stupid. And so he goes to the Bros. and the bros are like, it’s time for us to take a trip to shop class. So they go to shop class, where Todd makes, you know, first time ever this amazing sword and at some point time, he’s like, Wow, really handy. There was this whole forge in this place. Um, then you have Curtis who uses the book because he loses his arm. He loses his fake arm and he gets a demon arm. And the demon arm is slowly taking Curtis over. So Curtis ends up confronting Todd and it turns out, Curtis lost his arm due to an accident in shop class with Todd where Todd accidentally cut off Curtis’s arm, right. And nobody remembered that. That was just everybody had forgotten about that. In the end, Todd cuts off Curtis’s demon arm, and he’s about to skewer him through. And the three bros are like, Yeah, do it. And then Todd’s like, I’m not gonna do it. And they like look up and Jimmy’s hanging out from a window above them, flipping them off. Because the Oracle wins this round of theories, right? And that’s where the season kind of ends with Jenny and Jenny is captured. Todd has come to like this realization this elevation where he is accepted his position his role, and he’s

Stephen 1:29:02
upset about this. And he’s talking to Curtis about it goes like, but Dude, this has been the best school year ever.

Rhys 1:29:11
Yeah, Curtis has had a great time this year. Despite all the horrible things that have happened. Hannah is still madly in love with Curtis. So when I finished watching this after getting it out of you know, the library, I was like, Oh, now I gotta see season two. So I put it on hold it came in, I watch season two. Again, season two ends with the same kind of cliffhanger because they expected to season three. Never got it. So I’m looking forward to see the animated version.

Stephen 1:29:43
Yeah, I’ll have to definitely get Season Two and watch it. I would say though, I would not necessarily for a lot of people recommend this as a binge show. Just because there’s a lot of similarities between them and it could get To be a bit of a drag.

Rhys 1:30:01
Yeah, the the stupidity of the show that is so enjoyable. is enjoyable in small doses. Yeah. So if you try and sit down and watch the entire 13 episodes through all the way through, you’re like, Yeah, okay. Okay, by the time you get to Episode 10, you’re just like, yeah, you know, I can’t, can’t really deal with it. So you got to take some breaks, you got to pace yourself with this.

Stephen 1:30:26
Yeah, this one definitely recommend that. Yeah. So. And there we go. There’s Todd and the book of pure evil season one for the end of our season one.

Rhys 1:30:36
That’s right, for the end of our season one, and I don’t really know that we need to define how the theme of friends works with this, this series this title, because the whole thing is about friendships,

Stephen 1:30:48
very traits. It’s Buffy and meets the Scooby gang. Yeah. Written by 12 year olds. Yes,

Rhys 1:30:55
absolutely. So yeah, of all of the stuff that we’ve reviewed. There’s a few titles that I’d be like, yeah, you know what this movie isn’t for everybody. And murders is not for everybody. The loved ones is not for everybody. This show isn’t going to trouble anybody. So you can start watching it. And you can be like, no, this is too stupid for me and turn it off and walk away. And it’s not a big deal. So everybody could give this a try.

Stephen 1:31:27
Yeah, I mean, it does have a few things at the episodes. But again, it’s satire, humor. Take it as that, you know, they’re not trying to make a political statement, except as far as you would make it through satire, humor.

Rhys 1:31:41
Yeah. So yeah, it’s it’s a great series. This has been a really fun season. Thanks for talking me into it.

Stephen 1:31:51
Yeah. Hey, and we just little cliffhanger of our own. We were watching some of the American remakes some of this season’s movies, and we’re gonna do a bonus episode, just covering those briefly how they’re different than the ones we watched for the season. And we’ve already gathered a list of movies, watch for season two. So we want to keep going. Yeah, yeah. Hope some people enjoy this.

Rhys 1:32:17
Yeah, you know what? I was just having this conversation with somebody recently. If you don’t enjoy it, I’m having a good time. So we’ll just keep doing them anyway, so

Stephen 1:32:25
we get the watch movies and talk about them. So yeah, what better thing can you be doing right? Absolutely. And better yet, it’s now falls. We’re coming to Halloween, and we love watching movies week. But last couple years, we’ve had a marathon where we get together and watch several movies throughout the day. Get

Rhys 1:32:43
all the kids together. I have an old evening watching horror movies and eating

Stephen 1:32:47
junk food. So yes, let’s like it could be an episode of Todd in the book of pure evil. Yes, yes.

Rhys 1:32:53
Nobody open any skin bound tomes before

Stephen 1:32:57
Yeah, we’ve said that since Evil Dead and it appears not to have like gotten some people.

Rhys 1:33:02
Okay, people if you find a skin wrapped book, don’t read it out loud. Right? It’s just it’s just a bad idea.

Stephen 1:33:09
It is. Cuz you get like these funny movies and TV shows that.

Rhys 1:33:16
Yeah, bad things happen to you. Yeah, everyone else is vaguely amused. So yeah, extremely

Stephen 1:33:21
abused, in fact, so Alright, man. Awesome. Good one. So everybody looked for the bonus episode in season two.

Rhys 1:33:30
Awesome. We’ll see you guys later